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"Ladies and Gentlemen! It's the birth of a new Minosaur! Applause!"
―Kleon’s announcement when creating a Minosaur[src]

Minosaurs (マイナソー Mainasō) are the monsters that are made from the negative emotions of humans, objects and many others gathering together.


Kleon infecting a victim with his slime

Normally appearing on their own, the returning Druidon Tribe reveals they discovered how to create Minosaurs directly from humans (including members of the Ryusoul Tribe and Druidon Tribe) and objects, with intent on using them to wipe out mankind and some nature history. Upon being infected by Kleon's slime (via ingesting it unwillingly), the victim's negative emotions instantly manifest into a Minosaur, gaining their skills and obssesions (their speech would also be derived from the victim's biggest desire), while at the same time, draining away their life energy. The more negative emotions the Minosaur absorbs from its host, the stronger it becomes, and eventually enlarges itself. To make matters worst, if the Ryusoulger fail to destroy the Minosaurs in time, the victims will eventually died and thus the Minosaur will gain a completed body and become virtually unstoppable as shown to Nire after the Mysterious Minosaur gained it's complete body.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger: The Legacy of The Master's Soul According to Bamba, an alternative method of destroying the Minosaurs is when they killed the victims, it will cut off the Minosaur's life energy causing the Minosaurs to be destroyed too which is shown to the Mimic Minosaur when Bamba destroyed the chest box from an antique store.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 9: The Strange Treasure Chest Minosaurs are based on mythical creatures.

Human Originated Minosaurs

Object Originated Minosaurs

Ryusoul Tribe-Originated Minosaurs

Druidon-Originated Minosaurs

Gangler-Originated Minosaurs

Jamenshi-Originated Minosaurs


  • The Minosaurs are the first Sentai monsters to be created from humans.
  • The name Minosaur is a combination of the words "minus" and "dinosaur".
  • According to the page for each Minosaur in TV Asahi website, each Minosaur has their own EXP point as if they are monsters in a game, but it is not clear what purpose this would serve in the series.


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