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The Morlocks were the main villains in Power Rangers Mystic Force. Although they were referred to as the Morlocks in promotional material, this reference was never made in the show where they were usually reffered to as the Forces of Darkness.


Before the series

Octomus is the true leader of the forces of darkness and Supreme Master of the Underworld. The denizens of the Underworld revere him so much that they refer to him only as "The Master". He contacts his minions via the white pool at the centre of their lair, which turns red to signal his presence. He was sealed in his Pit by the efforts of Leanbow at the end of the Great War, when the Morlocks attempted to invade the Surface Realm, but he was able to transform his enemy into his servant Koragg the Knight Wolf beforehand. He was also responsible for dragging Catastros down to the Underworld.

Morticon era

Around 300 years later, a small earthquake had happened, it made a small crack in The Gate that Koragg used to free himself and awaken the other villains which included Necrolai and Morticon. Thier initial plan was for Koragg to launch a massive invasion of Hidiacs on the city of Briarwood but were stopped by a new generation of magical warriors. Broken Spell

Later on, Morticon wanted the Rangers dealt with for good so he sent a creature called the Hydra Worm to dig its way to the surface world. While doing so, it attacked Clare in the forest, though luckily she was saved by a Troblin named Phineas. they sent the monster Mucor to eat the Rangers with Necrolai's help. He ate Nick, Madison, and Xander but they were saved by Vida and Chip whose bravery allowed them to unlock thier new Mystic Titans forms who easily destroyed Mucor. When Nick went to investigate what had attacked Clare after defeating Mucor, the worm returned to attack him. Nick morphed and tried to take on the Hydra Worm himself, but he was quickly outmatched. The other Rangers were able to rescue him just in time. Then, the Mystic Rangers morphed into their Mystic Dragon and the monster was easily destroyed. Code Busters

Clawbster had been terrorizing the city of Briarwood for a while, by turning people into stone statues. He and Necrolai then appeared just outside the forest. Nick, Xander, Vida and Chip, the Rangers went to fight the creature, but were no match for the villains and both Clawbster and Necrolai escaped to the city. Once in the city, Clawbster began turning more people into stone, including Madison. The other Rangers showed up, but again, the monster and Necrolai retreated. When Clawbster returned to the city once more, Xander, Chip and Vida went out to fight it. But they were again outmatched. Nick was able to show up on his Mystic Speeder, and by using the "Reflectus - Torgo" spell, he managed to reflect Clawbster's Stone Spell back at him. Once the monster himself was turned to stone, Nick used his Phoenix Power to shatter the creature, thus returning everyone including Madison back to normal. Koragg then revived and enlarged Clawbster. The Rangers morphed into their Mystic Titan Forms, and then formed the Titan Megazord which was easily able to destroy Clawbster completely. Rock Solid

A while later, Red Ranger and Koragg were battling in the woods. The battle is fierce. Koragg: Prepare for the sword. Koragg's and Red Ranger's swords strike against each other. Koragg and Red Ranger continue to battle, with Koragg ending up flat on his back. Koragg splashes his hand through the reflection shown to him. He retreated and was blackmailed into battle by the other villains at which point he grew and formed the Centaurus Wolf Megazord. The Rangers tried to combat him on the Mystic Dragon but he was able to take away thier combination magic and release Morticon from the Underworld. He land a meagre beat down on the Mystic Dragon and was about to make the final strike on Nick, but before he could however, Nick quickly broke free and used a counter-spell to imprison Morticon once more. Despite this noble effort, Koragg was able to leave with the Megazord magic. Whispering Voices

A Dark Troll was sent to the surface by Koragg, and was also given the Rangers's Titan Megazord power. With this power, the monster was able to grow and transform into the Rock Troll. The Rangers transformed into their Mystic Titan forms and tried to battle this monster, but were no match due to the Rock Troll's strength. Luckily, they managed to release Nick from the dimension he was in, along with Catastros. Catastros then thanks Nick for healing him, by combining with the Mystic Phoenix to form the new Centaurus Phoenix Megazord. The Rock Troll and tried to take on the Centaururs Phoenix Megazord, but this new Megazord was too powerful for the Rock Troll to handle, and he was destroyed by the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord's Fire Tail Attack. Also, by destroying the Rock Troll, the Rangers regained their Titan Megazord power, but Catastros then returned to his master, Koragg. Legendary Catastros

Eventually, the Morlocks learned of the existence of the last dragon and Necrolai implemented the use of a taxi cab creature to acquire it. The monster first appeared in Briarwood and stole the map to the Fire Heart from a scientist. He then delivered the map to Necrolai in a parking garage, but Nick and Vida showed up to put a stop to them. The Taxi monster then turned into his true monster form and fought the Red and Pink Rangers. The two Rangers were quickly defeated, and when the others showed up, Necrolai assisted the monster, allowing them both to escape. The monster then accompanied Necrolai and some Hidiacs into the Cimmerian Forest in search of the Fire Heart. Once Nick and Vida found the Fire Heart Scroll, Necrolai stole it from them and had the monster attack them. The Red Ranger managed to defeat the monster's vehicle form, thanks to the Mystic Speeder. Then together, Nick and Vida defeated and destroyed the Taxi monster with their combined attacks. However, Koragg cast his spell, reviving and enlarging the beast. The Rangers morphed into their Mystic Titan forms and battled the Undead Vehicle before quickly destroying him with the Titan Megazord. The Rangers were left with one half of the map as Necrolai had the other. Fire Heart (episode)

Necrolai eventually decided to start using the Pink Ranger against her friends and employed the help of the leech monster, Flytrap. This monster disguised himself as "DJ Fly", a new DJ in Briarwood. When Vida went to the club he was DJ-ing, she, and many other teens, fell victim to his hypnotic powers, and were soon turned into Vampires. It didn't take Chip long to notice Vida has all the signs of being a Vampire, though the others did not believe him. When Vida tried to attack Chip, he held her off with his garlic clove. Chip told Vida that he would help her return to normal, no matter what. The two then returned to the night club, only to fall back under DJ Fly's trance. Necrolai showed up and was about to attack Chip, when he reveal that he came prepared and was wearing earplugs. Chip fought off Necrolai as best he could, and then morphed into the Yellow Ranger. After he had done so, Flytrap captures Chip by wrapping him in his vines and was about to fire his energy laser at Vida. The Yellow Ranger managed to break free and jump in front of the attack and take the hit. With Vida still a vampire, and Chip drained of strength, both Necrolai and Flytrap managed to escape.

After Chip regained his strength, he and Vida went to fight Flytrap in the city, in their Ranger forms. The others, after realizing Chip was correct in his Vampire theory, morphed and joined them. Working together, all five Rangers used a combined tornado attack to weaken Flytrap. However, the monster then grew large, forcing the Rangers to morph into the Mystic Titan forms and form the Titan Megazord. The Rangers fought off Flytrap, but they were running out of time. The sun was about to rise, and if the monster was not destroyed, all the teens he turned to Vampires would be turned to ash. Flytrap was then destroyed thanks to the Mystic Spell Seal Attack and everyone was returned to normal.

A day or so later, Necrolai revealed that she retained control of Vida and forced her to fight her friends. However, her control over Vida was completely lost when Chip created the Dawn Crystal and seemingly destroyed her. In spite of that, Necrolai survived and smashed the only thing capable of killing her. Stranger Within

An unknown amount of time later, probably a few days, the Rangers retrieved the Fire Heart egg and Necrolai asked Koragg for help. Later on, Necrolai revealed herself to be alive when she went to the city accompanied by Hidiacs and the monster Skullington. When Vida and Xander showed up, the Green Ranger went to stop Skullington. Xander was able to defeat Skullington once with his Magi Staff Earth Attack. However, this undead monster was able to regenerate himself back to normal. With the battle heating up, Xander used the new Spell Code he had obtained, and summoned the Mystic Force Fighters. With the fighters, Xander had the upper hand in the battle and was able to destroy Skullington. Petrified Xander

Growing restless sometime afterwards, Morticon wants to be released. Necrolai comes up with the idea of finding the Oracle and asking him how to get out. Necrolai swoops down and picks up a man in the street. Necrolai takes the man to the pit. The man pretends he doesn't know where he is, but Morticon is not fooled. The man reveals himself to be Oracle. Morticon asks him how he can be release from the pit. Oracle tells him it is simple, get the Gatekeeper to release him. Morticon and Necrolai are bewildered, the Gatekeeper has been destroyed. Oracle tells them there is another Gatekeeper. Oracle cannot see the Gatekeeper's face, but it is someone close to the Power Rangers. Leelee has a good idea of who it is - Toby. Necrolai flies back into Briarwood and goes after Toby. Toby tells her he is not the Gatekeeper, but Necrolai does not believe him. Necrolai scoops up Toby and flies off. Chip, going to work, sees this and contacts his friends. Necrolai drops Toby, still in Briarwood, and confronts him. Soon the Rangers arrive. Toby goes into hiding as the Rangers battle Necrolai. Necrolai tells them the Gatekeeper has more power than all of them combined. Necrolai flies away and returns to the pit. Morticon is furious that Necrolai did not bring back the Gatekeeper. Oracle tells them Necrolai did not find the Gatekeeper, it is someone else. Oracle leaves. Morticon tells Necrolai to find the Gatekeeper or do not return at all.

Later that day, Koragg is getting powered up by the Master. Necrolai comes in and asks Koragg for help. Koragg gives her some of his power. Necrolai leaves to take on the Power Rangers, while Koragg decides to take on Udonna, all to trap the Gatekeeper. The Power Rangers battle the more powerful Necrolai and it is a difficult battle.

Meanwhile, Clare takes a walk in the woods. Clare is discouraged, feeling she will never live up to her mother's powerful reputation. Udonna appears. Udonna and Clare talk, with Udonna telling Clare that her mother started out just like her. Udonna has the utmost faith in Clare. Koragg arrives, and Udonna thinks Koragg is after Clare. Instead, Koragg goes after Udonna. Udonna tries to fight Koragg, but her magic is too weak. Koragg captures Udonna in a bubble. Clare tries to stop Koragg but she fails as well. Clare races back to Rootcore, calling out for the Rangers. Clare sees inside the crystal ball, that the Rangers are doing badly against Necrolai. Clare doesn't know what to do until she sees her mother's head piece.

The Rangers continue their battle with the powerful Necrolai. Clare comes running towards the battle. Clare tells Necrolai to stop and then dons her mother's head piece. Clare transforms into the Gatekeeper. Necrolai is delighted to see that the Oracle was right. The Master and Koragg are also aware that the Gatekeeper has shown herself. Clare battles Necrolai and takes Necrolai's dark power gained from Koragg, away from her which makes Necrolai fly away in frustration. Eventually, Koragg confronts Claire who transforms into the Shining Moon Warrior while Koragg transforms into his Megazord. The battle continues and the Shining Moon Warrior does well, even being able to grow herself to fight him. Unfortunately, Koragg delivers a powerful blow that reverts the Shining Moon Warrior back to Clare.

After the Rangers saved Claire, the gates of the Underworld arrived on the surface so they deployed in the Titan Megazord. The gates deployed a gargoyle monster and they tried to fight it but were overpowered and Morticon was able to escape through the gates at which point he demolished the Rangers and began to wreak havoc in the city. The Rangers, bar Nick who was trying to save Claire who Koragg had captured, eventually turned into the Mystic Titans and destroyed the gargoyle as the Mystic Dragon. However, Morticon's Dark Magic Strike took them apart and he pounded them easily until Nick arrived on Catastros (summoned by Claire) and overwhelmed him with the Centarus Pheonix Megazord and they formed the Titan Megazord. He tried his Dark Magic Strike but his sword was frozen and the Rangers realised that Udonnna was with them. With Morticon helpless, the Rangers and Udonna combined thier powers and destroyed the villain once and for all with the Mystic Strike. Morticon swore that Octomus would win in the end even with him gone before exploding, marking the end of the first nemesis of the Rangers. The Gatekeeper (episode)

Imperious era

Year before the events of the series, a wizard called Daggeron trained the young student named Calindor who eventually turned to the same of darkness. He was eventually sealed away in a cave but not before turning Daggeron into a frog.

Some time after the death of Morticon, Necrolai discovered the cave where he was sealed and tricked the Rangers into breaking the seal preventing her to enter the cave and retrieved the mummified Calindor. Octomus brought him back to life as Imperious to serve as the new leader of the Underworld, a role Imperious took an immediate liking to. He refers to himself as the "Dark Wizard". Imperious only sees magic as a way to grant his own selfish desires. Imperious was easily annoyed by Leelee's complaining, turning her into a bug with the ability to summon and free monsters (including himself) from the Underworld. Imperious wasn't hindered by a goal on escaping the Underworld like Morticon was, and focused more on direct attacks on the civilians of Briarwood. In his first encounter, Imperious easily defeated the Rangers, and only Jenji's surprise attack and the fact his magic hadn't yet returned to full strength (due to being stuck in the cave) drove him back. Scaredy Cat

Imperious later decided that he should use a magical symbol to destroy Briarwood instead and gave Jester the Pester a magical paintbrush. He easily overwhelmed the Rangers but Madison was able to wash off one of his symbols (breaking the spell) and Daggeron was restored to his human form by Mady at which point he morphed into the Solaris Knight and destroyed Jester. Long Ago

Realising that Daggeron was back, Imperious decided that it was best to create immense earthquakes to level Briarwood. He sent the Behemoth to use his Seismic Stakes to accomplish this although he was easily overwhelmed and destroyed by the Solar Streak Megazord. Inner Strength

Gnatu and Spydex were summoned by Imperious and tasked with stealing lifeforce from Briarwood's population. Both Gnatu and Spydex attacked the city of Briarwood, and began draining Life Force from people in the park. The Mystic Force Rangers soon showed up, but were forced to deal with the Hidiacs first. Chip managed to get to Gnatu and battle her, but she was too strong for him. Both Gnatu and Spydex then managed to escape, with the stolen Life Force. Later, Spydex lured the Rangers into battle at a power plant. Nick was successful in getting the Life Force out of Spydex and Chip caught it, but Gnatu stole it away from the Rangers. Spydex then tried to escape, but the Rangers followed him on their Mystic Racers. When they caught back up with him, he had spun a spider web atop the city, and they had to battle him on the web. Chip used the Mystic Force Fighters to take the spider creature down. But this wouldn't last, as Spydex grew large. The Rangers formed the Titan Megazord and battled the monster. They were able to get the Life Force Orb out of the monster again. However, Gnatu attacked the Rangers before they could obtain the orb. With the Life Force still in their control, the evil duo escape once more. Necrolai then tricked Chip into making black hole in his chest and he had to go to the mountain with Daggeron to find Staff of Topaz to cure the black hole with Staff of Topaz . Evil duo then returned to the city to steal more Life Force. Nick, Vida, Xander and Madison jumped into action and fought against the twosome. The Rangers were still outmatched, and Gnatu prepared to fire the now Dark Life Force Orb into the sky, thus attacking the city with an explosion. Before the orb was fired, Chip arrived and put a stop to Gnatu's plan. Daggeron was then able to get the Dark Orb out of the firing device. The Mystic Force Rangers attacked Gnatu and Spydex with the Magi Staff Speed Spell. With this attack, the Rangers had the advantage. Chip was successful in destroying Spydex with his Magi Staff. After Spydex was destroyed, all the Life Force was returned to those it was stolen from. Gnatu then grew but was destroyed by the Titan Megazord. Soul Spectre

In the pit, Imperious tells Koragg that he always uses magic and could not defeat the Rangers without it. Koragg denies this. Necrolai and Leelee watched the debate with interest. Koragg gives Imperious his dark magic and tells Imperious that he will show him what a powerful warrior he is. Koragg leaves. Imperious gives Necrolai the dark magic. Necrolai is thrilled and promptly uses magic to turn her daughter into an insect. Imperious calls forth Screamer and sends Necrolai and Screamer out to have some fun. Although she turned four of the six Rangers into feathers, Maddison was able to overpower and destroy her with Daggeron's Laser Lamp which revived the others. Although Necrolai made her grow with the Dark Morpher, the Titan and Solar Streak Megazords easily destroyed her. Ranger Down

A while later, Imperious realised that he needed to up his game if he was to destroy the Rangers so he frees the Barbarian Beasts, a group of monsters so detestable and irredeemable that even Koragg is disgusted by them since they have no ethics or code of honour. Warmax was sent to attack the Power Rangers first and easily mashed them, injuring Xander before growing. Although he easily fought off the Mystic Titans, he was destroyed when the Mystic Minotaur took him down with it's axe. The next to fight the Power Rangers was Shrieker who easily immobilised the Rangers with her dreadful screams and even resisted the Mystic Sprite's Ball Attack although she was obliterated when Madison, Nick, Xander, Vida and Daggeron combined thier magic.

With the help of the remaining two Barbarian Beasts, Imperious captures Jenji and makes the titular dark wish which makes sure that the Rangers never attained thier powers. Eventually however, the Tribunal of Magic realised that the Rangers were becoming more responsible and rewarded them for this by restoring Rootcore. In response to this, Necrolai made Fightoe giant and he fought the Titan Megazord although his staff was destroyed and he was forced to flee. As a reward for proving themselves, the Tribunal grant the Rangers access to thier ultimate forms, the Legend Warriors who easily overwhelm Fightoe and the Barbarian Beast's leader, 50 Below. After being thoroughly thrashed by the Rangers' super powered elemental attacks, Fightoe abandoned 50 Below to his doom and, although he tried to fight back, 50 Below met his end at the hands of the Legend Warriors United Formation. Imperious (annoyed by Fightoe leaving 50 Below to be destroyed) then sent Fightoe to the Nether Dimension, where the beast realised that he was tricked and was transferred into a giant mechanical monster called Ursus. The great evil monster was later destroyed by the Manticore Megazord's Legend Striker Spin Attack taking what was left of Fightoe with him. Dark Wish

After yet another failed battle against the Rangers, one in which Imperious gave the Manticore Megazord a virus and Koragg then removed it, Imperious calls on the Hidiacs and Styxoids to hold Koragg as he calls Koragg a traitor. Koragg protests and struggles to free himself. Imperious casts a spell that shows several scenes when Koragg failed to destroy the Power Rangers. Koragg tells Imperious that he distorts the truth. Koragg casts his own spell, which shows how he has defeated the Rangers. Imperious points out that there is no point in a victory or honor, when Koragg always walks away. Koragg evetntually won the trial and the Dark Morpher was lost to Necrolai as Koragg got his powers back. Koragg's Trial

Much later, Imperious began his endgame. Realising he was unable to destroy Octomus as long as Koragg was around and scared of his treachery being found out, he decided to get into Octomus' good side instead by raising him out of the Underworld with the Ranger's Legend powers. To this end, he began by first summoning Daggeron to another dimension and then creating the Chimera creature from all of the creatures Leanbow (the person within Koragg) had destroyed in the past. The monster proved too much for both Daggeron and the other Rangers, even in thier Legend Warrior modes and was able to send them into the Underworld. This all culminated in Leanbow going into Octomus' chambers and seemingly killing himself to destroy the Master for good (although this was later proven to have failed). Whilst all this was going on, Daggeron and Imperious entered a bound battle (where each side had to fight equally) with Jenji as the judge. Although Imperious cheated, Daggeron was able to successfully destroy him by slashing him with his Mystic Sword. In his final moments, Imperious alluded to a potential future threat before dissolving to dust, marking the end of the Morlocks' second leader. After the Rangers were able to escape from the Underworld with the help of Leanbow, the Chimera went to the surface world and grew. Before he could kill them, Daggeron arrived on a unicorn named Brightstar who transformed into her own Zord mode and combined with the Mystic Phoenix to form the Phoenix Unizord. Koragg was turned fully evil by the Master and tried to fight Nick and he did so after he killed the Chimera with his Final Strike although thier duel ended in a tie. Heir Apparent

Ten Terrors era

A few days after the death of Imperious, his predictions came true when Necrolai was able to break into and open the tomb of the legendary Ten Terrors, The Master's ten most powerful and loyal subjects. They were Sculpin (the leader), Black Lance, Megahorn, Serpentina, Hekatoid, Gekkor, Oculous, Itassis and Matoombo. Each of them worshipped a slab of stone called the Stone of Judgement which would shine a light upon the Terror to fight the Rangers next with Magma being the first to be chosen. He trashed the Titan and SOlar Steak Megazords on two different occasions and challenged the Rangers to a game. As he explained it, If I defeat all of you before the flame goes out on that tower, I win. But if one of you is left standing when the flame goes out, you win!" The consequences of the former would mean that Magma would be allowed to kill them and destroy Briarwood. Although he came horribly close to victory, the fireball atop the tower he chose to represent the time limit ran out and Sculpin killed Magma by throwing his lance through him. in his last words he said that he may be gone but that there were nine other Terrors to defeat and that"this is just the beginning!" Afterwards, he turns to stone and explodes, making him the first Terror to be destroyed. The Light

Oculous was the second Terror chosen to fight the Rangers and was able to desintergrate four of them using his bayonet and was able to corner Nick with an army of Hidiacs and Styxoids. However, Nick was able to combine with Fire Heart (now an adult) to become the Red Dragon Fire Ranger (his Batalizer) and destroy Oculous and his forces which also contained the last few Hidiacs that the Morlocks had.

At around the same time, Megahorn (who had never personally aggreed with the Stone of Judgement and neither did his friend Serpentina) went to the surface and waged war on the Rangers. With four Rangers destroyed and Nick busy, he ambushed Daggeron, who had been busy training with Jenji. Megahorn grew (forcing Daggeron to summon the Solar Streak Megazord) and he nearly succeeded in destroying Daggeron but Itassis intervened and forced him to leave. Still, Megahorn vowed that he will face the Solaris Knight again. The Hunter

Serpentin was the third to be chosen by the Stone of Judgement to face the Power Rangers. She had peered into the Book of Prophecy that Necrolai was reading and realized it was her turn to be chosen, and so she tricked Hekatoid to attack before her so that he would be able to get rid of the Rangers before she had to punish the humans. He arrived at Briarwood and battled Nick and Vida and squirted them with a special slime by squeezing one of his warts, making them unable to morph. When other rangers arrived, Hekatoid enlarged himself to battle Manticore Megazord and Solar Streak Megazord. However, when the Selection Ceremony to choose Serpentina was underway, he was forced to retreat and return to the lair. Itassis was able to pry the information that Hekatoid was sent by Serpentina to give her an advantage in the next battle.

Although Hekatoid failed, he did manage to cast a spell on Nick and Vida that caused them to lose their ability to morph, giving the team a disadvantage. On her first appearance on the surface world, she fought Daggeron and the three remaining Rangers, who were forced into their Titan forms, due to Nick and Vida's inability to morph. Nick and Vida used a spell to knock her off balance, and Serpentina attempted to attack them when the other Rangers came to their aid. When Daggeron attempted to use Jenji's Shining Attack, Serpentina managed to get one of her snakes to bite Jenji and then activated her shield, turning Jenji to stone. She then challenged the Rangers by inviting them into her Serpent Dimension where she proceeded to swallow them in her giant snake form. She returned to the human world and set her sights on finishing the job by consuming Nick and Vida while they were still vulnerable. Rangers tried to battle her without their powers, but they were no match for Serpentina. However Itassis intervened, reversing Hekatoid's spell on them. Nick then defeated Serpentina with his Battilizer, causing Serpentina to regurgitate the other Rangers. She then grew into her giant form and summoned her snakes all over Briarwood, but before any of them could bite, Daggeron used the Solar Streak Megazord's furnace blast to suck up Serpentina's shield, causing all of her snakes to vanish. The Rangers then destroyed Serpentina with The Legend Striker Spin Attack. In her last breath, Serpentina warned the Rangers that Megahorn would avenge her destruction before falling and exploding, making her the third Terror to be destroyed, and the second Terror to be destroyed by the Mystic Rangers. Because of her destruction, the spell on Jenji was lifted and he was returned to normal. Hard Heads

Megahorn was at last selected by the Stone of Judgement to attack the Surface World. He happily went, even showing the arrogance to rub it in Gekkor's face, to which the Wavern-like Terror replied "whatever.". The Rangers had little success against him when they fought him at first but Nick managed to reveal a weak spot on the back of his neck when he repeatedly attacked him. Megahorn, however, was able to revert the Rangers from Titan form and Ranger form altogether and prepared to finish them off when the Snow Prince appeared and battled him. Surprisingly, even outside of his dimension the Snow Prince managed hold his own with Megahorn, though the dragon eventually overpowered him. The Snow Prince then transported Megahorn into his dimension and he, along with the Rangers, battled him amongst the snowy plains. Daggeron, however, was excluded because the Snow Prince did not feel he had learned what he needed to know. Megahorn, however, still could not be defeated, easily and defeated the Rangers once again, along with the Snow Prince, and broke free from the Snow Prince's dimension. This was when Daggeron arrived and battled Megahorn himself, repeatedly attacking Megahorn in both his Ranger form (Solaris Knight) and his Ancient Mystic Mode in the same fashion as Nick did. He managed to rediscover Megahorn's weak point, on the back of his neck, and targeted that area and temporarily defeated Megahorn. This did not stop the dragon-like Terror, however, and he grew to giant size to battle the Rangers once more. It was at this time Sculpin sent Black Lance to assist him since he believed two Terrors would be far more successful than one (and it was secretly to draw Leanbow out) much to Megahorn's dismay, thinking he could handle the Rangers on his own. Black Lance was sent back to the Underworld by Leanbow and Daggeron continued fighting Megahorn in the Solar Streak Megazord. Then by holding Megahorn in place, the Manticore Megazord had the perfect opportunity to strike the back of Megahorn's neck with the Legend Striker Spin Attack, weakening him enough for Daggeron to finally finish him off by using the Furnace Blast to suck Megahorn in the Megazord's engine and destroy him, making him the fourth Terror to be destroyed, and the third Terror to be destroyed by the Power Rangers. Although Megahorn never got along very well with the other Terrors, they weren't shocked that the Mystic Rangers were able to defeat him, because the terrors said that he deserved the defeat. The Snow Prince

Hekatoid was eventually the fifth chosen by the Stone of Judgment to attack the surface world. When Hekatoid was chosen, he disliked and complained about having to work, and Matoombo scolded him because of his gluttonous and sloppy habits. Black Lance expressed some concerns that he felt that Hekatoid was not ready because he was greatly out of shape. Hekatoid planned to lure the Power Rangers to him using the captured Udonna as bait. He challenged the Rangers to a game where they had to battle a large group of Styxoids within a time limit, marking the end of the last of the Morlocks' footsoldiers, which they succeeded in doing. Next he sent them off to fight evil versions of themselves. When Madison and Chip defeated the clones, the Rangers were victorious, the Rangers got to fight Hekatoid himself to reclaim Udonna, but he refused to give up Udonna so easily and their battle took them from Hekatoid's lair back up to the surface. When it seemed that the Rangers finally got Udonna from Hekatoid's grasp, he used one of his sludge balls to send her away again. He also used his power to steal the Rangers' ability to morph, then fled back to his lair. Once there Hekatoid found out that Daggeron and Jenji were using the Solar Streak Megazord to suck up the Poisonous Tadpole eggs in the sky and went back to fight them as a giant. The Solar Streak Megazord used so much power in sucking up the eggs that it didn't have enough power to fight Hekatoid, and so, Hekatoid battled Daggeron on foot. Knowing Hekatoid was out of shape, the Rangers used their agility and endurance to tire out the toad and take back their Ranger powers. By this time the tadpoles had matured into frogs and began raining down from the sky, but before they could reach the ground, the newly revived Udonna used her ice magic to freeze and vaporise the frogs. When their powers were returned, Udonna and the Rangers combined their magic into a variant of the Legend Warriors United Formation to finally destroy Hekatoid. This makes him the fifth Terror to be destroyed and the fourth to be destroyed by the Rangers. Light Source

In the penultimate episode, Matoombo was selected to be the sixth Terror to fight the Rangers and (unknown to him) also selected as the body for The Master to transfer into. He began sucking energy out of the city and easily defeated the Titan and Solar Streak Megazord. What confused the Rangers was how he refused to kill them despite them being helpless and just left. When he discovered that he would be sacrificed so that Octomus could live, Matoombo fled into the countryside. The first one to find him was Vida, who witnessed him save a boy. She pointed out that if he kept helping the Master, everyone would be killed. Xander arrived to fight him, but Vida stopped both of them and tried to convince him. Matoombo turned good and stopped his attack. However, Matoombo had been chosen to become the Master's vessel so Gekkor, the most zealous in punishing the traitorous Matoombo, was dispatched to deal with Matoombo, who managed to elude him with the help of Vida and Xander. Vida grabbed Jenji and took him aboard the Solar Streak, protecting him as they looked for the Lake of Lament--where Matoombo could sleep forever and prevent the Master from controlling his body. Gekkor was soon able to find him although VIda and Xander intervened. He overwhelmed them and even the other Rangers when they arrived with ease and took them all down with one horrific attack. However Leanbow arrived, revealing that he had survived his attempt on the Master's life, having been saved by Udonna and helped his friends. Gekkor was finally killed by the restored Leanbow who morphed into his new Wolf Warrior form before overwhelming him and killing Gekkor with a Blazing Storm Slash. This made him the sixth Terror to be destroyed and the fifth to be destroyed by the Rangers. Unfortunately, this was all in vain as Sculpin captured Matoombo before he could enter the lake and forcibly transformed him into a completely different being. The Master was back!

The Master's endgame

With only three Terrors left avaliable to him, Octomus knew that the time had come for decisive strikes against the enemy with his ultimate aim being to destroy all good magic. In his first bid for power in the two-part series final episode, Octomus first possessed Nick Russell directly and transformed him into a new Koragg - one more sadistic and vicious, who laid waste to parts of the forest and Rootcore before he was saved. While the Rangers were distracted by this, the Master then went to the Mystic Realm and seemingly destroyed the Mystic Mother, the source of all good magic, and when Leanbow and Daggeron arrived to face him he devoured their Knight powers and killed them and Jenji. Whilst that was occurring, Black Lance was helping Sculpin in thier attempts to kill the traitorous Itasis. He confronted the Rangers and thier Manticore Megazord and was overwhelmed it but Nick and Fire Heart forced him to shrink. He then fought the Rangers but they soon used their version of the Mystic Spell Seal to finish off Black Lance for good, making him the seventh Terror to be destroyed, as well as the sixth and final Terror to be destroyed by the Rangers

Following this, The Master personally went to Briarwood and attacked the Rangers directly, hurling them into a vision of the future where he had succeeded in destroying the Earth, the Rangers weren't finish yet and they summon the Manticore Megazord to take on the Master, they tried to use the Legend Striker Spin Attack at full power, but the Master simply consumed the fiery beam with his mouth and snapped the Legend Striker like a twig. The Rangers were shock, and the Master used his tentacles to demolish the Manticore Megazord, but not after devouring part of their magic while the Megazord was down, and sending the Rangers fleeing. His victory seemed certain - Nick was able to wound him and have the Rangers sent back to the real world, but at the cost of their magic.

However, the Master was undone when it was revealed Itassis and Necrolai had defected from him (causing the resurrection of both Daggeron, Jenji and Leanbow), the Mystic Mother was still alive and both the people of Briarwood & the forest had gathered against him. Regaining their magic from people's belief in them and together with the hope of both the people of Briarwood & the forest they became the Mystic Force Power Rangers once again. Octomus demanded that they give him their magic, to which they comply by unleashing their magic which he easily starts devouring. However no matter how much he consumes still more comes, far more than he can handle. He starts bulging up and distending, demanding that they stop before he overloads on good magic and explodes, thus ending his reign of terror for good. Mystic Fate

With Itasis defecting to the side of good and becoming Daggeron's new apprentice, Necrolai having reverted to a human after using up all of her powers to revive Jenji and the others, and Matoombo somehow having been revived and turned to the side of good, the threat posed by the Morlocks was put to an end once and for all. Meanwhile,





Ten Terrors

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Barbarian Beasts

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  • "Morlocks" are a race of subterranean people living in the far future in H.G. Wells's novel, The Time Machine. They cannibalize the above-ground people, the Eloi. The Morlocks in Power Rangers are also subterranean and villainous, but that's where the similarity ends. See: Morlocks on the Time Machine Wiki.
  • The members and monsters-of-the-week were mostly based on various cryptids/horror movie monsters.
    • Morticon: Frankenstein's monster
    • Koragg, the Knight Wolf: Wolf Man
    • Necrolai: Vampire
    • Imperious: Mummy
    • Sculpin: Creature from the Black Lagoon
    • Magma: Ifrit
    • Black Lance: Sleipnir
    • Itassis: Sphinx
    • Gekkor: Wyvern
    • Megahorn: Drake
    • Serpentina: Medusa/Gorgon
    • Oculous: Cyclops
    • Fightoe: Kobold
    • 50 Below: Yeti
    • Shrieker: Siren
    • Hidiacs and Styxoids: Zombie
    • Octomus: Squid demon/skeleton
  • The Morlocks is also a name for a underground mutant group in the Marvel universe.
    • Perhaps not so coincidentally, both Power Rangers and Marvel are (or in the case of the former, was) owned by Disney.

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