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This article is about a/an set of rangers in the Power Rangers franchise.

This category lists all the Orange Rangers in the Power Rangers universe. To this day, there isn't a official Orange Ranger in the main show.

Alternate Orange Rangers

Rangers commonly associated with Orange

These Rangers have no specific classified color.

False Rangers

Evil Orange Rangers

Enhancement Modes

Orange Rangers who can assume Enhancement Modes and Battlizer forms.

Chronological List of Orange Rangers

  • Boom (Kelson Henderson) dreams of himself as the S.P.D. Orange Ranger in Power Rangers S.P.D. and even lies to his parents about actually being a Ranger at one point.
  • Kat Manx (Michelle Langstone) is the S.P.D. Kat Ranger in Power Rangers S.P.D.. She is the first Ranger to ever don orange, and thus is considered by many fans as an Orange Ranger. However, her helmet and multiple parts of her costume are white. Thus she can be considered a White Ranger as well. Her color designation was never overtly mentioned. She only morphed once. (S.P.D. Episode 29)

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