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The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1969 Team) were a team of Power Rangers brought together by Zordon and Alpha 5 on the eve of the US moon landing to prevent Psycho Green in his efforts to free Rita Repulsa from her prison on the Moon. The team was created for the Boom! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic.


Color Role
Red Ranger Grace Sterling
Blue Ranger Nikolai Chukarin (Deceased)
Black Ranger Jamie Gilmore (Deceased)
Yellow Ranger Terona Washington
Pink Ranger Daniel O'Halloran (Deceased)

Team History

Around 1869, Psycho Green was sent to the Earth’s moon under Dark Specter’s orders to free Rita Repulsa from her prison. However, defense cannons placed by Zordon and Alpha 5 shot down his spaceship. Unbeknownst at the time to the either Zordon or Alpha 5, Psycho Green and his ship survived; scuttling on the surface of the Moon. His ship placed him in suspended animation until it could detect lifeforms for a possible rescue attempt.

In 1969, the proximity of the U.S. Moon Landing activated the reanimation procedure on Psycho Green’s ship. In desperation, Zordon and Alpha 5 pulled together a team from around the world to stop Psycho Green. The five people chosen were Grace Sterling, the head of the secretary pool at NASADA whose own ambitions to be in space were thwarted by the era’s inherent sexisim; Terona Washington, an African American soldier convalescing in a hospital following injuries received while fighting in Vietnam; Daniel O’Halloran, a college student involved with the anti-war movement;  Jamie Gilmore, a British singer and musician; and Nikolai Chukarin, a KGB intelligence analyst. After teleporting them all to the Command Center, and explaining the seriousness of the situation, Grace, Terona, Daniel, Jamie, and Nikolai became the Red, Yellow, Pink, Black, and Blue Rangers respectively.

Alpha 5 then teleported the 1969 Rangers to the moon near the Aitken Crater. After some squabbling, Grace ordered the team to split up; she, Terona, and Daniel were going to try and Rita Repulsa's prison while Nikolai and Jamie served as reconnaissance. Eventually Psycho Green found Jamie and Nikolai and attacked. He hit Nikolai so hard that he would have flown off into space had Grace not caught him. Psycho Green then picked up a boulder and crushed Jamie to death. The Rangers fought back, but Psycho Green shattered the visor of Daniel’s helmet, causing him to die from asphyxiation. Grace, Nikolai, and Terona managed to combine the Power Sword, Power Lance, and Power Daggers to form a modified version of the Power Blaster, but rather than destroy Psycho Green, it energized him to take on a larger, more powerful form. The three Rangers retreated to what would become Rita Repulsa’s Moon Palace and found one of the defense cannons that took down Psycho Green’s ship. After looking at it, Terona mentioned that it would have to be a point blank shot for it to work. Nikolai took the cannon, told Grace and Terona to make the world worth fighting for, allowed Psycho Green to swallow him whole, and fired the defense cannon which killed himself and Psycho Green.

Back at the Command Center, Terona railed against Zordon saying that it was irresponsible of him to send people who were not trained in either using their powers or working together into battle like that. Zordon apologized and then stated that, since the world is no longer in danger, Grace and Terona have to give up their powers. Both were furious as this means giving up the opportunity to use those powers for the greater good (such as ending the Vietnam War) and end up leaving the Command Center; with Grace still in possession of Psycho Green’s dagger.

Impact on the Present Day

Grace Sterling eventually left NASADA. With the stalling of her career there, and the memory of her fallen comrades in her mind, she went on to found the technological giant Promethea, which would make its headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area. Along with developing cutting edge technology, Grace and Prometha would cross paths with the modern day Power Rangers in several ways. Not long after joining the Power Rangers, Billy Cranston would apply for - and ultimately turn down - an internship at Promethea. Years later, after the Black Dragon saga, Grace would offer her and Promethea's services to people and places affected by Rita Repulsa's attacks. Most troublingly, Lord Drakkon would end up being held at Prometha under Grace's orders.

During Shattered Grid, she would aid in the rescue of those Rangers captured by Drakkon and serve as a mentor of sorts for the Promethea Rangers, during Beyond the Grid.

For his part, Terona is revealed to have stayed by the side of Grace, serving as a tech during Beyond the Grid. His most impactful contribution would be helping Cam calibrate the blast, to free the Morphing Grid and return home.



Individual Weapons & Team Blaster

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    • Power Axe
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