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MMPR Ninja Rangers

Ninja Rangers

"Ninja Ranger power now!"

The Ninja Ranger powers were given to the Rangers by Ninjor when they were looking for new powers after their old ones were destroyed by Rito when he destroyed their zords. He helped them find their inner ninja spirits which allowed them to transform into Ninja Rangers.

As Ninja Rangers, the team could execute a multitude of ninja techniques, such as cloning, super speed and the creation of smokescreens. This form, however, seems to be weaker than the standard Power Ranger form, as the Rangers only use this form against Tenga Warriors. Whenever Zedd and Rita send down a Monster, the Rangers always morph to their regular forms. Apart from one comic, the Rangers also never piloted their Zords when in this form.

The power was rendered obsolete when Master Vile arrived and fed the Tengas power enhancing seeds, which forced the Rangers to use their new Metallic Armor instead.Master Vile and the Metallic Armor Both were lost with the destruction of the Ninja Power Coins.Climb Every Fountain.

Ninja Rangers

Falcon Tommy Oliver
Ape Rocky DeSantos
Frog Adam Park
Wolf Billy Cranston
Bear Aisha Campbell
Crane Kimberly Ann Hart Katherine Hillard

Ninja Powers

When in their ninja mode they possessed all kinds of magical trickery in this form.

When a ranger is about to be hit by an attack they replace themselves with their ninja uniform allowing them to escape the attack. It was first used by Tommy in the battle against the Tenga Warriors in Ninja Quest. It has also been used by Adam in Final Face-Off.

This allows the rangers to move extremely quickly and avoid attacks by their enemies. It was first used by Kimberly in the battle against the Tenga Warriors in Ninja Quest. This also gives them the ability to leap to great heights quickly as seen by Rocky in Wizard for a Day. It has also been used by Rocky in Final Face-Off and Adam in A Different Shade of Pink.

Same power is used by Ninjor in Ninja Quest.

The rangers appear to disappear when actually they are underground. They then can surprise the enemy by attacking from underground. It was first used by Billy and Adam against Tenga Warriors in Stop the Hate Master where they disappear underground then reach their hands through the ground and defeat them by flipping them by their legs. Also used by Aisha in A Ranger Catastrophe.

This was first used by Rocky to merge with a tree. He then attacked the Tenga Warriors from inside the tree when they inspected the tree to figure out where he went in A Ranger Catastrophe.

It was first used in a combination attack by Tommy and Kimberly where they release energy (of their respective color) from their hands to defeat the Tenga Warriors in Stop the Hate Master. Adam uses a solo version against the Tenga Warriors in A Ranger Catastrophe.

This was first used by Adam where he cloned himself to fight multiple Tenga Warriors in Changing of the Zords.

It was first used by Aisha where she created a smokescreen as a distraction against the Tenga Warriors so that she could attack them from behind in Changing of the Zords.

While fighting against Tenga Warriors Adam increases his size to almost zord height to where the Tenga Warriors can fit into the palm of his hand and can defeat them by just throwing them in Changing of the Zords.

This allows the rangers to control the actions their enemy does. It was first used by Aisha as she made the Tenga Warriors dance in a battle in Changing of the Zords.


  • In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Ninja Rangers #1-5 and the one shot Masked Rider comic, Ninja Mode would be the default transformation uniforms for the team as they no longer morphed into their original costumes.
  • The Ninja Rangers suits are somewhat different than the "Ninjetti" forms of Power Rangers in the movie, although they initially appear in these forms before transforming once again into the Ninja Ranger suits. The Ninja ranger suits feature additional wraps that completely enclose the ranger's face save for a set of eyeholes in addition to adding a pair of gloves. This was likely done to allow suit actors to more easily perform in the roles without calling attention to their appearance as well as still keep the Rangers' identities secrets when they were in the presence of civilains.
  • The Rangers can both teleport and morph into their Power Ranger forms while in Ninja Ranger form, including a new transformation sequence.
    • Rocky's Ninja-to-Red-Ranger sequence however fails to open the Morpher, which was never rectified.
  • The Ninja Ranger Power could be activated with an arm motion and not a morpher, drawing energy from a link to the Ninja Coins.
  • The Ninja Coins did not even need to be present to morph, as Kimberly morphed with her Crane Coin missing.

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