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A collection of Red Rangers as of Ninja Steel (Boom! Studios).

For the individuals solely referred to as the Red Ranger, see Jason Lee Scott and Rocky DeSantos.
Legendary All-Red Ranger Mode

Super Megaforce Rangers as Red Rangers

The Red Ranger is a designation given to one of the main characters in every season of Power Rangers. The Red Ranger is usually the leader of the team, although there have been times where Rangers of other colors have been leaders. In recent times, Red Rangers have also been given the role of hot-headed rookie. Red Rangers also usually receive the most powerful weapons. The Red Ranger's main weapon traditionally is a sword, but some have used blasters. Since Power Rangers in Space almost every Red Ranger has been given Battlizer Armor, which increases their power significantly and allows them to battle the enemy's top generals single-handedly. Sometimes, they will even face off against the leader of the villains single-handledly. Red is also one of the two colors to appear in every season alongside Blue.

Heroic Red Rangers

These are Rangers that serve in heroic capacities for one of the main teams featured in a season or series.

Long-Term Leaders

These Red Rangers served as team leaders for an extended period of time (at least half a season).

Short-Term Leaders

These heroic Red Rangers served as team leaders for a short time, or offscreen.


These Red Rangers served on heroic teams for varying lengths of time, but did not lead them. Some of these Rangers served with alternate Red Rangers who did lead that team. Others were led by a White Ranger, and one was led by a Pink Ranger.

Expanded Universe Red Rangers

These heroic Red Rangers served on teams outside the main continuities of Power Rangers, the canonicity of which ranges from debatable to explicitly non-canon.



Historic Red Rangers

These are Rangers that exist in past/future points in time of the main canon.

Rangers commonly associated with Red

These Rangers have no specific classified color but are commonly associated with Red.

Villainous Red Rangers

These Red Rangers were either villains themselves, led a team of villainous Rangers, or were monsters and aliens who took on a Ranger form.

Unique Evil Red Rangers

These are Rangers with unique or highly re-stylized Ranger forms.

Clone Evil Rangers

These are Rangers based off of pre-existing Rangers.

Toy Exclusive Red Rangers

Enhancement Modes

Red Rangers who can assume Enhancement Modes and Battlizer forms.

Legendary Ranger Modes

Female Red

Female versions of the Red Rangers as seen in Super Megaforce. Costumes/Forms transformed by Super Megaforce Yellow and Super Megaforce Pink are equipped with skirts.

Additional Red Modes

Red Ranger costumes/forms from teams never before seen in the franchise that first appear on Super Megaforce.


Chronological List of Red Rangers

MMPR 109 Cover Dattoli

A collection of Red Rangers (Boom! Studios).

Legendary Ranger Devices

Red Rangers


  • Though he was an antagonist in Time Force, Alex is still classified as a heroic Red Ranger.

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