This article is about a/an set of comparisons between monster counterparts in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Dora monsters vs. Rita's monsters

Gorma monsters vs. Zedd's monsters

Youkai Army Corps Monsters vs Zedd and Rita's Monsters

Machine Beasts vs Machine Empire Monsters

Gorotsuki vs Dixatox's Monsters

Nezire Beasts and Psycho-Nezilar vs Astronema's Monsters

Sambash Majin Gang, Budoh Majin Mob, Iliess Majin Tribe, Battobas Majin Corp vs. Lost Galaxy Monsters

Psyma Beasts vs. Lightspeed Rescue Monsters

Londerz Prisoners vs. Ransick's Monsters

Baron Orgs vs. Orgs (Wild Force)

Bionin Corps, Mechanic Corps, Mask Corps, Phantom Beast Corp vs. Lothor's Army

Trinoids and Giganoids vs. Mesogog's Army

Space Criminals Alienizer vs.Troobians

Hades Beasts vs. Morlock

Jaakuryuu vs. Moltor's Army

Dark Shadow vs. Kamdor's Army

Beast-Men vs. Rinshi Beasts

Genshi vs. Phantom Beasts

Banki Beasts vs. Attack Bots

Ayakashi vs. Nighlok

Universal Insect Monsters vs. Insectoids

Minor Yuumajuu vs. Toxic Mutant Monsters

Matroids vs. Robots

Action Commanders vs. Field Commanders

Debo Monsters vs. Sledge's Outlaws

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