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Monsters are opponents that the Power Rangers fight throughout the series, often led by a central antagonist such as Rita Repulsa or King Mondo. Often the monster will grow during the fight. Usually after a monster is defeated, the monster will grow into Megazord size. Listed below are monsters grouped by seasons.

Normal Monsters

Evil Space Aliens

Main article: Mighty Morphin 1 Monsters

Main article: Mighty Morphin 2 Monsters

Main article: Mighty Morphin 3 Monsters

Zeo Monsters

Rita and Zedd's Monsters


Machine Arena

Turbo Monsters

In Space Monsters


Lost Galaxy Monsters

Scorpius' Monsters

Furio's Monsters
Treacheron's Monsters
Scorpius/Trakeena/Villamax's Monsters
Deviot's Monsters

Captain Mutiny's Monsters

These are the monsters used by Captain Mutiny and his henchmen.




Main article: Mutants


X-Vault Mutants

Frax's Robots



Lothor's Monsters

Dino Thunder Monsters

Main article: Mesogog's Army

S.P.D. Monsters

Mystic Force monsters

Morticon's Monsters

Imperious' monsters

Operation Overdrive Monsters

Flurious' Monster List

Here is a list of monsters under Flurious that appear in this series. Most of them resemble giant war machines:

Moltor's Monster List

Here is a list of monsters under Moltor that appear in this series. Most of these monsters have a red appearance and are either reptile-like, cybernetic based, or some combination of both:

Kamdor's Monster List

Here is a list of monsters under Kamdor that appear in this series. Kamdor's faction seems to have the most monsters in it. Most of the monsters here (though there are some exceptions) usually follow a rule of having a blue appearance and being made up of two items: one new and one old:

Fearcats' Monster List

Here is a list of monsters (mainly giant Zord-like robots) that Mig and Benglo had created and used in the series. Each one had specific combat abilities.

Thrax's Monster List

Jungle Fury Monsters

Rinshi Beasts

Main article: Rinshi Beasts

Phantom Beast Warriors

Main article: Phantom Beast Warriors

Venjix Computer Network

Main article: Attack Bots


Main articleNighloks

Megaforce Monsters

The Armada

Main article: Field Commanders

Sledge's Crew

Main article: Sledge's Outlaws

Galaxy Warriors

Main article: Galvanax's Warrior Contestants


Main article: Robotrons


Main article: Gigadrones


Main article: Sporix Beasts

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