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Power Rangers Universe is a six-issue limited comic book series published by Boom! Studios and serves to adapt elements from Gosei Sentai Dairanger, particularly the core Ranger suits that were not adapted into the second season of MMPR. The series explores the origins of the Phantom Ranger and his connection to the Morphin' Grid, which results in the creation of the Squadron Rangers as well as the series' original Black Squadron Ranger.


What is the true origin of the Phantom Ranger? And what is his connection to the Morphin Grid? From the moment he first appeared 24 years ago, fans have wondered about the origins of the powerful and mysterious Phantom Ranger and how they tie to the greater Power Rangers Universe. These are questions which have never been answered—until now—in the game-changing series event that no Power Rangers fan can afford to miss![1]


Power Rangers

Squadron Rangers

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Red Squadron Rhian
Green Squadron Telosi
Blue Squadron Orisonth
Yellow Squadron Phiro
Pink Squadron Aleia
Black Squadron Xev

Turbo Rangers

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Color Role
Phantom Ranger Phantom Ranger
The Morphinaut




Multi-Use Devices

Individual Weapons


Power Rangers Universe

Image Issue No. Release Date
Power Rangers Universe (Boom! Studios) Issue 1 December 29, 2021
Power Rangers Universe (Boom! Studios) Issue 2 January 26, 2022
Power Rangers Universe (Boom! Studios) Issue 3 February 23, 2022
Power Rangers Universe (Boom! Studios) Issue 4 March 23, 2022
Power Rangers Universe (Boom! Studios) Issue 5 April 27, 2022[2]


Name Role
Dafna Pleban Editor
Nicole Andelfinger Writer
Simone Ragazzoni Artist
Mattia Iacono Colorist
Ed Dukeshire Letterer



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