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"It's Morphin' Time!"
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

A Morpher is a device used by an unpowered individual to transform (from Greek: Morphos; in English: "Morph"/"Form"/"Shape") into a Power Ranger or similar superhuman form. Morphing will also transform a child or non-human into the size and shape of an adult human.

Morphers are often seen as wrist-mounted gadgets but appear in a wide variety of forms, deriving their power from futuristic technology or magic or sometimes a combination of both. They can incorporate other functions such as communication or weapons.

Talisman objects such as swords, coins, staffs or crystals can also be used to transform, but are seen in conjunction with morphers as well (for example the Power Morphers and Power Coins). It also can be used as a weapon and a communication device. Recurring types of morphers are Bracelets, Phones, Weapons, Belt Buckles, and others.

All Rangers use a morphing call, a short phrase or sequence of words spoken just before or simultaneously with the morph. The nature of the call varies from team to team but it is sometimes stated that the call must be spoken in order to successfully morph. Most Rangers however have demonstrated the ability to transform with or without using their call, suggesting that the words may serve as a kind of vocal affirmation or battle cry.

Before a team morph, a leading Ranger may call on their teammates to Power Up! or Ranger Up!. Conversely, morphed Rangers may cancel their transformation by announcing Power Down!, or involuntarily when assaulted by an opponent.

Though some villains have demonstrated morphing-like transformation powers, the only villain known to possess a morpher was Koragg, but he was never seen in any other form.

On at least one occasion Troy Burrows morphed without the use of his morpher and without saying a morphing command.

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List of Morphers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

"It's Morphin' Time!"
―Morphing Call
"It's Mutant Time!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Zeo

"It's Morphin' Time!"
―Morphing Call
"Power Rangers ZE-O!"
Episode 1 Morphing Call

Power Rangers Turbo

"Shift into Turbo!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers In Space

"Let's Rocket!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

"Go Galactic!"
―Morphing Call
"Magna Power!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

"Light-speed Res-cue!"
―Morphing Call
"Titanium Power!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Time Force

"Time for Time Force!"
―Morphing Call
"Quantum Power!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Wild Force

"Wild Access! HA!"
―Morphing Call
  • Animarium Buckle
"Animarium Armor! Red Savage Warrior Power Up!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

"Ninja Storm! Ranger Form! HA!"
―Morphing Call
"Thunder Storm! Ranger Form! HA!"
―Morphing Call
"Samurai Storm! Ranger Form! HA!"
―Morphing Call
"Super Samurai Mode!"
―Morphing Call in Super Samurai Mode
"Battlizer Mode Engage!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

"Dino Thunder! Power Up! HA!"
―Morphing Call
"White Ranger! Dino Power!"
―Morphing Call

(Core Ranger Morphing Call said on some occasions.)

"Triassic Power! Engage!"
―Morphing Call
"Battlizer Power Up!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers SPD

"SPD Emergency!"
―Morphing Call
"SPD Battlizer! Cyber Mode!/Sonic Mode!"
―Battlizer Morphing Call
  • Nova Morpher - never seen used for transforming, but for battle

Power Rangers Mystic Force

"Magical Source, Mystic Force! (Galwit Mysto Ranger)"
―Morphing call
"Fire Heart! Red Dragon Fire Ranger!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

"Overdrive Accelerate!"
―Morphing Call
  • Sentinel Morpher
"Red Sentinel Ranger Activate!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

"Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!"
―Morphing Call
  • Claw Booster
"Jungle Master Mode!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers RPM

"RPM, Get in Gear!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai

"Samuraizer! Go Go Samurai!"
―Morphing Call
"Mega Mode Power!"
―Morphing Call in Mega Mode
"Samurai Morpher! Gold Power!"
―Morphing Call

("Go! Go! Samurai!" said on some occasions)

"Super Samurai Mode!"
―Morphing Call
"Shogun Mode! Power of the Ancestors!"
―Morphing Call
"Shark Attack Mode!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Megaforce

"It's Morphin' Time! Go Go Megaforce!"
―Morphing Call

("It's Morphin Time!" used as morph call rather than "Go! Go! Megaforce!" on one occasion)Prince Takes Knight

"Change Card, Activate!"
―Morphing Call
"Megaforce Ultra Mode Activate!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Super Megaforce

"Super Mega Mode!"
―- Super Mega Mode Morphing Call
"Legendary Ranger Mode!"
―- Core Rangers morphing call into Legendary Mode
"Legendary Sixth Ranger Mode!"
―- Silver Ranger Morphing Call into Legendary 6th Ranger Mode
  • Gold Key
"Super Mega Gold!"
―- Silver Ranger Morphing Call into Super Megaforce Gold

Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge

"It's Morphin' Time! Dino Charger, Ready! Energize! Unleash the Power!"
―Morphing Call
"Dino Steel, Armor on!"
―Morphing Call in Dino Steel Armor
  • Dino Drive Charger
"Dino Charger, Ready! Dino Drive, Activate!"
―Morphing Call in Dino Drive Mode
"Dino Charger, Ready! Dino Super Drive Saber! Dino Super Drive, Activate!"
―Morphing Call in Dino Super Drive Mode
  • Dino Armor X Charger
"Dino Charger, Ready! Armor X, Ready!"
―Morphing Call in Dino Armor X
"Dino Charger, Ready! Summon T-Rex Super Charge Zord! T-Rex Super Charge Morpher, Activate!"
―Morphing Call in T-Rex Super Charge Mode

Power Rangers Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel

"It's Morphin' Time! Power Star, Lock in! Ready! Ninja Spin!"
―Morphing Call
"Super Ninja Steel Mode Stars, Lock in! Ninja Spin! Ninja Super Steel Mode, Ready!"
―Ninja Super Steel Mode Morphing Call
"Lion Fire Armor Star, Lock in! Ninja Spin! Lion Fire, ready!"
―Lion Fire Mode Morphing Call
"Super Star Mode Star, Lock in! Super Star Mode, ready!"
―Super Star Mode Morphing Call

Power Rangers HyperForce

"It's Morphin' Time! Hyperforce (color), ready! Power up!"
―Morphing Call

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

"It’s Morphin Time! Activate Beast Power! Ha! Unleash the Beast!"
―Morphing call[src]
  • Red Fury Morph-X Key
"Activate Red Fury Mode!"
―Red Fury Mode Morphing call[src]


Although not formally named, De-Morphing (or UnMorphing) is the opposite process to Morphing, wherein a ranger loses their morph state and returns to a "civilian" state. This loss of morph state occurs in one of two ways: the ranger themselves deactivates their morph state, or, the morpher will force the rangers to De-Morph after they have taken too much damage or been knocked out.

Typically the latter scenario is the universal method to represent when the rangers are overpowered and/or defeated by an enemy. It is most likely a built-in morpher mechanism to avoid further damage to the power suit and its weaponry.Samurai Surprise This mechanism is not always flawless, however, as power suits have been badly damaged before deactivation, such as Leo Corbett and Wesley Collins getting their helmets partially shattered. It should be mentioned, though, that the power suits in those instances were not forced to deactivate after such damage, indicating the morphing mechanism most likely follows the ranger's will and commands until further damage forces its deactivation.

When de-morphing voluntarily, the Rangers often shouts "Power Down!" with a few exceptions, such as the Zeo Rangers saying "Zeo (number) Power Down" King for a Day or the Wind Rangers saying, "Ninja Form!".

Behind the Scenes

  • Most of the Power Rangers morphers are adapted directly from the designs seen in Super Sentai. The first morpher not to have a Super Sentai counterpart was the White Ranger morpher used by Tommy from the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As the Green Ranger, he had used a gold Power Morpher with the Dragon Coin, but since the Power Morphers and Coins were lifted from Zyuranger, the White Ranger (being a character from Dairanger) used a different transformation device and so the gold morpher was reused with a specially created Tiger Coin. The seldom seen Ninja Coins given to the Rangers in the third season were an entirely American addition.
  • The Dairanger morphers were known as Aura Changers and were not used in MMPR. However a modified version appeared in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy as the Magna Defender Morpher, since Black Knight, the Gingaman character on which the Magna Defender was based, didn’t have a traditional transformation device, using instead his sword to transform.
  • The Titanium Ranger seen in Lightspeed Rescue was the first wholly original Ranger created for the series, having no Sentai analogue, and thus his Titanium Morpher was an all new design as well. Though the Gold Ranger had his own morpher, a variant Zeonizer, in Ohranger, it wasn’t used in Power Rangers: Zeo, although a toy version was produced. This, along with the Kiba Changer (a variant Aura Changer used by the Japanese White Ranger), the Mystic Morpher used by Udonna's Sentai counterpart, and the Doronchangers from Kakuranger (from which the Alien Rangers were derived) are the only post-Zyuranger morpher designs not to have appeared in the series in some capacity.
  • The GekiChangers seen in Gekiranger, though not used for morphing purposes, were integrated into Jungle Fury as Battle Claws seen on the suits of all the Rangers except the Wolf Ranger.
  • The Solar Morphers of Jungle Fury are actually the first morphers that are not wrist-worn or handheld, being sunglasses.
  • Some morphers were never specifically named onscreen, with their titles instead found in publicity materials and on merchandise. The Astro Morphers, for example, were only ever called “morphers” within the series, the name being used for the toy line. The name was finally made canon when Tommy used it in Legacy of Power.

Power Morpher Parodies and References

  • In the videogame Viewtiful Joe, the main character, Joe, uses a V-Watch to transform into his "Viewtiful" counterpart. He does this by shouting out "Henshin-A-Go-Go Baby!" (Henshin is a Japanese term for transformation). The Viewtiful Joe counterpart is modeled after an almagation of a Red Ranger and Kamen Rider with a long pink scarf and open faceplate which closes during a boss fight.

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