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Monster Growth

An army of monsters were created by Lord Zedd by using his magic to transform objects or living things (though some from thin air alone) and were chosen to match a problem a Ranger was dealing with. It was stated that the monsters created by Lord Zedd were much stronger than the monsters created by Finster.

To make a monster grow, Lord Zedd conjured a Growth Bomb shaped like a grenade and throw it to Earth where it exploded on impact with the ground and the magic within the Growth Bomb would make the monster grow. On occasion, the monster would catch it themselves before impact and slam it into the ground themselves. Once the monster was defeated, the objects usually reverted back to its original state.

Regular Monsters



  • Out of all of the Dairanger monsters, there were just 5 monsters that went unused. In order of appearance.
    • Duke of Cards went unused due to the movie footage costing extra (being a separate purchase than TV rights) and Saban being very cheap and deciding not to spend money that they didn't have to.
      • SInce the movie occured between the 7th and 8th episodes of Dairanger, he was the first unused monster in Power Rangers history.
    • Boss Kamikaze went unused due to wearing a hachimaki, a headband with the Japanese war flag on it, which is considered offensive for countries that had lived under Japanese rule, including the kamikaze attacks.
    • Teacher Telephone went unused due to spending too much time around the unadapted Boss Kamikaze, and also due to her sexually suggestive persona.
    • Pot Taoist was originally going to be adapted as Party Crasher but the movie went through production and his episode was scrapped when new episodes started being made.
    • Bird Cage Vagrant went unused due to being a negative Mexican stereotype along with an extensive use of a realistic pistol.

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