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Dinosaurs are a common theme for Super Sentai. It has been used by four teams so far. The theme extends to other prehistoric creatures as well. It is associated with rampaging and rage, as well as with bravery. These Rangers typically pilot or summon mecha with similar themes.

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  • All Red Rangers are based on Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Each team has a Triceratops based Ranger.
    • All male Triceraptops Rangers are Blue.
  • Aside from Red and Blue, all teams have Black Rangers.
    • Abaranger is the only team to lack Green and Pink Ranger.
    • Each Black, Green, Pink Ranger also have different animal base.
  • In fact, the teams do not feature a full-team dinosaur-theme as each team has at least one member that is not based on a dinosaur.
    • PteraRanger, AbareYellow, Kyoryu Gold, and AbareKiller are based on Pterosaurs (in AbareKiller's case, a Tupuxuara to be specific), a group of prehistoric flying reptiles, which, while bearing similarity to dinosaurs, were not in the same genetic classification.
    • MammothRanger (Mammoth), TigerRanger, and Ryusoul Green (Smilodon) are based on extinct ancient mammals.
    • DragonRanger (Dragon) is based on a mythical creature.
    • Kyoryu Violet (Plesiosaurus) and Ryusoul Gold (Mosasaurus) are based on prehistoric marine reptiles.

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