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The three Overlords were a trio of demon warriors defeated and slain by the forces of good prior to the series. After their defeat a bracelet that holds their spirit was left behind. Each one holds power over the natural elements of the world, namely sky, sea, and earth. After the 5 Fingers of Poison were destroyed, Dai Shi decided to use Naja's remaining life talons to revive the three Overlords. The first one is Carnisoar, the Sky Overlord who has the Animal Spirit of the Hawk. The second Overlord is Jellica, the Sea Overlord who controls the Jelly Fish Animal Spirit. The last Overlord is Grizzaka, the Land Overlord. He is the most powerful and controls the Grizzly Bear Animal Spirit.

Both Carnisoar and Grizzaka are destroyed by the Rangers while Jellica was destroyed by the three Phantom Beast Generals. Later, all three of them were revived during the Second Great Beast War until their defeat.


Ten thousand years before the events of the series Grizzaka worked with Dai Shi and was engaged in the war for Earth against Pai Zhuq academy. He was destroyed in the war alongside his fellow Overlords, Carnisoar and Jellica.

When Naja was destroyed, marking the end of the Five Fingers of Poison, Camille took his life talons and gave them to Dai Shi. Intending to resurrect the Overlords to become stronger, Dai Shi chooses Carnisoar to be the first, to Camille's dismay, due to his brutal teaching methods. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Way of the Master

Upon his revival, Carnisoar took Dai Shi into Jarrod's past to eliminate every good deed that he performed as a child, making Dai Shi stronger, as a result. After this, Carnisoar returned to Dai Shi's hideout to begin the actual training, teaching Dai Shi to harness Jarrod's Negativity as power until Jellica was revived. After Dai Shi manages to beat Jellica, Carnisoar leaves Dai Shi's training to her. He returned to help Dai Shi kill the Rangers briefly, reviving the Black Shadow Guard. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Good Karma, Bad Karma

Sometime later, Carnisoar is training Dai Shi, who is in his Lion armour and Carnisoar and Dai Shi battle. Camille is hidden and watching the battle. Carnisoar defeats Dai Shi, who falls to the floor and loses his armour. Carnisoar is about to punish Dai Shi when Camille races forward to protect Dai Shi which distracts Dai Shi. Carnisoar is furious at Camille's interference and tells Dai Shi he needs to fill with hate in order to defeat him and Dai Shi is not ready yet. Dai Shi gets up and joins Camille as Carnisoar summons Bai Lai and Carden, his bodyguards. Carnisoar wants Bai Lai and Carden to scare the citizens in order to create a vortex that will suck the city up. In spite of thier incredible powers of flight, Theo defeats the winged monsters with his Jungle Fan and Bai Lai is killed by the Jungle Pride with Bat Power. Luckily for Carnisoar, Carden manages to survive (due to being knocked into a hillside) and swears revenge. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Blind Leading the Blind

As Dai Shi and Carnisoar train sometime later (the timeframe presented to us implies it to be later that same day), Carnisoar taunts Dai Shi. by saying that he would have to do better. The training continues and Dai Shi is knocked to the ground. Carnisoar walks over and yanks him up and the training continues, with Dai Shi getting a beating. Camille stands protectively in front of the fallen Dai Shi, protesting that he is not weak which, once again, enrages Carnisoar for the interuption. After Carnisoar tells Dai Shi he needs to handle his underlings better. Dai Shi tells Camille to stop. Camille protests but relents although Carnisoar insults her. Dai Shi sees that Camille is hurt, but does not come to her aid since he sees her as disposable. Camille walks away. Carden then flies in. Carden asks Carnisoar if he can destroy the Rangers. Carnisoar is impressed with Carden's respect and gives his consent to destroy the Rangers. After Carden is inevitably destroyed in the same way as his comrade, Carnisoar continues to train/battle Dai Shi. Dai Shi is still having a difficult time against Carnisoar. The doors open and Jellica walks in. Dai Shi demands to know who she is and what she is doing here. Jellica explains a brave young woman revived her. Camille walks in. Camille is very happy to tell Carnisoar he is no longer needed as Jellica will be Dai Shi's new Master. She strangled him with her tentacles however since she wished to train Camile instead. Later on, a giant Jellica makes a grand entrance into Ocean Bluff. The Rangers arrive and quickly form their Megazord. The Rangers have a difficult time battling the slippery Jellica with even the Savage Spin faling due to her atery body making the blows go straight through her. Jellica gets them in a hold and tells them she is just playing with them. The Rangers are then knocked out of their Megazord at which point Camile (now having been trained by Jelica) attacks Lily although she is forced to retreat by the Jungle Mace. Jellica is then defeated by Jarrod's Lion Spirit and forced to teach him instead. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Pushed to the Edge

Dai Shi and Jellica later train at the temple. Camille is watching. Jellica tells Dai Shi he is doing well. Camille tells Jellica he is not doing well, Jellica is breaking his spirit. Dai Shi tells Camille to stay silent. Camille backs away. Jellica tells Dai Shi it takes physical stamina to master his technique, but a strong will. Jellica tells him he has both. Dai Shi replies that it is hard, but the day the Rangers are defeated it will be worth it. Jellica hopes by the time Dai Shi is ready, the Rangers won't even be a problem. Jellica brings in a warrior, Crustaceo. Jellica plans to have Crustaceo open a hole in the ocean floor and cause total devastation. He is eventually destroyed however by the new Shark Zord and Jungle Pride with Shark Power. Tvicon.png TV STORY-One Master Too Many

After the destruction of Mog, Dai Shi and Jellica are training. Dai Shi continues to improve. Camille enters with the bad news. Jellica is not happy with Camille and attacks her. Camille transformed into her chameleon form. Camille cannot defeat Jellica and she pleads with Dai Shi for his help. At first, Dai Shi does nothing. But then he dons his armor and stops Jellica from striking Camille. Dai Shi tells Jellica that Camille can still be of use. Camille gets tossed to the ground and transforms back to human form. Carnisoar flies in and he is pleased with the progress Jellica has made with Dai Shi. Carnisoar and Jellica use their power to bring forth the Shadow Guards. Carnisoar wants Dai Shi to take the Shadow Guards and destroy the Power Rangers once and for all. This scheme would end in utter failure once the Rangers gain thier new Jungle Master Mode and Jungle Master Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ghost of a Chance

After the death of Hamhock, Dai Shi is sitting on his throne when Camille and Porcupongo walk in. Hamhock may have failed, but Camille is confident Porcupongo will work. Carnisoar and Jellica walk in. They have a different plan. Carnisoar gives Camille the final bracelet for Grizzaka, and tells Dai Shi that Grizzaka needs to be awaken. Dai Shi does not like the idea at all, Dai Shi doesn't trust Grizzaka. Carnisoar is insistent. Carnisoar gives Camille the life talon and tells her to be careful. Camille glances at Dai Shi for approval and he gives a small nod and Camille leaves. Following the demise of Porcupongo, Carnisoar and Jellica are there as well. Dai Shi wonders what is taking Camille so long. Jellica marvels over how the Rangers have manage their new power so quickly. This does not sit well with Dai Shi. Jellica also points out that Grizzaka blames Dai Shi for the failure of the last battle. Grizzaka despises humans and considers them weak, and Dai Shi is now human. Elsewhere, a frighten Camille tries to talk reason to Grizzaka. Camille tells Grizzaka that he is wanted at the temple. This calms Grizzaka down and he leaves with her. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Bad to the Bone

Once he is brought to the Temple by Camille, Grizzaka overthrows Dai Shi because of his current status as a human. In spite of trying his hardest, Grizaka's strength easily overpowers him, forcing him to submit, and becomes the new leader with Carnisoar and Jellica switching loyalties out of fear of their well-being. His goal is to gather the Crystal Eyes that will release the Phantom Beasts from their prison and grant him enough power to crush his enemies and rule the world. He sends Monkeywi as a test of the Rangers' powers but he is easily destroyed when RJ becomes the new Wolf Ranger and then when he combines his Wolf Zord with the Jungle Pride Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Friends Don't Fade Away

Sometime later, Camille and Dai Shi watch as Grizzaka uses his signature Zocato power to break through some stone. Underneath are two statues. Once more, Grizzaka uses his Zocato power and the stone statues are once again Grizzaka's warriors. Dai Shi vows that once he has master Zocato, things were going to change. Dai Shi walks away.

After Jellica captures Dai Shi, he ended up in a fight with Jarrod where during the fight, he mentioned that the Control Dagger Dominic has is needed to get into the Rhino Nexus. Grizzaka defeats Dai Shi again while using the Zocato powers which causes him to leave with Camile to learn to secret of Zocato. After the monsters were destroyed, Dai Shi is looking for a map under his Temple. Camille offers her help, she knows the place very well. Dai Shi tells her he is looking for a map for the nexus, the most powerful one. Camille knows he means the nexus of the rhino power. Although he is imprisoned, Camille is thrilled that Dai Shi is planning to overthrow Grizzaka and gleefully searches for the map. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No 'I' in Leader

Later, Jellica sends Barrakooza to kill the Rangers but he is quickly destroyed despite RJ turning into a werewolf during his first battle thanks to an evil spirit released by Grizzaka. Tvicon.png TV STORY-True Friends, True Spirits

Several days later, Grizzaka had gotten his hands on a Crystal Eye and decides to send Crocovile to Earth in order to destroy the Rangers so that they would be unable to interfere with his goals. However, Dominic Hargan (a former Pai Zhuq student and old friend of RJ) becomes the new Rhino Ranger and destroys the Rinshi Beast with his Rhino Morpher. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Path of the Rhino

Grizzaka now decides that he wants to get his hands on the Control Dagger to gain access to the Rhino Nexus and gain the power hidden there. He sends Whirnado to distract the Rangers and retrieve it and, although he is destroyed, Whirnado lays an egg before he is destroyed by the Wolf Pride Megazord and Jungle Master Megazord. The egg then hatched into his son, Whiricane, but he was also destroyed by the Jungle Master Megazord. In spite of the losses, Camille manages to get the Control Dagger from Dom and Dai Shi breaks out of his prison with it, intending to head for the Nexus and gain the power for himself. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Dash for the Dagger

Camile and Dai Shi nearly make it to the Rhino Nexus but are struck down by Grizaka and the other Overlords in an energy meteor and steal the Control Dagger. The Rangers intervene and fight the three Overlords (Casey taking on Carnisoar specifically) whilst Dominic goes on ahead and manages to get his hands on the Dagger in spite of Jellica, Grizzaka, Camille, and Dai Shi getting in his way. Meanwhile, Carnisoar fought Casey, Theo, Lily, and RJ and trapped them in his Illusion Dimension after withstanding the Claw Cannon. When Casey used his Tiger Instincts to find the real Carnisoar and attacks him, knocking them all out of his false world, he grew into a giant and they summoned the Wolf Pride and Jungle Master Megazords. Although they are all defeated, Dominic manages to unlock the true power of the Rhino Nexus, a massive Zord called the Rhino Steel Zord. He manages to confront Carnisoar and overpower him before changing into it's Warrior Mode and finishing him off with the Rhino Blade Super Slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Race to the Nexus

Inside the temple, Grizzaka is very angry with Jellica over thier defeat and the loss of Carnisoar. Grizzaka wants the additional five Crystal Eyes, and tonight is the night. Jellica has searched everywhere, but cannot find them. Dai Shi and Camille walk in as Grizzaka is threatening to destroy Jellica. Dai Shi comments on how Grizzaka destroys when he cannot understand. Dai Shi is taking his throne back before Grizzaka can destroy that as well. Grizzaka does not want a lecture from Dai Shi. Grizzaka tries to battle Dai Shi, but Dai Shi is much more powerful. Dai Shi uses Zocato against Grizzaka. Grizzaka goes flying and hits the floor. Grizzaka tells Dai Shi he is going to take care of the Rangers. Dai Shi tells him good luck with that. Grizzaka and Jellica walked out. Grizzaka then fought the Power Rangers while Casey tried to reclaim the Crystal Eyes from Camille and Jarrod/Dai Shi. Grizzaka was overwhelming them until Casey arrived. Casey used a combination of the Claw Booster and Dominic's Rhino Morpher to attack Grizaka. Grizzaka was taken down by the Claw Cannon, Wolf Morpher and Rhino Blade. He then greew into a giant and the Rangers summoned the Wolf Pride and Jungle Master Megaords. he managed to overpower them but, even though Jelica begs him to kill them or Dai Shi would put an end to her, the Rhino Steel Megazord proves too much for him and he is destroyed by the Jungle Master Stampede. In spite of this devastating loss, Jellica is able to obtain the remaining 24 Crystal Eyes from Dr. Silvia Jennings at which point she begins her endgame.

Jellica revealed she managed to reclaim the three she and Carnisoar gathered, for Grizzaka, reviving the Phantom Beast Generals to take over Dai Shi's throne out of spite for him. This turns out to be Jellica's downfall, as the Phantom Beast Generals were instead completely loyal to Dai Shi. The three waste no time and kill Jellica. This marked both the end of Jellica and the end of the Overlords as a threat and villainous group. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fear and the Phantoms

All three Overlords were eventually resurrected in the final battle, now completely loyal to Dai Shi, but are easily destroyed by the Rangers and thier Masters. With the destruction of Dai Shi sometime later, it is now impossible for the Overlords to threaten the Earth ever again. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Now the Final Fury




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