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"Centuries ago in Japan, Nighlock monsters invaded our world but Samurai warriors defeated them with Power Symbols passed down from parent to child. Today, the evil Nighlock have risen once again and plan to flood the Earth. Luckily, a new generation of heroes stand in thier way. They are the Power Rangers Samurai!"
―The narration at the start of every episode, provided by Stig Eldred.[src]

The Nighlok were monsters of the Netherworld led separately by Master Xandred and Serrator. A Nighlok must be bathed in the Sanzu River or else dry up and start cracking. Nighloks appear to grow upon their destruction without help from others. In this state they are referred to as "Mega-Monsters". When a Nighlok is destroyed they end up in Nighlok Heaven.



Hundred of years ago, the Nighlock existed as a major threat to Earth and were dangerous enough that an entire team of superheroes needed to be formed to combat them. Thier goal is to invade Earth and fill it full of the Sanzu River so that they can exist there.

It is unknown how may times Master Xandred attempted to enter Earth although he definitely managed to accomplish this during the time of Jayden's father's run as a Ranger. Jayden's father (leader of the 17th generation of the Shiba Clan) separated Jayden and his sister Lauren just so Lauren can master the Sealing Symbol while Jayden fills in as the 18th Generation's leader until she returns. During one battle against the Nighloks, which takes place at least 12 years before the events of the first season, Xandred defeated the 17th generation of the Shiba Clan. Before he had time to celebrate however, Jayden's father managed to seal Xandred away using the Sealing Symbol. Test of the Leader


In modern day 2011, Moogers have began to incur on the Earth under the leadership of Zandred's righthand man, Octoroo. Thankfully, Jayden has grown up and began to fight them as the Red Samurai Ranger. Although another of his attacks was destroyed, a strange ship arose from the Sanzu River which Octoroo recognises as Zandred's base. He met with Dayu and asked where "the big boss" but Zandred appears and barrates him for his stupidity. Xandred states that it was a good thing that he defeated the Power Rangers but Octoroo reminds him that he was sealed by Jayden's father and the rangers are back causing him to get angry. He resumes command of the Nighloks to cause more human misery and sends Tooya to cause havoc althnough he is destroyed by the newly formed team of heroes. He later sent Scorpionic to destroy them with his Whirlwind Scythe Attack but is destroyed by the new Samurai Megazord. Origins

Sometime later, he sent Rofer to Earth to cause the humans everlasting pain and misery with his incredible fists. Although he is initially successful due to Mike and his brash actions, once he learns to work with the others, Rofer is overpowered by him and destroyed by his FOrest Vortex and then the Samurai Megazord. The Team Unites

Doubletone later appears to Master Zandred and promises to make a child named Ryan miserable by making a deal and then breaking the deal. In spite of this, Mia and Kevin are able to reverse his plans and finish him with thier Hydro Bow and Sky Fan before he grows and is finished off by the Samurai Megazord. Deal With a Nighlok

Dreadhead later comes to Earth to ruin the Rainbow's End amusement park and cause misery and, although the Rangers have trouble defeating him due to him being immune to any physical attacks, Dreadhead dries out and has to retreat and earns compliments from the main villains. He later returns but, because Jayden has mastered the Beetle Disk overnight, he is destroyed by the Fire Smasher in Cannonblast Mode. He grew and summoned giant Moogers and they all overwhelmed the Samurai Megazord but they summoned the Beetlezord using the Beetle Disk and formed the Beetle Blaster Megazord which destroyed the Moogers and Dreadhead. Day Off

Known Nighloks

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  • The Nighloks are the only major villain group in the Neo-Saban Era to not be of alien origin.
    • While there is also the Toxic Beasts from Megaforce, it is only a secondary set of antagonists to the alien-originating Warstar.

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