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===Sky Overlord Carnisoar===
* Sky Overlord [[Carnisoar]]
[[Image:JSG-Kata.gif|thumb|100px|Sky Overland Carnisoar]]
* Sea Overlord [[Jellica]]
The Sky Overlord, whom Jarrod revived. He trains Jarrod to reach a new level of hate while erasing his past good deeds. He is a master over the Hawk spirit. In "Race To The Nexus", he is destroyed by the rhino pride megazord.
* Earth Overlord [[Grizzaka]]
===Sea Overlord Jellica===
[[Image:JSG-Rageku.gif|thumb|100px|Sea Overlord Jellica]]
The Sea Overlord, revived by Camille to overthrow Carnisoar and take over Jarrod's training. However, the two Overlords later work together. She is master over the Jellyfish spirit. In "Fear And The Phantoms", she is betrayed by the Phantom Beasts and destroyed.
===Earth Overlord Grizzaka===
[[Image:PRJF-Grizzaka.JPG|thumb|100px|Earth Overlord Grizzaka]]
The Overlord of Earth. The user of the Grizzly Bear Spirit. He overthrows Jarrod/Dai Shi to become the new leader. He blames Dai Shi for why they lost the war in the first place. He's the strongest of all the Overloads. Surprisingly, in "Arise The Crystal Eyes", he is destroyed, which is strange because he is the strongest overlord.
[[Category:Jungle Fury]]
[[Category:Jungle Fury]]

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Dai Shi decided to us the three life talons to bring the three Overlords. The first one is Carnisoar, the Sky Overlord. He has the Animal Spirit of the Hawk. The second Overlord is Jellica, the Sea Overlord. She controls the Jelly Fish Animal Spirit. The last Overlord is Grizzaka, the Land Overlord. He controls the Grizzly Bear Animal Spirit.


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