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The Deathgalien Players (プレイヤー Pureiyā) are aliens themed after different video game genres. As an homage to Super Sentai history, their designs are modeled on monsters from past series. They follow orders from their team leader and cause havoc on Earth for rewards. Just like their leaders, a Player can be enlarged by inserting a Continue Medal in a slot in their body.

Players from Team Azald

Players from Team Azald often rely on their power to physically traumatize targets.

Players from Team Quval

Players from Team Quval often rely on their cunningness to mentally traumatize targets.

Players from Team Jagged

After the death of their leader, Jagged's Players try to become the new Team Leader in memory of their fallen leader.

Based on the two players' behavior, players from Team Jagged often rely on stealth to traumatize targets, contrasting Jagged's rash behavior.

Players affiliated with Naria

Only one Player - Mantle - was affiliated with Naria, rather than a Blood Game team - for he had no Blood Game of his own.

Extra Players

Players that don't belong to a team but instead serve as backup.

  • The World (defected to Zyuohger and renamed "Zyuoh The World")
  • Bangray (promoted to Team Leader but refused) (23-32, 34, 35)


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