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Anti-heroes from the Super Sentai series. Despite the heroes had a negative trait, they willingly do good things for justice. They are also an opposite towards the protagonists.

Personality wise, most anti-heroes have been hardcore loners (Dia Jack, Battle Cossack, Yellow 4, Black Condor, DragonRanger, NinjaBlack, BullBlack, TimeFire, GaoSilver, KabutoRaiger, AbareBlue, AbareKiller, BoukenBlack, BoukenSilver, GekiViolet, Black Lion, Go-On Gold, Gosei Knight, Kyoryu Black, Sasori Orange, RyusoulBlack). But some are arrogant and selfish (Vul Shark, KuwagaRaiger, Confrontation Beast Chameleon-Fist, Go-On Black, Go-On Silver, Gokai Red, Gokai Blue, Gokai Yellow, Beet Buster, Houou Soldier, Lupin Red, Lupin Blue, Lupin Yellow, Lupin X/Patren X) and some are brash and hotheaded (Beast-Demon Hunter Zeek, Zyuoh Bird).

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