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"Centuries ago in Japan, Nighlok monsters invaded our world but Samurai warriors defeated them with Power Symbols passed down from parent to child. Today, the evil Nighlok have risen once again and plan to flood the Earth. Luckily, a new generation of heroes stand in their way. They are the Power Rangers Samurai!"
The narrator at the start of every episode.[src]

The Nighlok were monsters of the Netherworld who were the main antagonists of Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai.

Group History


Hundreds of years ago, the Nighlok existed as a major threat to Earth and were dangerous enough that an entire team of superheroes needed to be formed to combat them. Their goal was to invade Earth and fill it full of the Sanzu River so that they can exist there. At one point, they were led by Serrator the Nighlock King but he was overthrown by Master Xandred although they were implied to have never actually met.

It is unknown how many times Master Xandred attempted to enter Earth although he definitely managed to accomplish this during the time of Jayden's father's run as a Ranger. Jayden's father (leader of the 17th generation of the Shiba Clan) separated Jayden and his sister Lauren just so Lauren can master the Sealing Symbol while Jayden fills in as the 18th Generation's leader until she returns. During one battle against the Nighloks, which took place at least 12 years before the events of the first season, Xandred was defeated by the 17th generation of the Shiba Clan. Before he had time to celebrate however, Jayden's father managed to seal Xandred away using the Sealing Symbol. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Test of the Leader


In modern day 2011, Moogers have began to incur on the Earth under the leadership of Xandred's righthand man, Octoroo. Thankfully, Jayden has grown up and began to fight them as the Red Samurai Ranger. Although another of his attacks was destroyed, a strange ship arose from the Sanzu River which Octoroo recognises as Xandred's base. He met with Dayu and asked where "the big boss" but Xandred appears and barrates him for his stupidity. Xandred states that it was a good thing that he defeated the Power Rangers but Octoroo reminds him that he was sealed by Jayden's father and the rangers are back causing him to get angry. He resumes command of the Nighloks to cause more human misery and sends Tooya to cause havoc although he is destroyed by the newly formed team of heroes. He later sent Scorpionic to destroy them with his Whirlwind Scythe Attack but is destroyed by the new Samurai Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Origins

Sometime later, he sent Rofer to Earth to cause the humans everlasting pain and misery with his incredible fists. Although he is initially successful due to Mike and his brash actions, once he learns to work with the others, Rofer is overpowered by him and destroyed by his Forest Vortex and then the Samurai Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Team Unites

Doubletone later appears to Master Xandred and promises to make a child named Ryan miserable by making a deal and then breaking the deal. In spite of this, Mia and Kevin are able to reverse his plans and finish him with thier Hydro Bow and Sky Fan before he grows and is finished off by the Samurai Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Deal With a Nighlok

Dreadhead later comes to Earth to ruin the Rainbow's End amusement park and cause misery and, although the Rangers have trouble defeating him due to him being immune to any physical attacks, Dreadhead dries out and has to retreat and earns compliments from the main villains. He later returns but, because Jayden has mastered the Beetle Disk overnight, he is destroyed by the Fire Smasher in Cannonblast Mode. He grew and summoned giant Moogers and they all overwhelmed the Samurai Megazord but they summoned the Beetlezord using the Beetle Disk and formed the Beetle Blaster Megazord which destroyed the Moogers and Dreadhead. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Day Off


A Nighlok arrives on Xandred's Junk named Switchbeast who neither Octoroo nor Master Xandred recognize. Switchbeasts reveals that he serves a different master and has been sent to assist them in their shared goal to flood the Earth. However, he is destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Trading Places

A few days later, a being known as Serrator makes himself known to Xandred and reveals himself to have been Switchbeast's master. He offers his services to Xandred, who he calls 'master' and vows unflinching loyalty to him. In addition, he brings with him new Moogers eagerly awaiting his orders. He makes himself known to the Rangers where none of their attacks were able to harm him. Serrator even cuts a piece of paper into shape and transforms it into Papyrox. When Antonio Garcia arrives and manages to harm Serrator, he leaves stating that the Rangers "passed the test" for now. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Something Fishy

Serrator would attack the Earth personally, with his Papyrox, for a second time. During the second attack, he is also aided by stronger, different colored Moogers and Spitfangs, as well. As with his first attack on Earth, he and his minions are defeated. Tvicon.png TV STORY-He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother

Continuing his evil plans, Serrator once again recruits both Dayu and Deker whilst also offering to fix their broken items. As a temporary replacement for Uramasa, Serrator gives Deker a Mooger's sword. As a temporary replacement for Dayu's harmonium, he gave Dayu a dagger which contains special powers. Serrator throws a dark spell on the island of Monolua to make them all fight each other and also to make the Sanzu River rise. When the Samurai Rangers arrive at the island, Serrator has Deker, Dayu and himself split into threes just so they can defeat the Rangers. When he finds out the Rangers have survived the attack, he sends Malden and his Master Blasters only for them to be defeated by the Rangers and the new Bullzooka. The Rangers put out the fire with the Bullzooka so, as a last-ditch effort, he sends a Papyrox along with two Spitfangs only for them to be defeated and Serrator's plan thwarted. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Trust Me (Super Samurai)

Later, Dayu begins to tire of waiting for her Harmonium to be fixed, while Xandred's headaches were becoming worse without Dayu's music. Serrator went to fetch the Harmonium, however, Octoroo tags along to ensure he would be true to his word. While on Earth, Serrator claims that he had his own agenda, one which didn't involve Xandred or Dayu, however, her Harmonium is essential in his traitorous motives. Octoroo briefly fought Serrator, before leaving to inform Xandred of Serrator's treachery. Serrator is then attacked by Dayu who wants her harmonium back and the Rangers in an attempt to destroy him. Suddenly, Master Xandred arrives on Earth despite the fact that he will quiclly dry and weaken. Seeing that he is outnumbered, Serrator flees but, due to severely drying out, Master Xandred is forced to completely immerse himself in the Sanzu River, for an indefinite amount to time. While Xandred was hydrating, at the bottom of the Sanzu River, Serrator easily takes command of Xandred's ship and becomes the undisputed leader of both his faction and Xandred's faction of the Nighloks. With Octoroo too weak to defy him, Serrator is free to fufil his goals. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Master Returns

Eventually, the Rangers discover that all of Serrator's attacks form a line. During the next battle, Serrator explains the meaning of the line to the Rangers which is to have Deker cut the Earth in two just so Serrator can rule both Earth and the Netherworld, which he intends him to do once he returned Uramasa to him as payment. When all the wedges are set, Serrator locates the weakest point between Earth and the Netherworld. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Crack in the World

When Deker arrives at the spot, Serrator returns Uramasa to him just so that he can strike the final point before it explodes. However, Deker instead slashes Serrator, revealing that all he had wants is Uramasa repaired and doesn't share the hatred of humanity that most other Nighloks share before leaving. Serrator is enraged and attempts to take out his wrath on the Samurai Rangers but he is destroyed by a Five-Disk Octo Cannon and Super Bullzooka combination attack. Transforming into his Mega Monster form, Serrator, with the help of 2 Papyrox, takes on the Samurai Megazord, Claw Battlezord, Bull Megazord, and Lightzord. Serrator takes on Jayden in his personal Megazord and easily overwhelms him. Eventually, however, the Samurai Megazord and Claw Battlezord defeat the two Papyroxes with the Samurai Strike and the Claw Pincher Slash at which point Serrator goes off on the Lightzord, stabbing it multiple times and wiping out the Bull Megazord. However, before he can finish it off, the Octo Spear Megazord and Claw Battlezord South blocks his downward swing and shoves him back. The Rangers then form the Samurai Gigazord but finds that even the Shogun Strike isn't enough to defeat the Nighlok King since he catches the finishing attack and throws it right back. To this end, they summon the Shark Zord for assistance and, combining into the Samurai Shark Gigazord, the Rangers are finally able to destroy Serrator once and for all with the Ultimate Samurai Slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Stroke of Fate


With Serrator gone and Master Xandred inert, Octoroo assumes temporary command and gives his second life to the might Gigertox to gather enough human fear to awaken Master Xandred. Although Gigertox is destroyed, Master Xandred returns and his anger leads him to begin his endgame. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ultimate Duel

Running into a wounded Dayu, Master Xandred schemes after she reminds him she is half-human and absorbs her. He then faces the Samurai Rangers, while Lauren draws the sealing symbol. Despite his best effort to stop her, the symbol is completed and used but it doesn't manage to seal him as expected since Dayu's humanity has protected him from the symbol's power. No longer able to even dry out, Xandred plans his takeover of the human world and decimates the Power Rangers before leaving to amass his forces. When the Sanzu flood waters overflow due to the sudden influx of fear from his release, Xandred releases his army of Moogers to lay waste to Panorama City. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Sealing Symbol Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Sealing Symbol

The Samurai Rangers, now led once again by Jayden, take on and defeat the Moogers before facing Xandred. After significantly weakening him with Shiba Fire power, Jayden defeat him with the Shogun Mode armor. However, Xandred transforms into his Mega Monster form and the Rangers called on the Gigazord to fight him. As the Rangers attempted to get close enough to use a final blow filled with symbol power, Xandred blasted away the Zords one by one until only the Samurai Megazord remained, which managed to succeed and strike Xandred with a fatal blow using a fully charged Samurai Strike. However, Xandred unsuccessfully tried to take the Rangers with him by grabbing the Megazord by its face and boasting, before he was destroyed, that the Nighloks will rise again someday even with him gone. He is then consumed in a massive explosion, finally being destroyed for good and annihilating the Samurai Megazord in the process. After he is destroyed, the Sanzu River flood waters reced back into the Netherworld which take Octoroo with them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Samurai Forever

With their leadership dead besides Octoroo and their population completely decimated, the Nighlock will never pose a threat to the Earth ever again.

Known Nighloks


  • The Nighloks were the only major villain group in the Neo-Saban Era to not be of alien origin.

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