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"Rangers together, Samurai forever!"
―Samurai Rangers announcing their arrival[src]
"Samurai Rangers, victory is ours!"
―Victory catchphrase[src]

The Samurai Rangers are Jayden Shiba's four loyal samurai warriors and best friends. Together, they use symbol power via their Samuraizers (or Samurai Morpher for Antonio/Gold Ranger) to battle the evil Nighloks with their transformable Spin Swords and Folding Zords to ensure that the Nighlok don't succeed in flooding the Earth, just like their ancestors did in the past. Since Master Xandred's arise, the Red Rangers have been specially trained to learn a special sealing symbol that can put Xandred away forever.

The Rangers refer to themselves either by their unique elements or, more generally, as their enemies do, by color.

They have the oldest connection to the Morphin Grid, having had their powers passed down for centuries.


The six Samurai Rangers

The seven Samurai Rangers (with Lauren)

The Samurai Rangers (led by Lauren)

Color Role Actor
Red Samurai Ranger Jayden Shiba / Lauren Shiba Alex Heartman / Kimberley Crossman
Blue Samurai Ranger Kevin Najee De-Tiege
Pink Samurai Ranger Mia Watanabe Erika Fong
Green Samurai Ranger Mike Hector David, Jr.
Yellow Samurai Ranger Emily Brittany Anne Pirtle
Gold Samurai Ranger Antonio Garcia Steven Skyler

Previous Rangers

Team History

"Centuries ago in Japan, Nighlok monsters invaded our world. But Samurai warriors defeated them with power symbols passed down from parent to child. Today, these evil Nighlok has risen once again and plan to flood the earth. Luckily, a new generation of heroes stand in their way. They are the Power Rangers Samurai."
―The narrator[src]

Centuries ago in Japan, the Nighloks of the Netherworld attacked the Earth and attempted to flood it. The Ancient Samurai Rangers, using symbol power fended them off. From them came many of the weapons that would be used by future Samurai Rangers, such as the Samurai Disks, the Spin Swords, which are still used today and Black Box, which was left unfinished.

Some years later, powerful Shogun Rangers came from the Samurai bloodline as the power was passed from parent to child. These Shogun donned powerful armor reminiscent of the Samurai powers. They were led by The Grand Shogun, who brought into this world the first Samurai zord the BullZord. However, the BullZord was uncontrollable and was ordered locked away, as more zords came to being.

Nearly 20 years ago, the 17th Samurai Ranger Fire and his Samurai Ranger team encountered the fierce Master Xandred. With earlier versions of the Samuraizer at their disposal, along with the FoldingZords, the Rangers went down fighting, managing to seal Xandred and his cohorts away for years. However the seal was not permanent.

In the 2010's, Xandred, severely weakened from his encounter with the 17th Samurai Rangers begins his attack anew. Thus Jayden Shiba, the 18th Samurai Ranger Fire, has been called to duty, along with four others under the purview of the Samurai. With the Samuraizers, Samurai Disks and Spin Swords and FoldingZords at their disposal. They manage to fend off the Nighlok.

However, as the Nighlok grow stronger, changes once again needed to take shape. The first change came when for the first time, a young man of non-Samurai lineage appeared and became the first Gold Samurai Ranger. This young man was Antonio, Jayden's childhood friend, whom Jayden had given the OctoZord to as a boy. Antonio proved to be the spike in power the rangers needed as his technological approach to Symbol Power allowed him to create new devices and weapons for himself, as well as activate pending projects of the Samurai lineage such as the Black Box, the LightZord and the SharkZord. He was also able to repair the ClawZord which had been damaged in battle years ago.

With the Black Box repaired, the Rangers were able to gain a new combat mode- the Super Samurai Mode. With this mode, a single Samurai Ranger could fight alone and finish an opponent as well as perform complex combinations such as Megazord combos on his/her own.

When Jayden and Cody, a young Guardian, managed to free and control the BullZord after years of capture, the apparition of the Shogun Rangers' leader, The Grand Shogun appeared and vowed that their power now belongs to them. This means that on top of all the powers that they have inherited, along with the powers they themselves activated, the Rangers now had access to the special power of the Shogun Rangers, as a Shogun mode, powering up their attacks. However in Samurai Forever, Jayden used Shogun Mode outside of the zords, thanks to Lauren's Fire Disc.

Super Megaforce

The Samurai Rangers as seen in Super Megaforce.

Since the day the Warstar and the Armada has threatened the Earth, the Samurai Rangers have been watching the Mega Rangers fight their enemies.


When an elite member of the Armada named Matacore attacks the Mega Rangers, Jayden travels to Harwood County to give advice to the Mega Rangers when they were out of ideas. Jayden then supplies them with the same Double Disc he used the day he defeated Master Xandred.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Samurai Surprise

Mike and Emily

Mike and Emily were both in the front line to greet the Mega Rangers before their assault against the remainder of The Armada. All the Samurai Rangers were present, save for Lauren. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legendary Battle

Super Ninja Steel


Antonio arriving to help the Ninja Steel Rangers

Antonio was one of the kidnapped Rangers by Lord Draven along with Katherine Hillard, T.J. Johnson, Trent Fernandez-Mercer, Gia Moran, and Rocky DeSantos and sent to his dimension. Lord Dravon used them to make robotic clones of each ranger. They were soon rescued by Wesley Collins, Gemma, Koda, Tommy Oliver and the Ninja Steel Rangers. Antonio joins the final fight with the Ninja Steel Rangers and the veteran Rangers using his Samurai Morpher and Barracuda Blade. After the battle, Antonio returns back to his dimension with the rest of the Rangers.

Split History

Shattered Grid

When events set into motion by Lord Drakkon caused the timeline to split into pocket universe, each anchored on a powerset, the Samurai Rangers were split off into their own pocket universe. The split occurs after they defeated the Nighlok. Lauren is back leading the Samurai Rangers, while Jayden and Mentor Ji are away on a secret mission. Lord Drakkon and his Sentries arrive and battle the Samurai Rangers for their Samuraizers. Drakkon manages to take the Shiba House and capture the Rangers. Only Lauren escapes, in time for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to find her and take her back with them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual

Having had her Morpher reinforced by Doctor K, Lauren participated in an advance towards Drakkon's Tower on the Moon in the World of the Coinless, engaging a large army of Ranger Sentries. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30

When the timeline was restored, so were the Samurai Rangers.

Battle Modes

Pink in Super Mega Mode, Green in Shark Attack Mode, Blue in Mega Mode, Red (male) in Mega Shark Mode, Yellow in Shogun Mode, Red (female) in Super Mode, and Gold in default Samurai Ranger garb.

Unlike Ranger teams before them, the Samurai Rangers have several battle modes used in specific situations.


All Rangers




FoldingZord System

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ★ battlezord; colors are in reference to Rangers who piloted them and not the physical color of the zords


Legendary Ranger Keys

Super Megaforce Rangers as Samurai Rangers

Super Megaforce/Samurai Legendary Ranger Mode

Red Samurai Ranger Troy Burrows
Blue Samurai Ranger Noah Carver
Yellow Samurai Ranger Gia Moran
Green Samurai Ranger Jake Holling
Pink Samurai Ranger Emma Goodall
Gold Samurai Ranger Orion
Red Samurai Ranger ♀ Miscellaneous

Video Game appearances

Power Rangers Dash

The Samurai Rangers as seen in Power Rangers Dash.

The Samurai Rangers are among all the Ranger teams which appear in the Korean-developed mobile game Power Rangers Dash.



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