This article is about a/an set of rangers in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

This team, dubbed Prism, is one of the "New Powers": a collection of mysterious Rangers whose Legendary Ranger Keys were used by the Super Mega Rangers. As noted by Gosei, these teams had never been seen before on Earth, at least the Earth of the prime dimension, up to that point.

Team Members

Red Red Prism Ranger
Blue Blue Prism Ranger
Green Green Prism Ranger
Yellow Yellow Prism Ranger
Pink Pink Prism Ranger




Prism Rangers

Legendary Ranger Keys

  • Prism Ranger Keys: These represent the Prism Rangers.
    • Red Prism Ranger Key
    • Green Prism Ranger Key
    • Blue Prism Ranger Key
    • Yellow Prism Ranger Key
    • Pink Prism Ranger Key

A hypothetical Legendary Ranger Mode.
(unused footage from Gokaiger)

Super Megaforce-Prism Legendary Ranger Mode

Green Prism Jake Holling
Pink Prism Emma Goodall


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