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Enetron powers up the uplink between Enter's device and the object chosen. With Metavirus cards, the process is completed.

Metaloids (メタロイド, Metaroido) are robotic monsters used as attack bots by Vaglass. Enter uses Enetron, the city's progressive power supply, to power up the process of creating them. This is done by creating a linkup with a vehicle or object, attaching a microchip to it that is wired to his laptop. Swiping MetaVirus Cards on the card reader of his computer, Enter uploads a matter-manipulating MetaVirus into the object, causing it and surrounding matter to be converted into a Metaloid.

From there, the newly created Metaloids' MetaViruses are copied and transfered into Vaglass MegaZords, enhancing them with the elements of originator before being teleported to the city.

The desired result of making Metaloids.

Each Metaloid has a Identification Number (識別ナンバー, Shikibetsu Nanbā) on their bodies, as well as the name of the MetaVirus that created them. They also have a Production Motif (製造モチーフ, Seizō Mochīfu) and a Recommended Operating Enviroment (推奨動作環境, Suishō Dōsa Kankyō), which is how Enter picks seemingly random inanimate objects that fits the Metaloid's Metavirus perfectly.

Ultimately, the Metaloids' only functions are to hold off the Go-Busters so the MegaZords can obtain the Enetron and become markers for the MegaZords to teleport

List of Metaloids

List of Messiahloids

Created from ten of the thirteen Messiah Cards, the Messiahloids act in gathering data to nurture the aspect of Messiah within them. 

Organic Metaloids

A new ability of the evolved Enter, he can infect an object with a MetaVirus so it would assimilate the first organic being to come in contact with and become an Organic Metaloid.


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