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| generals=[[Metal Alice]], <br>[[The Messenger]]
| generals=[[Metal Alice]], <br>[[The Messenger]]
| heroes =[[Mega Rangers]]
| heroes =[[Mega Rangers]]
| grunts = [[Loogies]], <br>[[Zombats]]
| grunts = [[Loogies]], <br>[[Zombats]], <br>[[Water Rotox Army]]
| monsters = Robot Monsters
| monsters = Robot Monsters
| battledvillains=
| battledvillains=

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This article is about a/an villain Group in Power Rangers Megaforce.
"That is the great thing about us Robots. We can learn from our mistakes and, after a few adjustments, we can be sent right back into battle."
Metal Alice[src]

The Robots are a group of mechanical beings which make up the last military to battle the Mega Rangers in Power Rangers Megaforce. They succeed the Insectoids and the Mutants. All, except the Messenger, originated on Earth.


After the defeat and death of Bigs and Bluefur, Vrak establishes an underwater base in order to place his plan to conquer Earth.

In order to do so, he creates Metal Alice and has her to lead the mechanical army. Shortly after being born, Alice gives rise to Rotox, the first of her kind created by her and second overall. Rotox proceeds to attack the city and overpowers the Rangers until they use the full power of their Ultra Mode to take him down.

Alice, however, simply rebuilds him while adding upgrades and creates a new and improved version of his former self: Rotox DX. The advanced prototype resumes mission, this time with Metal Alice's assistance.

The duo overpowers the Megaforce up until Robo Knight enters the fray and lends his power to finally defeat Rotox DX. Enlarged thanks to the Zombolts, he puts up a tough fight but is defeated by the combined power of the Gosei Grand Megazord and Gosei Ultimate Megazord and is destroyed.

For the next attack, the robot R1C0 is created in order to dispatch the Megaforce. However, he malfunctions and befriends the Rangers instead. Emma grows fond of him and becomes his closest friend, renaming him Rico.

However, this was all a ruse by Metal Alice, as she wished to learn the meaning of bonds such as friendship. No longer desiring any data, she converts her former servant into a fighting form.

Although Rico is barely restrained by the Megaforce, he is free from Alice's control by the destruction of the tracking and controlling gem-like device on his chest. Attempting to use him at any cost, she enlarges him through the Zombolts and orders him to attack, only for him to refuse and prompt her to selfdestruct him, but to no avail.

Unwilling to allow Rico to be harmed anymore, Emma takes him off the Earth with the Command Ship, frustrating the robotic marshal and forcing her to retreat.

Later, Metal Alice goes to derail a train in order to spread chaos and panic among humans by setting a bomb under the line. Her plan fails and she grows into a giantess to battle the Zords, only to fall before the might of the Gosei Jet Megazord. Nonetheless, Vrak rebuilts her due to her usefulness and need of her in his future schemes.

While searching the wreckage of the Warstar Spaceship, Vrak's corpse was taken and restored back to health while having sixty percent of his body mechanized. After the fall of Malkor, the Messenger joins Metal Alice and Vrak and the trio fights against the Rangers a few times before they meet their end before the renewed Megaforce.

Vrak is the first to be defeated by them, with The Messenger and Metal Alice following suit. No longer being useful to him, Vrak abandons them to their fate and calls upon the Armada, backing off to avoid being mistaken for an enemy, ending the robotic menace on Earth and giving way to the royal army to take the invasion from the point they left.




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