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The three Overlords were a trio of demon warriors defeated and slain by the forces of good prior to the series. After their defeat a bracelet that holds their spirit was left behind. Each one holds power over the natural elements of the world, namely sky, sea, and earth. After the 5 Fingers of Poison were destroyed, Dai Shi decided to use Naja's remaining life talons to revive the three Overlords. The first one is Carnisoar, the Sky Overlord who has the Animal Spirit of the Hawk. The second Overlord is Jellica, the Sea Overlord who controls the Jelly Fish Animal Spirit. The last Overlord is Grizzaka, the Land Overlord. He is the most powerful and controls the Grizzly Bear Animal Spirit.

Both Carnisoar and Grizzaka are destroyed by the Rangers while Jellica was destroyed by the three Phantom Beast Generals. Later, all three of them were revived during the Second Great Beast War until their defeat.


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