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Trakeena's Army, formerly known as Scorpius' Army, was an army of villains led by Scorpius and by his daughter Trakeena after his destruction.


This evil faction seems to be thousands of years old, as multiple of its members show flashbacks of events happening 3000 years back. Led by the galactic warlord Scorpius, their main objective, apart from conquering planets, seems to be getting their hands on priceless and powerful artifacts or creatures, hoping to use their powers for their own gain. Examples of these are the Quasar Sabers and Galactabeasts.

3000 years ago, Scorpius and his army invaded the planet of the Magna Defender, destroying it's cities and looting all its valuables. In a tragic turn of events, Scorpius killed the Magna Defender's son Zika, starting the Magna Defender's grudge that would last for thousands of years.

Somewhere between the defeat of the Magna Defender and the start of the series, Trakeena was born to Scorpius and an unknown mother.

During the start of the series, Scorpius sends one of his top generals, Furio, to Mironoi in hopes of getting his hands on the powerful Quasar Sabers. But this fails, as the chosen ones arrived and claimed the sabers for their own, becoming Power Rangers in the process. This caused Scorpius to dedicate his time in reclaiming the Quasar Sabers from the Rangers, but is met with failure each time. Multiple of these failures even result in the Rangers claiming weapons from the collection of Scorpius himself, such as the Transdaggers and Galactabeasts.

After a while, Scorpius decides to cease his attempts in getting the Quasar Sabers and sets his sights on the Lights of Orion, giving this job to his general Treacheron. But because Treacheron fell at odds with Trakeena, the latter worked together with Impostra to frame Treacheron, causing Scorpius to think Treacheron wanted to claim the lights for himself. Ultimately, this framing attempt caused the Rangers to get their hands on the Lights of Orion.

As Treacheron felt his honor was tainted, he escaped and worked together with the Shark Brothers to kill Trakeena as an act of vengeance and destroy the rangers. But both of these plans failed as all three were destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Not long after Treacherons death, Scorpius told Trakeena he made a special cocoon for her, which would evolve her into an insect with great powers, at the cost of her human beauty. Trakeena, as vain as she was, did not want to sacrifice her human beauty and ran away from her father. But the power of the cocoon attracted another power hungry being; the treacherous and robotic Deviot.

Deviot, desiring the great power the cocoon would give him, weaseled his way into Scorpius' service, by giving him the Lost Galactabeasts as a present. But not long after, these fell into the hands of the Galaxy Rangers. Deviot, seeing Scorpius as an obstacle to attaining the cocoon, manipulated him into thinking the Rangers kidnapped Trakeena. Scorpius, blind with rage, fought the Rangers, but was mortally wounded in battle by Leo.

Meanwhile, Trakeena hid herself on the planet Onyx, but got into a fight with a few thugs. She was saved by the chivalrous warrior Villamax. Trakeena, being sheltered her entire life, had no combat experience at all, so she asked Villamax to train her. After a long an tiresome training, Trakeena finally becomes proficient at fighting. But not long after, Kegler, Villamax' sidekick, brings Trakeena the news her father is heavily injured.

Scorpius, being at the verge of death, almost gave the cocoon to Deviot, but was interfered by the return of his daughter Trakeena. She inherited Scorpius' powers and army and also employs Villamax and Kegler into her newly inherited army. Vowing to destroy the rangers for killing her father, she now focused her plans and monsters towards said goal. All the while Deviot keeps trying to get rid of her through underhanded ways.

Because Deviot was getting impatient, as none of his plans against Trakeena worked. Instead of the cocoon, he set his sights on the Galaxy Book, knowing it has the ability to give him large amounts of power. After getting his hands on the book and reciting the spell that would give him power, the resulting burst of energy opened a wormhole that pulled Terra Venture into the Lost Galaxy. Trakeena, fearing the Lost Galaxy, fled at the sight of the wormhole.

After a while, Terra Venture managed to escape the Lost Galaxy, but was followed by Captain Mutiny and his crew, piloting a floating castle. However, they were spotted by Trakeena, who used her Scorpion Stinger to destroy the castle, killing the entire crew in the process.

Deviot, after working with Captain Mutiny for a while, survived the destruction of Mutiny's castle and pretended he was kidnapped by the space pirate. Trakeena saw Deviot for the traitor he really was and ordered Villamax to destroy him. Deviot, knowing his end was near, dragged Trakeena and himself into the cocoon. This caused them to fuse into an insane and ruthless being, completely fixated on destroying Terra Venture and the Rangers, no matter the cost.

She started by destroying the only remaining active engine of Terra Venture, causing the colony to crash on a nearby moon. Then she ordered all her Stingwingers to blow themselves up at Terra Venture, in order to destroy the survivors. Villamax looked at all this in dismay, not recognizing the princess he vowed to serve. At the moment Trakeena ordered him to shoot at innocent civilians, fleeing in space shuttles, he spoke out against her, telling her that it was the rangers who killed her father, not the innocent people aboard the shuttle. So he refuses to obey this order. Trakeena became angry at this disobedience and killed Villamax, while the latter refused to hurt her. She was at the point of carrying this order out herself, but was met by the Astro Megaship, which blew itself up, causing the Scorpion Stinger to crash on a nearby moon, destroying it, presumably taking Kegler with it.

However, Trakeena managed to survive, along with the cocoon and finally used to sacrifice her human beauty for enormous power, mutating into a powerful green insect creature. She used her power to lift the remains of Terra Venture, planning to throw them into the nearby planet Mirinoi, where the survivors were currently at. But she was met by Leo who, after a heavy battle, shot her at point-blank range in his Red Armored Ranger form, seemingly killing her.

Unfortunately, she was revealed to have survived, somehow turning up at earth. Due to the last battle, she was severely weakened, having returned to her human form. She teamed up with Triskull, who wanted to help her return to her insect form, using the life-force of innocent people. But she was sabotaged by Olympius, who used a poison to turn her into a mindless demon creature. She was destroyed at the hands of the Omega Megazord, using the lights of Orion, finally destroying all remnants of Scorpius' evil army.

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