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The monsters of Season Three were created by Finster as well as Lord Zedd. would combine his staff with Rita's Magic Wand which would amplify their magic to generate a lightning cloud. Said cloud would then fire off blue lightning which would blast the monster with enough energy to make them grow.

Cameo Monsters

Toy Exclusives


  • Out of all of the Kakurangers monsters, there were 10 monsters that went unused in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3/Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers. In order of appearance;
    • Bakeneko went unused due to much of her footage involving her human form, not to mention her bare chest.
    • Sunakake Babaa went unused due to her large breasts which censors would have issues with.
    • Konakijiji went unused due to his disturbing baby like appearance.
    • Rokurokubi went unused due to much of her being headless almost all the footage. She did appear as background filler in Power Rangers Zeo.
    • Ushioni went unadapted because his sole attacks involved a real pistol and a massive rifle (and since he used it extensively during the mecha battle they couldn't just shot new footage without this element), however he was used as background filler in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
    • Yuki-Onna went unused due to much of her footage spent around unadapted Hananinjas (who went unused due to being Japanese women in all of their footage), she spent too much time as a Japanese woman, or because her ceremony resembled a Satanic ceremony.
    • Karakasa went unused due to her sexually suggestive appearance, her resemblence to a Mikoshi, and most of her footage involving her human form.
    • Kamaitachi went unused due to his footage being spent around the unadapted Hananinjas and Sailor Punishment Sisters.
    • Dorotabou went unused due to almost all footage spent as a Japanese man.
    • Ittan-momen went unused on the show due to him wielding a realistic gun. Was released as Calcifire in the toyline.
    • Enraenra went unused on the show due to most likely reason for this would be because he was defeated by unmorphed Jiraiya (Adam/Corcus' counterpart) freezing him with a Tyrannosaurus Dinozord ground breath-esque attack and it was killed by the Kakuranger Ball which were not adapted for the arsenal of neither the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers nor the Aquitar Rangers.
    • The Hitotsume Kozou Brothers went unused because they spent too much time around two Japanese supporting characters.
    • Kasabake went unused due to spending all of his time around either unmorphed Tsuruhime or Junior in his human form. However he appeared as background filler in Power Rangers Zeo.
  • Although Smudgey Swirl, Yetiki, Piecemeal, and Barkzo are derived from Kakuranger monsters, none of their footage was used and the suits were only used as background filler.
    • Shirouneri (Smudgey Swirl) spent too much time as a miserable old man in a clothing factory and most of his surrounding factory was Japanese people with horrible clothes.
    • Keukegen (Yetiki) was probably never properly adapted because of both his counterpart stabbing the Alien Rangers with scissors, even throwing them at Aurico's counterpart at one point, and his Zord fight involving a lot of punching him in the face along with Keukegen wielding a realistic machine gun instead of a left arm.
      • However, two other possibilities are that the costume was too wrecked for Saban to use (believable due to the amount of punches to the face but unlikely since they had the costume for use as a background character) or that his design would be considered too disturbing for kids (with the horrific, hunchbacked design and masks all over his head).
    • Almost all of Noppera-bo (Piecemeal's) footage involved the unmorphed Hananinjas who were unadapted in Power Rangers and his Zord fight constantly showed The Announcer (a Japanese man in a pink and yellow suit).
    • Binbogami (Barkzo)-Most likely because his only attack involved the Aquitarian Coins being fired at his enemies which would make no sense since the Mighty Morphin Power Coins look nothing like them.


Past Monsters appearing in Season 3

Episodes from Ninja Quest (1), A Different Shade Of Pink (1), Master Vile And The Metallic Armor (3) and Alien Rangers Of Aquitar (1).

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