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This is a list of monsters that appeared in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. Each of the monsters listed below belong to each of the Corona Aurora Jewel-seeking factions.

Flurious' Monsters

Here is a list of monsters under Flurious that appear in this series. Most of them resemble giant war machines:

Moltor' Monsters

Here is a list of monsters under Moltor that appear in this series. Most of these monsters have a red appearance and are either reptile-like, cybernetic based, or some combination of both:

Kamdor's Monsters

Here is a list of monsters under Kamdor that appear in this series. Kamdor's faction seems to have the most monsters in it. Most of the monsters here (though there are some exceptions) usually follow a rule of having a blue appearance and being made up of two items: one new and one old:

Fearcats' Monsters

Here is a list of monsters (mainly giant Zord-like robots) that Mig and Benglo had created and used in the series. Each one had specific combat abilities.

Thrax's Monsters


  • Out of all of the Boukenger monsters, there were just 5 monsters that went unused in Operation Overdrive. In order of appearance:
    • Vril was probably skipped over because it spent a lot of time imitating the various unmorphed Japanese Rangers (since it was a shapeshifter) and they couldn't film new footage involving the American actors since it's true form was a random prop and not a full monster suit.
    • Dembey went unused due to his goofy design did not fit for Operation Overdrive's darker theme.
    • Desperado (who was also the final monster in Boukenger as Magmador was originally the penultimate monster) went unused for unknown reasons. However, the most likely reason was either to condense things down for the finale or because he spent his time around the Brain of Gordom which was not adapted due to being a human brain and thus a tad too gruesome.
    • Two of the Fearcats' counterpart's robots never made it into Power Rangers was Quester Robo Cannon and Quester Robo Radial. Quester Robo Cannon went unused due to appearing in the movie which is a seperate purchase than series rights and Disney decided that it was an unnecessary purchase.
    • Quester Robo Radial went unused is unknown but the episode went unadapted.


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