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This article is about a/an set of rangers in the Power Rangers franchise.

A collection of Purple Rangers as of Ninja Steel (Boom! Studios).

This category lists all the Purple Rangers, a position that was introduced in Power Rangers Jungle Fury. Purple Rangers have a distinction of always being a later addition, but one of them is part a main team.

Main Purple Rangers

These are Rangers who belong on the main team, and are protagonists of the show. They are also the first to appear as that specific color designation for the team.

Heroes with Debatable Ranger Status

Historic/Alternate Purple Rangers

These are Rangers that exist in alternate or expanded versions of the main canon, or in past/future points in time of the main canon.

Unique Evil Purple Rangers

These are Rangers with unique or highly re-stylized Ranger forms

Enhancement Modes

Purple Rangers who can assume Enhancement Modes and Battlizer forms.

Chronological List of Purple Rangers

Ranger Keys

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