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The Neo-Jetmen (ネオジェットマン Neo-Jettoman) are a team created by Supreme Commander Ichijō to replace the Jetmen, having Birdonic Reactors implanted in their bodies.

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Team History

The Neo-Jetman were a Sentai team created by Supreme Commander Akira Ichijou to replace the original Jetman, having studied the Birdonic Waves and deeming the original team to be slow and ineffective. They received powers from Birdonic Reactors implanted in their bodies and are immune to the Anti-Birdonic Waves. They first appeared when they saved the original Jetmen from Meteor BEM before the monster could finish them off. They then report back to SkyCamp where they arrogantly shrug off and insult the the original team.

When Meteor BEM returns to attack the city, Supreme Commander Ichijou sends the Neo-Jetmen in the Jet Machines to stop him, barring the Jetmen from fighting. Confronting him in the Jet Icarus, the Neo-Jetmen are beaten and brought down with one of the mecha's arms severed. As the original team attempts to save them, Ichijou stops them, stating that the Neo-Jetmen are expendable. They ignore Ichijou and finally save them in the Jet Garuda, but they are shot with Anti-Birdonic Waves and are rendered unable to transform. Ep. 40: Command! Change the Sentai

Shortly after, the Jet Garuda with the depowered Jetmen is downed as Radiguet, Grey, Maria, and Tranza watch, victorious. Aya then sends out Tetra Boy to battle as she tries to get in contact with her team. Waking up and firing the Tetra Buster, the Jetmen seemingly destroy Meteor BEM, however it manages to survive and crawl into the Jet Garuda. Back at SkyCamp, the Neo-Jetmen are beaten by the Supreme Commander, who berates them for having to be "saved by civilians". Upon finding out that the Jetman can regain their powers, Ichijou lies to the them, stating that they cannot transform ever again, and disbands them for acting against his orders. The Neo-Jetmen then personally throw the team out of SkyCamp at gun point, although J1 is much more sympathetic, apologizing to them and thanking them for saving them.


The Neo-Jetman's symbol

Meteor BEM leaves the Jet Garuda and makes his way to Engine Room 22 where the Neo-Jetmen are thoroughly beaten once again, barricading the monster from leaving as Ichijou tells Aya to contact the original team. Aya instead brandishes a Beak Smasher and prepares to confront Meteor BEM alongside them. When Aya tells them to retreat as the SkyCamp can be rebuilt but their lives can't be replaced, Ichijou seals them inside as Ryu and the others enter the fight. After beating the depowered Jetmen, the monster heads to commander post, and the Neo-Jetmen admit that the Jetmen's powers can be restored and that Ichijou destroyed the test results. Stating the the original team are the real Jetman, the Neo-Jetmen give up their powers so the Jetmen can transform again. With Meteor BEM defeated once and for all, Aya reinstates the Jetman program once again as the Neo-Jetmen watch in support. Ep. 41: Transformation Impossible! The Base Destroyed

The Neo-Jetmen are the only full team of Sentai not to participate in the Great Legend War, as even though they are somehow re-powered in the non-canon manga sequel, they are canonically depowered in the TV series.


In Choujin Sentai Jetman: Toki wo Kakete, the non-canon manga sequel to the TV series, the original Jetman have retired, leaving the Neo-Jetman to take their place. However, when Radiguet possesses Tranza and attacks Earth again, the Neo-Jetman confront him in the Jet Garuda, and are soundly defeated and held hostage, with Radiguet demanding a fight with the original Jetman, specifically Ryu. Though reluctant to give up their spot as the main Jetman team again, the Neo-Jetman make way for the original team as Ryu states that Radiget has a vendetta against him and his team, no one else.

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The Neo-Jetman are last seen at the end of the manga series as they, the Jetman, and the rest of SkyCamp go out to enjoy the sky together, promising to fight always fight for the Earth.


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  • The Neo-Jetman are the only team not to have separate colored outfits per member, being made up of all black rangers. Their suits also do not cover their necks, and their helmets do not fully cover their faces. J5's helmet does not conceal her hair.
  • A similar idea to this team was used in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue in the form of the Power Rangers exclusive team, the Cyborg Rangers. The key difference is the Cyborg Rangers turned evil, and the Lightspeed team had to destroy them.
  • The Neo-Jetman are similar to the Power Rangers S.P.D.-exclusive A-Squad Rangers, being made up of mostly unnamed, blacked-colored (although the A-Squad Rangers have their own colors), militarized Rangers who are considered superior to the show's main team, replacing them upon arrival, and being dissolved by the end of their screen time on their shows. However, they have key differences from each other:
    • While arrogant and antagonistic, the Neo-Jetman always stayed on the side of good and never harmed others (although J2 pulled his Neo Shooter on Raita), the A-Squad Rangers betrayed and even slaughtered their own from SPD.
    • The Neo-Jetman were formed to replace the original Jetman, with the original team being disbanded, while the B-Squad Rangers were merely demoted.
    • The Neo-Jetman sacrificed their powers to restore the original Jetman, while the A-Squad were arrested upon defeat, and were stripped of their powers.
  • With the exception of Yūta Mochizuki, the actor of J1, the other four actors of the Neo Jetman are stunt actors.


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