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Robotrons are robot monsters created from ordinary objects to serve in Evox’s army. They are created by inserting a Morph-X Key infected with the Evox virus into an object.

Robotron Creation Key

When they are destroyed, rather than be grown giant, Scrozzle will transport one of his giant Gigadrones that takes on characteristics of the Robotron. However, a Gigadrone can be sent before the Robotron is finished off, making it a challenge at times for the Beast Morpher Rangers.

Known Robotrons

Season 1

Season 2


  • Beast Morphers keeps a similar naming style as Go-Busters. Go-Busters' Metaloids are named with a "-loid" suffix, whereas Beast Morphers' Robotrons are named with a "-tron" suffix.
  • Instead of being adapted as a Robotron, Vargoyle was adapted as a villain.
  • The Robotrons are the first, and currently only, set of monsters to use recreated suits when appearing in new footage, much like the Rangers and villains in the season. This is because of the original Metaloid suits beginning to age and fall apart. Due to this, minor differences can be seen when comparing the monsters between new and Sentai footage.
  • With the revelation that Evox was the reincarnation of Venjix, this makes the Robotrons the successors of the Attack Bots but unlike their predecessors the Robotrons can talk.
  • Out of all the Go-Busters monsters, there were 9 monsters that were unused in Beast Morphers In order of appearance:
  1. Steamloid was unused because movies cost extra.
  2. Jishakuloid was unused because all of his footage spent with Japanese people & untransformed Go-Busters although his MegaZord Counterpart was adapted.
  3. Keshigomuloid was unused because of spending a lot of time around the unmorphed Go-Busters and their Japanese mentors. The fact he was CGI is probably why they didn't get a suit and budget to prevent recreation.
  4. Sprayloid 2 was unused because of time restrictions.
  5. Junkloid was unused because of the limited amount of footage.
  6. Karateloid was unused because involving with Japanese kids & unmorphed Yellow Buster, although his MegaZord counterpart was adapted.
  7. MegaZordloid was unused because he spent more footage on a CGI train & Japanese civilians inside of him.
  8. Kentateloid was unused because the footage was considered to be horrifying to American audiences (most likely the katana on Kenloid).
  9. Omochiloid was unused because he spent a lot of time on Japanese people.

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