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Mutants were the main enemies of the Power Rangers Time Force.


In the time period leading up to the year 3000, humanity became involved in advanced genetics engineering in order to create produce generations with ideal physical qualities, such as the super strength evidenced by Katie Walker of Time Force. However, these experiments inadvertently led to the creation of the Mutants, who were despised for their typically hideous appearances. The majority of mutants-including Ransik-reacted to humanity's rejection and hatred by turning to crime, though some attempted to live honestly. As a result, Time Force's priority became capturing mutants and cryogenically freezing them to prevent them from posing a threat to humans. A containment facility was set up, and included the X Vault, where the more dangerous criminals were secured.

Eventually, all of the worst mutant criminals had been captured and frozen except for Ransik, who was finally apprehended by Time Force during an attempt to travel back in time. However, his daughter Nadira and robotic ally Frax liberated him from his prison, and the three of them took over the mutant containment facility. After seemingly fatally injuring Alex, the Red Time Force Ranger, the criminals traveled back in time to the year 2001. With new minion Gluto, an army of Frax's Cyclobots, and the entire prison full of mutant criminals at their disposal, Ransik and his underlings set out to eradicate humanity and take over the Earth for mutants. However, their plans were interfered with by the Time Force Rangers, who followed them back in time and were joined by Wesley Collins of the year 2001.

Ransik waged a veritable war against the Rangers in the city of Silver Hills, but the mutant criminals he freed kept losing to the Rangers and ending up frozen yet again. Even innovations provided by Frax proved ineffective, as the Rangers were supplemented with future aid such as the Time Force Megazord and Time Shadow. An attempt to claim the legendary Quantum Morpher also failed, with the morpher ending up in the possession of Eric Myers, one of the Silver Guardians. The mutants briefly managed to seize control of the Quantasaurus Rex on two occasions, but Eric swiftly managed to recover it both times. Eventually, Ransik's operation was hit by its greatest setbacks yet: Frax betrayed him after revealing his previous identity of Dr. Ferricks, and all the mutant criminals he had unfrozen ended up in the custody of the Rangers.

Still driven by his hatred of humans, Ransik hunted down Frax and forced him to use his new Doomtron robot to attack the city alongside an army of Cyclobots. While Ransik's forces enjoyed early success, the combined efforts of the Time Force Rangers saw to the destruction of all the robots. Ransik then confronted the Rangers himself, defeating all of them though not without injury to himself. When lured into pursuing Jen Scotts, the Pink Ranger, Ransik ended up firing a blast at Nadira by mistake. Having seen what his hatred nearly cost him-and moved by the words of a similarly enlightened Nadira-Ransik surrendered himself to Time Force custody. Nadira likewise returned to the year 3000 with Time Force, while Gluto froze himself to avoid participating in the final battle, thus ending the mutant threat in the past.

Unfortunately, a final remnant of the mutants-and of Ransik's life of villainy-eventually traveled back in time to Turtle Cove: the Mut-Orgs. This trio of monsters were originally Orgs, the last of their kind to survive into the year 3000, who were discovered in statue form by Ransik prior to his trip back in time. The trio made a deal with Ransik, granting him power in exchange for copying his Mutant DNA to make themselves more powerful. The Mut-Orgs eventually managed to travel back in time in search of Master Org, but were pursued by Jen. When it became clear that this was a combined problem of Mutants and Orgs, the other Time Force Rangers-minus Wes and Eric, who had remained in their own time-traveled back with Ransik and Nadira.

Determined to atone for his misdeeds by stopping the creatures he had unleashed, Ransik joined forces with the Time Force and Wild Force Rangers to battle the Mut-Orgs and Master Org's forces. The final confrontation with the Mut-Orgs resulted in the destruction of their Mutant halves, as well as making Ransik fully human. The Mut-Orgs were subsequently destroyed by the twelve Rangers working together, thus ending the mutant threat forever.

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