Within Power Ranger, monsters are usually grown giant after either being destroyed once or the monster is horribly weakened, where it fights and is destroyed by the Rangers's zords. Occasionally, though, a monster may not be grown, where it is instead destroyed once and for all at its normal size. This is usually due to its Sentai counterpart not having a giant fight itself, however sometimes a monster's zord fight may be cut out entirely, either for time or the fight may contain elements that deem it unusable for the Power Rangers adaption (ex. Lawnmower Orgs sentai counterpart's actions being too graphic to adapt for Power Rangers).

Monsters that briefly grew giant to fight the zords, only to be destroyed at normal size (ex. Spit Flower and Defoliator), or fought in a zord fight in subsequent appearances (ex. Pumpkin Rapper and Iceage) do not count.

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