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Minosaurs (マイナソー Mainasō) are mindless monsters that are made from the negative emotions of humans gathering together. Normally appearing on their own, the returning Druidon Tribe reveals they discovered how to create Minosaurs directly from humans, with intent on using them to wipe out mankind. Upon being infected by Kureon's slime (via ingesting it unwillingly), the victim's negative emotions instantly manifest into a Minosaur, gaining their skills and obssesions (their speech would also be derived from the victim's biggest desire), while at the same time, draining away their life energy. The more negative emotions the Minosaur absorbs from its host, the stronger it becomes, and eventually enlarges itself. To make matters worst, if the Ryusoulger fail to destroy the Minosaurs in time, the victims will eventually be killed and thus the Minosaur will gain a completed body and become virtually unstoppable. Killing the victims anyway will cut off the Minosaur's life energy, stopping them as well. Minosaurs are based on mythical creatures.

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  • The Minosaurs are the first Sentai monsters to be created from humans (a trend frequently used in  Kamen Rider). Because of this, The Minosaurs evoke many Monsters from the Kamen Rider series such as the DopantsIcon-crosswiki, the ZodiartsIcon-crosswiki, the PhantomsIcon-crosswiki, the SmashIcon-crosswiki and the Another RidersIcon-crosswiki.
    • However, the Minosaurs' drawing on the negative emotions of the chosen human for power is more in line with the BugstersIcon-crosswiki, who became more powerful based on the stress level and effect they had on their human host. Similarly, GateIcon-crosswikis would become Phantoms if they had lost their hope and reason to live.
    • The Minosaurs being based off mythological animals of various myths is similar to the Phantoms from Kamen Rider Wizard and the Dora Monsters from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.
    • The Minosaurs having superhuman abilities yet possess little to no human consciousness is similar the Smash from Kamen Rider Build.
  • The name Minosaur is a combine of the names Minotaur and Dinosaur, who changed one letter.
    • Alternatively, the name might be a combination of the words "Minus" And Dinosaur, minus coming from the negative emotions that create them.
  • With some notable execptions, the Minosaurs draw some design elements from the Rinjuken Beast-Men & Genjuken members of Juken Sentai Gekiranger (IE: the face of the creature they're based on being located on their torso).


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