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Orgs were demonic, oni-like beings who were fought by the Wild Force Power Rangers.


The origin of Orgs is unknown, but they were first seen rising up from toxic pools several thousand years ago. They returned more recently due to the poor conditions of the planet from mankind's pollution of it.

New Orgs are born from the pollution of the world. Many of the new ones resemble modern-day vehicles and items. All Orgs have horns; ordinary Orgs have two horns, while higher-ranking Orgs (Duke Orgs and generals) have only one horn. If an Org's horn is removed, it will die.

Cole once tried to reason with an Org, thinking that it might be like a frightened animal. However, he sensed that it had no heart. It went on to claim that Orgs in general do not have hearts. Darkness Awakening However, this seem does not apply to Jindrax and Toxica, as Cole believes them after he "read" their hearts, which make him feel weird. Furthermore, Jindrax genuinely care for his comrade Toxica, as opposed to selfish and merciless Orgs.


  • Their Gaoranger counterparts were addressed to be based on oni, the Japanese iteration of demons/ogres. Whether this made them technically ogres in Wild Force is unclear.
  • They are the first villains to mostly have the same name as their Sentai counterparts.

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