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The Neo Deboth Army (ネオデーボス軍 Neo Dēbosu Gun) are the successors of the Deboth Army after their destruction at the hands of the original Kyoryugers. 100 million years prior, they were banished by the Zyudenryu to space and return to Earth via a spaceship empowered by space dinosaurs and tries to conquer Earth by seeking the Power of the Dragon King (竜の王の力 Ryū no Ō no Chikara).


Deizarus first threatened Earth 100 million years ago but was warded off by the Power Dinos.

In the present day, a few years after the fall of the first Deboth Army at the hands of the Dino Force Rangers, Deizarus, leading the Neo Deboth Army, returned to Earth to find the Power of the Dragon King. Having Jinarik seal Giga Bragigas - the strongest of the Power Dinos - before it could interfere, Deizarus sent forth Homuras and the Zorima to draw forth the Power of the Dragon King by indiscriminately attacking humans. The Neo Deboth Army would be opposed by the new Brave Dino Force Rangers and Power Dinos assembled by Wise God Torin. King 1: The Birth of a New King!

Realizing that Juyong was the true Dragon King, Deizarus sent forth Homuras to face him while Raimein was to confront the decoy Juhyeok. Though Raimein was eventually beaten, it was at this point that Deizarus appeared himself to attack Juhyeok, rendering at him at his mercy before the arrival of his real quarry, Brave Red Dino, after he had destroyed Homuras. Juyong was easily incapacitated and seized by Deizarus who took him along as he returned to his ship with Raimein, intent on drawing out the Power of the Dragon King from him personally. King 11: Which One is Real?! King of Dinosaurs

Chou Super Hero Taisen

A pack of Zorima led by Raimein were among the ShockerIcon-crosswiki army of the Game WorldIcon-crosswiki led by Shocker Leader IIIIcon-crosswiki, the boss of the Chou Shocker TaisenIcon-crosswiki bonus stage. This army was ultimately wiped out by a combined force of Sentai Rangers and Kamen Riders. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen


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Behind the scenes

Derived from the original Deboth Army from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (2013-14), the Neo Deboth Army serves as the evil organization in the Korean-commissioned Super Sentai Series entry Power Rangers Dino Force Brave/Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave (2017).


  • Their lair is in a spaceship. Said spaceship can also fire lasers to make the monsters grow. This is similar to how in Kyoryuger's Power Ranger counterpart, Dino Charge, the villains lair was in a spaceship which could fire lasers to make the monsters grow, as opposed to the original Kyoryuger where the villain's lair was in the petrified body of Deboss and the monsters were grown giant by pouring water on them.
  • All the members of the Neo Deboth Army (except for Deizarus) are based on the original Deboth Army's generals.
  • Unlike the original army, generals of Neo Deboth are named after Earth elements instead of emotions, though their appearance does inherited from the former group.


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