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Morphin sequence

"(Commander Crayfish): It's Mutant Time! Ha ha ha ha ha! Now we'll show you who the REAL Rangers are!
(Blue): I'm after you, Blue!
(Yellow): Hey Trini, ya wanna play too?
(Black): Nice ta meet you Zack!
(Pink): Told ya I'd be back!
―Roll call.[src]

The Mutant Rangers were a team of Evil Rangers who served as the main antagonists of the episode "Mighty Morphin' Mutants."

Team History

Rita saw Tommy struggling with his memory and getting chewed out for chronic lateness by Ms. Appleby and even Bulk and Skull. Realizing that Tommy was not perfect, she planned to create the Mutant Rangers to destroy the real Power Rangers. Six Putties were chosen for this role and they were trained by Goldar to fight like the Power Rangers in the quarry. However, only five of the Putties passed the test and got the Badges of Darkness since the one that was supposed to become the Red Mutant Ranger was a complete wimp and failed the test. As a result, Goldar reverted it back into clay for Finster. Although Rita knew that the team still needed a leader, she had Finster create Commander Crayfish.

Rita surveyed her Mutant Rangers and had Goldar send the Pink and Green Mutant Rangers to Angel Grove Park as an advance guard where they then confronted Tommy and Kimberly when they were walking home from the Angel Grove Youth Center. Green was the first Mutant Ranger to attack, circling Tommy and referencing the events of "Green With Evil." He provoked Tommy into attacking but easily ducked his kicks and even absorbed many kicks in his side whilst managing to hold his own although Tommy soon turned the tables and jump kicked him down. Across the battlefield, Pink confronted and leered at her counterpart before they kicked and blocked one another three times before Pink told Kimberly that this was "kinda like fightin' in a mirror." After Green matched Tommy kick for kick, Tommy was impressed but Green kicked him down and warned him he was just a small part of what was to come before teleporting out. Once Green left, the Pink Mutant Ranger punched Kimberly off of the raised platform that they were fighting on and left as well whilst claiming that she would be back.

The Mutants later regrouped at Angel Grove Beach where they met with Commander Crayfish and he assumed command before the Power Rangers arrived (although Green was being held back as a reserve) However, they were unafraid and morphed before doing a corrupted version of the real Rangers' roll call with Pink reminding Kimberly that she had earlier promised to return. Despite Kimberly claiming that they were useless, the Mutant Rangers flipped in and drew their Mutant Weapons, corrupted versions of the Power Weapons. Crayfish fought and wrestled Jason, Trini and Yellow clashed in the air and punched one another down through the air, Black and Zack tried to punch and kick one another, Billy defeated his Mutant Ranger counterpart with his bare hands, and Kimberly and Pink shot one another with their arrows. With even Tommy not proving a match for his Mutant Ranger counterpart, the Mutant Rangers formed the Mutant Power Blaster and blasted the real Rangers which they survived and were forced to retreat. Unfortunately for the Evil Rangers, the Power Rangers had upgraded versions of their regular Power Weapons and only Crayfish was able to put up an effective fight whilst his teammates were easily defeated. In desperation, the Mutant Rangers formed the Mutant Blaster whilst the Power Rangers formed their Power Blaster. In a Blaster vs. Blaster fight, the new weapons proved too much for Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers, outright destroying the Yellow & Pink Mutant Rangers and knocking out the rest.

Rita then made Commander Crayfish and the male Mutant Rangers grow so the Rangers formed the Megazord and called upon the Dragonzord. Commander Crayfish fought the Megazord whilst the Black, Blue, and Green Mutant Rangers all took on the Dragonzord in what quickly devolved into an all-out slug-fest. As Crayfish locked arms with the Megazord, Black tried to slash the Dragonzord but it deflected his Mutant Axe and knocked Blue's Lance away. Blue then raced in but a swing from the Dragonzord's tail split it in half so he jumped at it instead but it blocked him and threw him off. Crayfish grappled with the Megazord and, despite being thrown off by it, easily slashed it. Despite this, a second slash was blocked and a smack to the face knocked him back and, although the Dragonzord was heavily outnumbered, it managed to throw down Green. The Black and Blue Mutant Rangers then defended him by managing to jump kick it back only to be bashed back down by the Dragonzord's tail. With them once again failing to find success, the Mutant Rangers and Zords regrouped and decided to mix things up by forming a pyramid with Crayfish on top.This put him above the range of the Dragonzord's missiles and so, because the Rangers were not being very bright, the Zords advanced to try and knock them over with brute strength. However, Blue and Black kicked back the Zords before Crayfish had Green blast them with his Pyro Blast. Unfortunately for the Mutant Rangers, the real Power Rangers formed the Ultrazord which scared the Commander Crayfish and he told his teammates to back him off. However, they were far two slow so the Ultrazord opened fire and mowed down all five which made all five fall into a large pile and explode.

Mutant Rangers

Tyrannosaurus (comics only)
Commander Crayfish
Red Mutant Ranger (comics only)
Mastodon Black Mutant Ranger
Triceratops Blue Mutant Ranger
Sabertooth Tiger Yellow Mutant Ranger
Pterodactyl Pink Mutant Ranger
Dragonzord Green Mutant Ranger


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Individual Weapons and Team Blaster



Green Mutant Ranger

  • The Mutant Rangers are identical to their ranger counterpart's designs with some exceptions such as the design of their gloves, belts and boots being those of Putty Patrollers.
  • The weapons used by the Mutant Rangers appear to be generic versions of their counterparts weapons, with Commander Crayfish using a sword similar to Jason's. The Green Mutant Ranger does not use a generic version of the Dragon Dagger, instead being armed with the Sword of Darkness, or at the very least a replication of it. The Mutant Rangers are also not armed with Blade Blasters.
  • The Mutant Rangers morph and pose is the same as the Zyurangers but using the Badges of Darkness instead of the normal Dino Bucklers
  • None of the Mutant Rangers' weapons were ever actually named on-screen. Their names come solely from both the name of the team and those of the actual Power Rangers.


  • The male Mutant Rangers were the last monsters, along with Commander Crayfish, to be destroyed by the Dino Ultrazord.
  • The Mutant Rangers come from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and were not seen in the original Zyuranger.
  • Commander Crayfish and the other Mutant Rangers used the civilian weapons from Zyuranger, although the Power Blaster formation using these weapons was not seen in Zyuranger.
  • With no Red Mutant Ranger, Commander Crayfish takes on the Red role not only in being the Mutants' leader, but he also mimics Jason's pre-battle pose during the Mutant Ranger roll call and wields a sword. The would-be Red Mutant was a darker grey than most Putties.
  • The Mutant Rangers are voiced by their counterparts' actors.
  • The Mutant Rangers have two different Morphing sequences. The first involves placing the Badge of Darkness over their belts, which transforms them in a manner similar to how the Power Rangers de-morphed in Green with Evil Part V: Breaking the Spell. Their second Morphing sequence mimics the Zyuranger transformation sequence, involving thrusting their Badges of Darkness forward and spinning them 180 degrees, after which the gems on the badges glow before morphing the Putties.
  • The Mutant Rangers appear in the Boom! Studios comics with a Red Mutant Ranger. This version of the team is armed with Blade Blasters on their belts, unlike the original version.
  • The Badges of Darkness are based on the Putties pentagram design, although the morphing sequence of the Mutant Rangers omits that design due to it being related to Satan and black magic.
  • The Mutant Rangers are the first team of evil Rangers to not be an exact copy of the opposing Ranger team.


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