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The Monger Army are the monsterous minions of Machine Empire Black Magma in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan. Known as "Bio-Machines", they are created through the combination of elements within the environment that either Führer Hell Saturn or Queen Hedrian choose and a special super-alloy; the alloy is mined from the magma of Japanese volcanos and gain the ability to change their size at will through the energy collected within them, which is generally only done through the usage of the "Expansion Program" used by a Monger when defeated in its small size.Ep. 13: The Living Black Ball

The Expansion Program

The elements are then combined within a monster-making machine in Iron Claw Castle where the Monger is created, usually to assist other elements such as the Zero Girls or Dark Q in their missions for Black Magma's success. While Monger generally are created for whatever needs are required by the organization, an object can be thrown into the Monger machine that can be specially modified in order to create a Monger for a specific purpose.Ep. 27: A Midsummer Night's Great FearEp. 49: The Queen's Last Apparition Art

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