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The Phantom Beasts were a notorious race of mythology-based monsters back in the "Beast War", who not only attacked humans but attempted to overthrow Dai Shi.

The Phantom Beast Generals have motifs based on the Four Sacred Beasts and four of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac with their servants, the Phantom Beast Warriors.


The eight Phantom Beast Generals were enemies to both the Pai Zhuq and Dai Shi long ago. They possess the spirits of mythological beasts instead of normal beasts. They were destroyed during the great battle, but eight Crystal Eyes were left behind, which hold the power to resurrect them. Both Dai Shi and the Overlords seek the Eyes in the hope of reviving them and forming an alliance with them. Five of the Crystal Eyes were found by Dr. Silvia Jennings and ended up in the possession of the Power Rangers while Grizzaka already had the three Crystal Eyes that held the Phantom Beast Generals that represent the Snapping Turtle, White Tiger, and Avalon Dragon. When they were revived, they kidnapped the Pai Zhuq masters and use them to create the Spirit Rangers. They have a power greater than Zocato, known as Rinzin.

The Phantom Beast Warriors are 8 warriors who are minions to the Phantom Beast Generals. They were eventually destroyed until Dai Shi opened a portal to the Spirit World and brought the Phantom Beast Warriors back, along with many other monsters, for the final Beast Wars. In the end, they were ultimately defeated by the Rangers and their Masters. Many of their animal spirits are a reference to the Chinese Zodiac, while the spirits of the revealed generals also match up with Chinese Dragon Huanglong and some symbols of the Chinese Constellations.



Phantom Beast Generals

Phantom Beast Generals


Phantom Beast Warriors

Phantom Beast Warriors

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