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SCRTC building

Supporting Sports through Science and Heart

SCRTC (pronounced 'scratch') is a sporting goods company headed by Miki Masaki. The company produces various sporting goods such as sportswear and paraphernalia.

The company supports and houses the Gekiranger. The company's logo is embossed on the Gekiranger's uniform. They are included in the Special Development Department of SCRTC.

SCRTC is also the entity that has Jan Kandou in their legal custody, after having been found by Miki Masaki in the forest.


  • Herculean Giant GekiFire's helmet is modified after SCRTC design helmets.
  • SCRTC retail items are usually in primary colors, as are the Gekiranger core team uniforms. Black, grey and white are also used. Orange seems to be a color present in non-retail products such as Robo-tuff, the GekiChangers and GekiChopper's uniform. This color also highlights all of the GekiBeasts.
  • SCRTC's Miki Masaki knows SGS' Morio Makino
  • Tooru Chiba, a character seen in ToQger, works for SCRTC in the marketing department as the Brand Connection Director (his actor, Sotaro Yasuda, formerly portrayed Ken Hisatsu/GekiChopper).

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