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A Ranger-like Ally is an unofficial designation for characters that have allied themselves with the Power Rangers and have powers and/or strengths similar to that of a Ranger, but are not specifically determined as Rangers.

This category lists Ranger-like allies who fight along side with the Rangers. Though most of them are not Rangers or have debatable Ranger status, some are also seen uttering the team's roll call before battle. Some also have Zord-like capabilities.

These characters usually stay in the form that they would fight in, because it is how they are physiologically or otherwise noted. Characters such as Ninjor, the Blue Senturion and the first Magna Defender fall into this category. Ranger-like Allies often have Zords, or have the ability to transform into a larger Zord-like form.


Enhancement Modes

Allies who can assume Enhancement Modes and Battlizer forms.

List of Known Ranger-like Allies

Legendary Ranger Keys

Usual Categorizations

For a character to be a Ranger-like ally there are multiple considerations by different fans. Since this is a fan designation, there are multiple standards for one to be considered Ranger-like:

  • A generally Ranger-like appearance.
  • The ability to morph.
  • Sentient and Zord-like, but able to keep a human-sized form, fighting alongside the team.

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