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The Post-Zordon Era is an unofficial term for the seasons that came after the Zordon Era. It is made up of the last four seasons of Power Rangers to be filmed in America. While essentially every season after Power Rangers In Space could be considered part of the Post-Zordon Era, Lost Galaxy through Wild Force is commonly considered to be the Post-Zordon Era proper.

Post-Zordon Era Seasons

Seasons with ties to the Post-Zordon Era

Seasons with no ties to the Post-Zordon Era


Due to the poor performance of Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers In Space was set to be the final season. The two part finale, Countdown to Destruction, saw the death of Zordon, and the major villains of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers In Space were either killed or turned good by the resulting Z-Wave. However, due to the higher ratings of Power Rangers In Space, the show was renewed for a new season, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

The production values in this era are considered to be the best of the four eras, as the acting was better and the music was an orchestrated, rather than synthesized, score (a trend started halfway through Power Rangers In Space).

The finale of Power Rangers Wild Force, called The End of the Power Rangers, was also set to be the finale of the franchise; however, it was suggested that if production of the show moved to New Zealand, the show could continue but on a smaller budget. The next season, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, marked the official start of the Disney era.


  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is often seen by fans as an epilogue to the Zordon Era. Some fans consider it part of the Zordon Era.
  • In every season of this era there is a team up episode between the rangers of the season and the rangers of the previous season.
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is the first season to be free of continuity from the previous seven seasons (with the exception of the team-up with Lost Galaxy).
    • It is also the only season in this era to have an American-exclusive Sixth Ranger as GoGoFive lacks a Sixth Ranger.
  • The Post-Zordon Era is the shortest era, with four seasons.
  • Power Rangers Wild Force is the only season in this era to have both a Black Ranger and a White Ranger on the core team.
  • Every Yellow Ranger of this era were males in their Japanese counterparts, which is why their suits lack a skirt.  This was the same case with the Yellow Ranger from Mighty Morphin.
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