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Mighty Morphin is an ongoing comic book series published by BOOM! Studios. It is a modern alternate retelling of the TV series of the same name which occurs some time after Shattered Grid. It runs concurrently with the Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) comic title and serves as a replacement to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series.

While Power Rangers focuses on the Omega Rangers and other heroes who bear the Power Rangers name, Mighty Morphin is focused on the original ranger team on Earth. The series features alternate canon from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 2).


The issues of the book so far tie into the Unlimited Power arc spanning between the two titles and its predecessor comic it replaced, where the Rangers must prepare to face a massive cosmic threat capable of annihilating entire solar systems.

The Eltarian War deals with the fallout of the events of "Unlimited Power", with Eltar in the midst of a galactic conflict and the relationships between the Power Rangers and Zordon being at its most turbulent point ever. It introduces the second Omega Blue Ranger and the return of Lord Zedd as the main threat to the universe.


Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Color Role
Red Ranger Grace SterlingJason Lee ScottRocky DeSantos
Black Ranger Jamie GilmoreZack TaylorAdam Park
Blue Ranger Nikolai ChukarinBilly Cranston
Yellow Ranger Terona WashingtonTrini KwanAisha Campbell
Pink Ranger Daniel O'HalloranKimberly HartKat Hillard
Green Ranger LoriyanTommy Oliver ► Matthew Cook
White Ranger Tommy Oliver



Guardians of Eltar

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Supreme Guardian ZophramZordonZartus
Chief Guardian ZophramZordonZartus
Silver Guardian Zartus
Bronze Guardian ZordonZelya




Multi-Use Devices

Communication Devices


Individual Weapons & Team Blaster


All Zords Boom Studios!.png

Legend:◆ piloted zord

Thunderzord System

Dinozord System


Mighty Morphin

Image Issue No. Release Date
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 1 (Unlimited Power) November 4, 2020
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 2 (Unlimited Power) December 9, 2020
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 3 (Unlimited Power) January 13, 2021
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 4 (Unlimited Power) Feb 10, 2021
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 5 (Unlimited Power) March 10, 2021
MM Issue 6 Main Cover.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 6 (Unlimited Power) April 14, 2021
MM Issue 7 Main Cover.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 7 (Unlimited Power) May 12, 2021
MM Issue 8 Main Cover.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 8 (Unlimited Power) June 9, 2021
MM Issue 9 Main Cover.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 9 (Unlimited Power) July 14, 2021
MM Issue 10 Main Cover.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 10 (Unlimited Power) August 11, 2021
MM Issue 11 Main Cover.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 11 (Unlimited Power) September 8, 2021
MM Issue 12 Main Cover.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 12 (Unlimited Power) October 6, 2021
MM Issue 13 Main Cover.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 13 (The Eltarian War) November 10, 2021
MM Issue 14 Main Cover.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 14 (The Eltarian War) December 8, 2021
Mighty Morphin Issue 15.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 15 (The Eltarian War) January 5, 2022
MM Issue 16 Main Cover.jpeg
Mighty Morphin (Boom! Studios) Issue 16 (The Eltarian War) February 9, 2022


Name Role
Dafna Pleban Editor
Ryan Parrott Writer
Marco Renna Artist
Dan Mora Artist
Walter Baiamonte Colorist
Katia Ranalli Colorist
Sara Antonellini Colorist
Raúl Angulo Colorist
Jose Enrique Fernández Colorist
Ed Dukeshire Letterer


  • Mighty Morphin introduces original character Matthew Cook as the new Green Ranger with suit design inspiration taken from Bat in the Sun's version in Super Power Beat Down.

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