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This article is about the team from the Boom comics continuity. For the version from Power Rangers S.P.D., see Omega Ranger.

"Omega Now, Omega Forever!"
―Omega Rangers announcing their arrival

The Omega Rangers are an ancient faction of Rangers operating in the most dangerous & remote areas of space.

Team History

The Omega Ranger ranks have been dormant for centuries until the conclusion of the first part of Necessary Evil, when Jason, Zack, & Trini became Omega Rangers. They were tasked by the Blue Emissary with defeating & imprisoning those empowered by leaks from the Morphin Grid. Kiya one of the empowered eventually became an Omega Ranger. Kiya later betrayed the team by killing the Blue Emissary and freed prisoners.


Color Role
Omega Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott
Omega Black Ranger Zack Taylor
Omega Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan
Omega Blue Ranger Kiya




Individual Weapons & Team Blaster


  • Unnamed Red Omegazord
  • Unnamed Black Omegazord
  • Unnamed Yellow Omegazord
  • Unnamed Blue Omegazord


  • The Omega Rangers draw their powers from the 4 elements of nature: Yellow is powered by Earth, Black by Air, Red by Fire, and Blue by WaterMighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 41.
  • Daniele Di Nicuolo stated that the triangular stones on the helmets of the Rangers are based on ancient alchemy symbols of the four elements.[1]
  • The Omega Rangers are the first team of Power Rangers whose Yellow and Blue Rangers are both female.


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