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Lothor's Aliens Monsters

The monsters in Ninja Storm are the aliens used by Lothor and his minions. To make a monster grow, Lothor would have the Scroll of Empowerment descend to Earth and emit energy that would enlarge the monster.

Scroll of Empowerment.gif

Out of all of the Hurricanger monsters, there were just 1 monster that went unused in Ninja Storm.

Although Morty Board, Catonia, Bald Loser, and Loong Ago derived from Hurricanger monsters, none of their footage was used and the suits were only used as background filler.

  • Morty Board (Brainwashing Ninja Jukukinoko) is unknown.
  • Catonia (Cursed Fan-Beast Madogi) spent much of her time around Gozen.
  • Bald Loser (Manzai Ninja Tsukko-Mina) is unknown.
  • Loong Ago (Misfortune Fan-Beast Badogi) is unknown.

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