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In the World of the Coinless, Ranger Sentries serve as the army of Lord Drakkon. They are humans who wear mass-produced Ranger armor that designates the specific function of each solider.[1]

Ranger Sentries

Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus Sentries
Mastodon Mastodon Sentries
Sabertooth Sabertooth Sentries
Pterodactyl Pterodactyl Sentries
Zeo Green Zeo Sentries
Space Silver Space Sentries
Rhino Jungle Fury Rhino Sentries
Samurai Blue Samurai Sentries
Dino Charge Dino Charge Gold Sentries

Team History

World of the Coinless

the Original Ranger Sentries' Army

Patrolling Historic Angel Grove after curfew, a single Mastodon Sentry confronted the Billy Cranston and Tommy Oliver who had come from another reality. Spotting the Dragon Dagger on Tommy's person, the Sentry attempted to apprehend them only to be eluded, proceeding to call for assistance from their fellow Sentries as an "Alpha Alert" was declared. Three more Sentries arrived to pursue the duo but soon lost them, with the combined quartet deciding that it was necessary to inform their Lord Drakkon of the incident.

Soon after, Lord Drakkon backed up by Mastodon Sentries on the ground and in the air, intercepted Tommy and Billy after their recovered Saba. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 11 However, Saba provided an opening for the pair when he brought forth the Tigerzord from the Zord Graveyard, allowing them to escape in the White Ninja Falconzord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 12

In his throne room, Lord Drakkon, flanked by his Tyrannosaurus Sentry guards, received a report from the Mastodon Sentries that, despite having scoured the Northern Border, they were unable to find the Falconzord and surmised that the intruders had cloaked it. Lord Drakkon was well aware where they would be heading, but turned his attention to the Sabertooth Sentry who commanded the squad that were eluded by the intruders. Refusing to stand for ineptitude risking the coming battle, Lord Drakkon had her Sabertooth powers painfully revoked before ordering her taken from his sight with Sentry Jax replacing her as head of the battalion ready to begin an assault on the Coinless by day's end.

Tracing Saba through his connection to the Morphing Grid, Lord Drakkon realized that they had joined with the Coinless as he overlooked his vast army of Sentries, predicting that the coming battle would eliminate all his enemies. Meanwhile, the amassing Sentries were discreetly observed by spies from the Coinless, who warned the resistance movement of an imminent assault. In total, the army consisted of hundreds of Mastodons with a two dozen of Sabertooths and Pterodactyls. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 13

In both the air and on ground, the Mastodon Sentries struck first with an assault on the force shield protecting the base of the Coinless, who returned fire with manned lasers followed by auto pulse cannons. However, it was not long before a group of Mastodons punched a hole in the force shield, with the first battalion storming in on foot.

Making matters worse for the Coinless, a Morph Shield Generator was damaged in the initial blasts, ever-increasing the hole to the point that the Sentries' Dragon Tanks could get through it. Meanwhile, the connection to the pulse cannons was damaged, requiring them to be reset by hand. As work began to repair the defenses, the other Tommy Oliver offered his assistance in clearing a path to reset the cannons.

Leading the fight personally against the Mastodons, Zack Taylor and his forces were overpowered by Scorpina and her Tyrannosaurus Sentries. Meanwhile, Tommy summoned the Falconzord again, engaging in a dogfight with the Mastodons' aerial vehicles to cover the Coinless members only to see them shot down by the Pterodactyls. The attack took a turn for the worst for the Coinless when Lord Drakkon attacked and forced Tommy out of the Falconzord, rendering him along with Zack at his mercy. Sentencing his doppelganger to death, Lord Drakkon demanded that the Coinless surrender "the Relic", the Power Morpher, and Coin of the late Blue Ranger. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 14

Shattered Grid

Returning to the World of the Coinless, Lord Drakkon was welcomed home by the superior Ranger Sentries, who had rebuilt their forces in his absence. Reuniting with his confidant Finster 5, Drakkon decided that it was time to launch the Grand Campaign, a raid of the numerous potential futures which the Morphin Grid had isolated into separate universes upon the premature death of Tommy Oliver at Drakkon's hand, in order to seize the powers of the various Ranger teams through their morphers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

The campaign began with the world of the Samurai Rangers, where Lord Drakkon led a massive army of Ranger Sentries including Dragon Tanks in an assault on the Shiba House as the samurai were training. Overwhelmed and caught completely off-guard, the Samurai Rangers did not last long before being de-powered by the Sentries' Dragon Cannon with only the Red Samurai Ranger, Lauren Shiba, escaping. Those left behind, however, were taken captive with their Samuraizers confiscated by the Sentries who handed them to Lord Drakkon. Returning to Finster 5, Drakkon provided him with the Samuraizers, one of which Finster used to infuse Drakkon with the powers of the Samurai Rangers. The remaining Samuraizers would be left as material for the Sentry army, starting with the creation of the new Blue Samurai Sentries. Meanwhile, as the Shiba House was occupied by Drakkon's forces back in the Samurai Rangers' world, Lauren Shiba was being pursued by the Mastodon Sentries when she was retrieved by Time Force Pink and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who countered the Sentries' Dragon Cannon with the Morph EMP before departing via teleport. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 26 Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) FCBD 2018 Special

By assuming the identity of his Tommy Oliver in the world of Zeo, Lord Drakkon was able to steal the Zeonizer of the Green Zeo Ranger, Adam Park. When the Zeonizer was provided to Finster 5, the new Green Zeo Sentries were created.

In the world of SPD, a large army of Ranger Sentries led by Lord Drakkon waged an assault against Space Patrol Delta's Delta Base. Though opposed by the SPD Rangers, a single shot from a cannon of the Sentries' caused the Shadow Ranger and his B-Squad Rangers to demorph, forcing them to retreat to Base with the C-Squad cadets. The tide was turned, however, when C-Squad cadet Konchu manually opened a compromised bulkhead as his fellow cadets and officers fought the Sentries without morphers. Soon after, the gigantic R.I.C. 3.0 was unleashed just in time to blast back against Drakkon and his forces, forcing them to return home.

In the world of the Ranger Operators, dozens of Mastodon Sentries and Blue Samurai Sentries came through a potral to launch an attack on the domed city of Corinth, easily overwhelming the armed forces led by Colonel Mason Truman. They were, however, countered by the Ranger Operators and, despite being able to demorph Ranger Operator Series Black with a single shot, were soon fought off by the Ranger Operators led by Series Red.

In the world of the Space Rangers, several Ranger Sentries accompanied Lord Drakkon as he invaded the Astro Megaship to seize an Astro Morpher. They were resisted by the Space Rangers.

At least four Ranger Sentries accompanied Lord Drakkon as he invaded the world of Ninja Steel, seeking a Ninja Battle Morpher. Though they were forced to fall back after encountering resistance from the Ninja Rangers, Drakkon was able to obtain a piece of Ninja Steel Red's Power Star. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual

Back in the World of the Coinless, years of subterfuge paid off for Skull when he was promoted to Tyrannosaurus Sentry just in time for him to personally intervene when Zack Taylor was captured. Relieving the Sabertooth commander and two Mastodons who had initially interrogated him with no success, ostensibly to question him personally, Skull proceeded to set Zack free. While Drakkon prepared to absorb the power of the Zeo Rangers, the Sentry army upped their onslaught, striking not only the timelines they had already encroached upon but the remaining worlds as well. In this full-scale invasion, they fought teams from Lost Galaxy, Ninja Steel, Dino Thunder, Dino Charge, In Space, Lightspeed Rescue, Jungle Fury, to SPD.

In the world of the Ranger Operators, the Ranger Sentries were held for at least eight hours as Doctor K was able to counteract the effects of their Black Dragon Cannons after one was salvaged by Ranger Green. At this time Zordon of Eltar broadcast a message across the universal Morphing Grid, warning the various Ranger teams to defend themselves. When Doctor K replied and made Zordon aware of the defense she provided against the Sentries, Zordon sent Jason and Lauren to retrieve her from her world so she could adapt the process to the other teams. However, Lord Drakkon was made aware of this development by a Sabertooth Sentry and, after completing his latest Power Transfer, would personally see to Corinth. Though blocked from teleporting into the city of Corinth, Jason and Lauren were able to arrive just outside it and, once Jason summoned his Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, turn the tide against the Sentries engaged against the Ranger Operators, forcing them to fall back. However, it was at that point that the assembled Rangers saw Lord Drakkon himself, flanked by several Evil Rangers, personally leading reinforcements against Corinth. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 27


  • Morphin Grid enhanced combat suits: Ranger Sentries directly tap into the Morphin Grid by harnessing a fraction of transformation power sources stolen from Power Rangers. In the case of the original four classes of Sentries, the source was the Power Coins taken from the slain or defeated Power Rangers of Lord Drakkon's world by Drakkon himself. The later Green Zeo and Blue Samurai Sentries use Adam's stolen Rectangle Zeo sub-crystal and Kevin's stolen Dragon Power Disc as a power source. One feature that Drakkon's soldiers fear is the "disconnect" function. This removes a Sentry's powers by Drakkon hitting a switch, the suit produces a violent electric shock that de-powers and kills the user. This feature is used by Lord Drakkon as a form of punishment for failure.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 13
  • Military-style Ranger-like weapons: These unnamed weapons are loosely based off of weapons the Power Rangers use, but are twisted and militaristic versions of them designed to injure or kill any who oppose Lord Drakkon.
  • Unnamed Green Zeo Sentry Tank Mechas: Exosuit mini Zord-like tanks designed for the Green Zeo Sentries, who are the mobile infantry of Drakkon's army. These tanks are armed with blaster cannons, robotic claws for grabbing, lifting, or crushing objects or targets, and rapid-fire high-caliber chain guns.



  • According to Boom! Studios, there was an unrevealed reason why there are no Triceratops Sentries. The reason is later revealed to be that the Trini of this reality still had the original coin of the alternate Billy and that the Ranger Sentries need to draw their power from the original sources to tap into the Morphing Grid.
  • There is one sentry designation per each of the usual colors in Power Rangers. Since both RJ and Kendall survived Drakkon's onslaught, there exist no Purple Ranger-derived Sentries. However, Drakkon is working with Koragg, The Knight Wolf, who is designated purple himself.
  • The Dino Charge Gold Sentries and Silver Space Sentries are both derived from Sixth Rangers, reflecting the most prolific color choices for such Rangers recognized today; since Lord Drakkon's initial powers are a combination of both the Green and White Rangers, they were absent from the initial Mighty Morphin line-up of Ranger Sentries.
  • The Mighty Morphin Ranger Sentries’ helmet appears to share a similar helmet’s mouthpiece as the original Mighty Morphin White Ranger.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Ranger Sentries were an original idea exclusive to the Boom! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic, and were created by Jamal Campbell.


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