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The Noto (脳人(ノート) Nōto, lit. Brain Person)[1] are one of the main antagonists of Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. They are inhabitants of a higher world called Ideon that humans cannot perceive. In order to purge human desires that disturb the vibrations of Ideon, they are trying to erase the Hitotsuki, which are born from desires, human by human.[2] However, their preferred method of simply outright banishing their targets to a prison dimension has put the Noto generals in the crosshairs of the Donbrothers who seek to prevent such a cruel and unjust punishment from being inflicted onto their unfortunate victims.


Before the series

20 years before the events of the series, Ideon was once ruled by the royal Don Clan who wanted peaceful coexistence with humans instead of killing them. Disagreeing with this ideology, the Noto deposed and caused a mass slaughter of the royal house with only their youngest child surviving by being spirited away to Earth.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 13: Goodbye Taro

The Donbrothers Beginning

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 1: Avataro

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 2: Big Peach, Small Peach

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 3: Light Thief

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 4: Onigiri Oni

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 5: Holed Up Dog

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 6: Short-Lived Pheasant

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 7: Group of Teachers

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 8: Long Hair Captivity

The Robotaros and the Jutos

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 9: Worn Out Taro and Robotaro

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 10: The Rainbow The Oni Saw

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 11: The Dog Gets Sunstroke

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 12: The Moon Is Lying

The Disappearance of Taro

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 13: Goodbye Taro

Don Doragoku and Taro's return

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 14: Substitute Jiro

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 15: Welcome Back Taro

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 16: Darkness Switch

Don Murasame

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 17: Light and Tsubasa

Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 18: The Jaws One



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  • In addition to the motifs of the Hitotsuki, the Noto generals' monster forms are based on past tokusatsu heroes from series produced by Toei Company.
  • Despite the Hitotsuki serving as the Noto's monsters of the week, the aforementioned group's goals involve exterminating the monsters themselves in order to maintain the order and harmony of their homeworld.



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