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Ryusoul tribespeople

The Ryusoul Tribe (リュウソウ族 Ryūsō-zoku) is an ancient tribe comprised of a longevous, human-like species that existed since the age of the dinosaurs.


The Ryusoul Tribe made their home in an isolated mountain village in Aokigahara. The Ryusoul Tribe has existed for millions and millions years. During the age of the dinosaurs, they fought against the Druidon Tribe who wanted to rule the world. They pass the Ryusoulger mantle from master to apprentice. More than 65 millions years ago, they created the Kishiryu (騎士竜 Kishiryū), sentient beings as a countermeasure to the Druidon, but the Druidon fled when a comet crashed into Earth. The Kishiryu were then sealed in Ryusoul temples scattered around the world.

The Ryusoul civil war

A faction known as the Sea Ryusoul Tribe split from the surface tribe when a civil war broke out after the Druidon fled and have since secluded themselves to the bottom of the sea. However, due to their long exile, the tribe has experienced ever-dwindling numbers in their population in the present day.

At some point, the Land Ryusoul Tribe was visited by the legendary phantom theif Arsène Lupin. Despite being an outsider, Lupin was able to befriend the tribe and stayed with them for unknown period of time before he left. During his departure, though, he entrusted them with one of his treasures from the collection as a gift. They in exchange gave him some blank RyuSouls as a momento to remember them by.


The Ryusoul tribespeople seem to have an extremely long lifespan. Even a young child like Oto has been living for 123 years.


Ryusoul Tribe are isolationists as they prefer to hide themselves in the mountain area and avoid contact with the outside world. However, in order to combat the Druidon and the Minosaurs, Ryusoulgers can leave the tribe to enter and live in the human world. Certain people like Mioko Karino also left on their own to seek for a normal life.

True Origins

Even though they appear as humans, the reality is they are far from it. The Ryusoul Tribe, in truth, were created by Eras millions of years ago. She tasked them with protecting the planet which they uphold until they started to have inner conflicts and civil wars with their tribes. Their fights caused so much damage to the planet that Eras had no choice but to create the Druidon tribe to wipe out what she now considers a mistake.

Known members

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65 Million years ago

Sea Tribe

Unknown Tribe

  • Seto (Possibly deceased)

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