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Dinosaurs are a common theme for Super Sentai. It has been used by four teams so far. The theme extends to other prehistoric creatures as well. It is associated with rampaging and rage, as well as bravery. These Rangers typically pilot or summon mecha with similar themes.


Sentai Teams


  • All Red Rangers are based on Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    • Also, each Red Ranger from a Dino team has his own exclusive power-up form (Armed TyrannoRanger, AbareMax, Kyoryu Red Carnival, Max Ryusoul Red).
  • Each team has a Triceratops based Ranger.
    • All male Triceraptops based are Blue Rangers.
  • All teams have Red, Blue and Black Rangers.
    • Abaranger is the only team to lack a Green and Pink Ranger.
    • Each Yellow, Black, Green, and Pink Rangers also have different animals based on their motifs.
  • In fact, most teams do not feature a full-team dinosaur-theme as each team has at least one member that is not based on a dinosaurs.
    • The team that feature full dinosaur-theme team are 5-man Kyoryugers, Spirit Kyoryugers and 5-man Kyoryuger Brave.
    • These following Rangers are not actually based on Dinosaur:
      • PteraRanger, AbareYellow, Kyoryu Gold (all are Pteranodon) and AbareKiller (Tupuxuara) are based on Pterosaurs, a group of prehistoric flying reptiles, which, while bearing similarity to dinosaurs, were not in the same genetic classification.
      • MammothRanger (Mammoth), TigerRanger and Ryusoul Green (both are Smilodon) are based on extinct ancient mammals.
      • DragonRanger (Dragon) is based on a mythical creature.
      • Kyoryu Violet (Plesiosaurus) and Ryusoul Gold (Mosasaurus) are based on prehistoric marine reptiles.
  • Each have a Ranger/Extra Hero who was evil at some point
  • Each team has a ranger die at some point in the series, usually the 6th or an extra ranger.
  • Each have sentient mechs, but only the Kyoryugers' Zyudenryu are not capable of verbal speech.
  • Each series has a mecha team attack to which they can combine power of their mecha together for an ultimate attack (though in the Bakuryuu's case, this was a one-time only attack in the series finale, and without TopGaler).
  • Each team has at least one member not from modern Japanese society. The Zyurangers and Ryusoulgers were all from prehistoric earth, one of the Abarangers came from an alternate dimension and several members of the Kyoryugers, namely Utsusemimaru, Ramirez and Tessai were from different time periods of human history.
  • Each series has the team go up against an Knight-themed armor-based character, Dora Knight, Armor of Darkness, Raging Knight Dogold and Gaisoulg.
    • Also each series has a ranger connected to a Knight-themed character: the Black Knight (Zyuranger) was Geki and Burai's father, while both Asuka and Utsusemimaru wore and were possessed by the Armor of Darkness and Dogold until they were later freed after fighting their teammates. Nada was trained by Master Red. (Mikoto's wearing of the Armor of Darkness does not count as he only wore it briefly before it dissolved).
  • Each series has a non-ranger villain (Bandora Gang, Destruction Messenger Jannu, Disciple of Dawn Lije, Joyful Knight Candelilla, Funfilled Spy Luckyuro, Wiserue, and Kleon) reform by the end of their respective series.
  • Each series had a Dinosaur mecha of their partner's species that were evil, controlled by an evil master, or under a curse (Dragon Caesar, KillerOh, BakurenOh, Pteraiden-Oh, SpinoDaiOh and Kishiryuzin). Notably with the exception of BakurenOh, these mecha were later reformed.

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