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From left to right: Dino Fury Gold, Grid Battleforce Gold, Dino Charge Gold, Robo Knight, RPM Ranger Silver, Mercury Ranger, SPD Omega Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger, Quantum Ranger, Silver Space Ranger, Mighty Morphin White, Mighty Morphin Green, Gold Zeo Ranger, Titanium Ranger, Lunar Wolf Ranger, Dino Thunder White, Solaris Knight, RPM Ranger Gold, Gold Samurai Ranger, Super Megaforce Silver, Ninja Steel Gold, and Grid Battleforce Silver

Sixth Rangers are Rangers who are generally introduced outside of the core team. In most occasions they are the 6th to be introduced. However, the term of 'Sixth Ranger' also applies to anyone outside the core team that starts regularly joining in battles. Sixth Rangers typically take on colors that are not used by the core team, though there are a few exceptions. There have been 22 official Sixth Rangers, with the Aquitar, Turbo, Lost Galaxy, and Jungle Fury Ranger teams lacking official Sixth Rangers. RPM, Megaforce/Super Megaforce and Beast Morphers have two Sixth Rangers. Mighty Morphin however, has two Sixth Rangers who happened to be the same person. Lightspeed Rescue has a Sixth Ranger that is completely American-made as its Sentai counterpart does not have a Sixth Ranger. In the case of Lost Galaxy, the sixth member to join the team is not officially called a Sixth Ranger despite technically being the Sixth Ranger on the team.

They are a subset of Additional Rangers, and on occassion referred to simply as that.

Sixth Rangers

Alternate Reality Sixth Ranger

Clone Evil Rangers

These are Rangers based off of pre-existing Rangers.

Heroes with Debatable 6th Ranger status

Enhancement Modes

Sixth Rangers who can assume Enhancement Modes and Battlizer forms.

Chronological List

Legendary Ranger Keys

As with all other CORE ranger keys, the 6th Rangers also have their own ranger keys, primarily owned and used by Orion, the Silver Mega Ranger.


The first few sixth Rangers are more popularly known by their colors only: the Green Ranger (MMPR), the White Ranger (MMPR), the Gold Ranger (Zeo), and the Silver Ranger (In Space). When sixth Rangers began using colors that were previously used in other seasons, the names became more creative. For instance, the Titanium Ranger could not have been called "the Silver Ranger", because Power Rangers in Space already had a Silver Ranger. The Phantom Ranger is also sometimes considered to be a sixth Ranger. Since "the Black Ranger" would seem to refer to MMPR black, he used a more creative moniker. Simple color designations returned in RPM, but the order of the words was reversed (e.g. Ranger Gold and Ranger Silver), which kept the names unique. The Gold Samurai Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai has also been known as the Gold Ranger, but that name is more likely to recall the Gold Zeo Ranger for many fans. In the Spanish dub of Power Rangers Dino Charge, the Gold Ranger is dubbed as "Ranger Oro", like the metallic element from which comes that color.


Most Sixth Rangers retain the basic look of the core Rangers while adding or changing a few significant elements. For instance, the first Green Ranger has triangles instead of diamonds on both gloves and boots, a gold morpher instead of a silver morpher, and a gold chestplate that none of the others have. The Quantum Ranger's suit has black where the other Time Force Rangers' have white, and the triangles on his helmet and chest are jagged instead of straight. Some exceptions exist, particularly Robo Knight and other heroes with debatable Ranger status.


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