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The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, also known as the Power Rangers are "teenagers with attitude" that Zordon recruited to battle Rita Repulsa using the power that they wield with their Power Morphers and Power Coins. They developed a strong sense of unity, but whenever one had to move on with his or her life, Zordon appointed new ones to take over.


Power Rangers

Color Role
Red Ranger Grace SterlingJason Lee ScottTrini Kwan ► Jason Lee Scott ► Rocky DeSantos
Black Ranger Jamie GilmoreZack TaylorBilly Cranston ► Zack Taylor ► Adam Park
Blue Ranger Nikolai ChukarinBilly CranstonKimberly Ann Hart ► Billy Cranston
Yellow Ranger Terona WashingtonTrini KwanJason Lee Scott ► Trini Kwan ► Aisha Campbell
Pink Ranger Daniel O'HalloranKimberly Ann HartZack Taylor ► Kimberly Ann Hart ► Kat Hillard
Green Ranger LoriyanTommy Oliver?
White Ranger Tommy Oliver

Backup Power Rangers

Color Role
Purple Ranger Bulk
Orange Ranger Skull

All-New Power Rangers

Color Role
All-New Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart
All-New Black Ranger Zack Taylor
All-New Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan
All-New Red Ranger Britt
All-New Blue Ranger Serge

Turtle Rangers

Color Role
Red Ranger Raphael
Black Ranger Donatello
Blue Ranger Leonardo
Yellow Ranger Michelangelo
Pink Ranger April O'Neil

Ninja Rangers

Color Role
Red Ninja Ranger Jason Lee Scott
Black Ninja Ranger Zack Taylor
Blue Ninja Ranger Billy Cranston
Yellow Ninja Ranger Trini Kwan
Pink Ninja Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart

Team History

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

When Rita Repulsa and her minions were freed from their imprisonment on the moon, Zordon took action to prevent her from taking over the Earth unchallenged. Instructing his childlike robotic assistant, Alpha 5, to recruit "five teenagers with attitude," he chose Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack to receive the five Power Coins in his possession and become Power Rangers. These five rangers thwarted many of Rita's plots, but nearly met defeat when Rita used a sixth Power Coin to transform Tommy into her own evil Green Ranger. Tommy succeeded in cutting off communications with Zordon and trapping the Rangers' Zords before unleashing his own Dragonzord. However, Alpha was able to restore the Command Center's link with Zordon, who helped bring the Zords back, allowing the Rangers to defeat Dragonzord. Once Jason destroyed Tommy's Sword of Darkness, Tommy was freed from Rita's control, and immediately became a new member of the team.

Unlockly Heroes

When Rita Repulsa successfully has her monster trap the Power Rangers into its body, Zordon temporarily recruited Bulk and Skull to be Power Rangers using 'extremely rare' Power Coins. After they successfully defeat the monster, Alpha 5 removes their memories as no one must ever know they were ever Power Rangers.


When Kimberly arrives in St. Moineau, she finds the inhabitants (including her mom and step-dad), transformed into fish monsters by Goldar and a monster called Verto. With the active Power Rangers off of the planet, Zordon issues the Sword of Light to Kimberly to temporarily reclaim her power. Later, Kimberly would use the Sword of Light to disperse her power to Trini and Zack and also to empower two new rangers, Brit and Serge, to become All-New Power Rangers. While the helmets remained unchanged in these forms, the costumes received individualized updates including hoods and pouches and are all accented with pink.



Multi-Use Devices

Communication Devices


Individual Weapons & Team Blaster

Power Ups

Other Weapons



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Legend:◆ piloted zord

Dinozord System

Thunderzord System


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