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"We're the Psycho Rangers." "We're faster than you." "Smarter than you." "Stronger than you." "But we're evil!"
―The Psycho Rangers' introduction[src]

The Psycho Rangers were created as evil and homicidal counterparts to the Space Rangers.

Zhane as a fake Psycho Silver.

Psycho Rangers

Psycho Red Virgil
Psycho Black Photon
Psycho Blue Axe
Psycho Yellow Yellow
Psycho Pink Nokrea
Psycho Silver Psycho Silver (fake)
Psycho Green Trek


In Space

The evil princess Astronema created them to draw on the power of her master Dark Specter, and they were designed to hunt down the Power Rangers by tracking their energy, voices, and communicator noises. Each Psycho Ranger had a specific fighting style unbeatable by the Ranger that they were evil versions of (though they were a serious threat to the ranger team even without all of their members). The Psycho Rangers consisted of the Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, and Red Psycho Rangers, with Psycho Red as their leader. In this way, the Psycho Rangers were used by Astronema not only to defeat the Power Rangers, but also to severely weaken Dark Specter, whom Astronema wished to overthrow. As the storyline unfolded, it was revealed that they also had 'monster forms' as well as their Ranger forms, reverting to their more explicit monster state when their Ranger forms were destroyed.

  • Psycho Red's monster form is a flame monster.
  • Psycho Black's monster form is a stone monster.
  • Psycho Blue's monster form is a crystalline ice monster.
  • Psycho Yellow's monster form is a spider/hornet monster.
  • Psycho Pink's monster form is a plant monster.

Psycho Pink was the first to become monstrous (by way of becoming a giant), while working with Psycho Yellow to try and attack Cassie, only to be outmaneuvered and overpowered by the Rangers. When TJ realized that the Psychos being perfectly 'programmed' to fight their Ranger counterpart meant that each Ranger could never defeat their Psycho counterpart, the Rangers attempted to take the Psychos by surprise by disguising the entire team as the Blue Ranger, allowing them to eventually catch Psycho Blue on his own and destroy him. Astronema attempted to compensate for this by providing the remaining three Psycho Rangers with vocal recognition programs that would allow them to identify which Ranger was 'their' opponent, but although this attack resulted in the Psychos stealing the Mega Voyager, the Rangers were able to regain the advantage and confront all three monster-formed Psychos in a final confrontation with all three of their megazords.

The spectral forms of the Psycho Rangers were later restored to life again within Secret City, and attacked the Power Rangers. They turned into their monster forms again but remained human-sized. The Rangers managed to digitize them once again, preserving them in several key cards in the hopes that their foes would be trapped and powerless from then on.

Somehow in "Countdown to Destruction", the monster forms of Psychos Red, Blue, and Yellow were seen taking part in the invasions held by the different villains.

Lost Galaxy

Data Card

A year later in "To the Tenth Power", these cards found their way into the hands of Deviot, who revived the Psycho Rangers and enhanced their strength. He sent them after the Galaxy Rangers, but Andros learned of their return and teamed up with Leo and Mike Corbett, the Red Galaxy Ranger and the Magna Defender respectively to rescue the Galaxy Rangers. Responding to a distress call from Alpha 6, the other Space Rangers arrived to help and each teamed with their counterparts against the Psycho Rangers. Finally, the Space Rangers hit the Psycho Rangers with blasts from the Spiral Saber and Quadro Blaster weakening them for the Galaxy Rangers' Lights of Orion Power-Up Mode attack. The Psycho Rangers were all destroyed by the attack except Psycho Pink was severely damaged and weakened.

In The Power of Pink, Psycho Pink awakens on the Scorpion Stinger and removes Deviot's control device, only wanting to kill the Pink Rangers, not all of the Rangers as Trakeena wants. Entering Terra Ventura's computer system, Psycho Pink reads Kendrix Morgan's mind and learns of the location of the Savage Sword on a nearby planet. After a brief skirmish with Kendrix and Cassie, Psycho Pink travels to Rashon and removes the Savage Sword from a rock. Psycho Pink battles the two Pink Rangers, focusing more on Cassie than on Kendrix. Absorbing energy from Cassie, Psycho Pink is able to heal herself of the damage from the attack that destroyed the other Psycho Rangers and stabs the Savage Sword into Cassie's morpher. Drawing on the energy from the morpher, Psycho Pink turns into her plant monster form and grows to giant size. The Astro Megazord and Galaxy Megazord engage Psycho Pink and the Astro Megazord weakens her with a charged strike from its saber. With Psycho Pink weakened, the Galaxy Megazord destroys her with its own charged up saber strike. However, Psycho Pink's actions result in the death of Kendrix after she sacrifices herself to destroy the Savage Sword.





Monster forms


Psycho Rangers disguised as Power Rangers

  • The reason the Psychos all have a twisted 'N' on their belts is because in Denji Sentai Megaranger, which In Space gets footage from, they're known as the Jaden Sentai Nejiranger
  • The human forms of Psychos Red, Black, and Yellow (Patrick David, Michael Maize and Kamera Walton), were the voice actors and actress for their respective Psycho.
  • The Psycho Rangers currently hold the record for the most appearances by a group of evil Rangers, as most evil Ranger teams created by the main villain rarely last longer than the episode in which they are first introduced.
  • As the Psycho Rangers were conceived on TV as evil counterparts to the Space Rangers, who lacked a Green Ranger, a Psycho Green did not exist on-screen. However, Psycho Green can be considered an alternative to Psycho Black. Indeed, in the team-up between the Space Rangers and the Galaxy Rangers, Psycho Black was pitted against the Green Galaxy Ranger in addition to Black Space Ranger, reflecting that Black and Green are typically placed on teams interchangeably.
  • When Astronema created the Psycho Rangers, she did not make a Psycho Silver. From a production point of view, it was because Psycho Rangers episodes were very close to their Sentai counterparts, which had no evil silver except as a fake.
  • When they reappeared in Lost Galaxy, the Psycho Rangers lacked the sound effect echo they had from In Space while, ironically, Deviot spoke with this effect.
  • The data cards were last seen in Astronema's hands shortly before the end of Power Rangers In Space. However, they were found by an anonymous robber who sold them to Deviot.
  • The Psycho Rangers are the second evil Ranger team (following the Mutant Rangers) to not be a copy of their rival team.
  • The Psycho Rangers use the same original Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink color palette seen in Mighty Morphin, In Space, Operation Overdrive and Megaforce.
    • Ironically, Red, Pink and Green happens to be an evil counterpart of one of the said three Mighty Morphin Rangers as well, such as wielding twisted version of Power Sword, Power Bow and Dragon Dagger.
  • When they had returned in Lost Galaxy, using a finishing move on them really destroyed them instead of turning them into monster form. This may be because they could no longer drain power from Dark Specter. However, Psycho Pink managed to survive.
  • Psycho Red claims to be the most powerful of all the Psycho Rangers, however, it could be argued that Psycho Pink is more powerful. She was the only one of the Psycho Rangers that managed to survive after being attacked by the Spiral SaberQuadro Blaster, and the Lights of Orion and was still strong enough to hold her own against both the Pink Space Ranger and the Pink Galaxy Ranger until she could get to the Savage Sword.
  • If counting Boom Studios’ comic book adaption, excluding Psycho Silver due to being a fake, Psycho Rangers can also be an evil counterpart to the Mighty Morphin and Supersonic Rangers, with Psycho Green is the main center behind the creation of Astronema’s Psycho Rangers.


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