This article is about a/an list of rangers and heroes in the Super Sentai series.

This category is for post-Jetman Sentai Rangers who do not have Power Rangers counterparts (as Power Rangers only started with Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger). Only Sentai rangers from series that were skipped over count (although, like Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters/Power Rangers Beast Morphers, there's nothing stopping the production team from going back to a previously used team). If and when that changes, if ever, said Rangers will be removed from this category accordingly. Otherwise, for the time being, they are factually Sentai-Exclusive.

Furthermore, Sentai rangers who's suits were only used as New Powers or only briefly seen in "Legendary Battle" or "The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition" of Power Rangers Super Megaforce should not be included (except for the Supersonic Rangers/Fivemen after Megaforce's run, no info is given on the Rangers and the episodes only confirm the adapted Rangers took part, with the non-adapted only appearing in the odd Gokaiger shot).

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