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"Earth's defenders, Never surrender! Go go Megaforce!"
―(Super) Mega Rangers announcing their arrival[src]

"Let's Power Up!"
―pre-morph catchphrase[src]

"Let's go Legendary!"
―pre-fight catchphrase[src]

"(Super) Mega Rangers, that's a (Super) Mega Win!"
―Victory catchphrase[src]

The Mega Rangers, or the Megaforce Rangers make up the Power Rangers Megaforce. They are five teenagers with attitude that Gosei recruits to battle the Warstar, a group of Insectoids with the goal of wiping out Planet Earth's resisting force.

When the Armada arrived as part of the Warstar's plan, the Rangers become the Super Mega Rangers, or the Super Megaforce Rangers while gaining access to the powers of their predecessors. On their journey, they are joined by the mechanical Robo Knight and the humanoid alien Orion.


The five core rangers are teenagers hailing from the city of Harwood County. They are recruited by Gosei to fight the incoming Warstar and its higher division, the Armada. Along their journey they meet a robot known as Robo Knight, and an alien who wants revenge for the destruction of his home, Orion.

Color Role Actor
(Super) Megaforce Red Troy Burrows Andrew Gray
(Super) Megaforce Pink Emma Goodall Christina Masterson
Megaforce Black / Super Megaforce Green
Jake Holling Azim Rizk
(Super) Megaforce Yellow Gia Moran Ciara Hanna
(Super) Megaforce Blue Noah Carver John Mark Loudermilk
Robo Knight Robo Knight Chris Auer (voice)
Super Megaforce Silver Orion Cameron Jebo


With all the Legendary Ranger Keys gathered, each of the original five Super Mega Rangers has what seems to be a counterpart from each of the 18 previous Power Rangers Teams, and some from otherwise unknown teams. This is because of a preference for Troy, Noah and Gia, of using the Ranger Keys associated with their respective colors. With that Emma mostly uses pink and white keys and some non-pink and white keys, and Jake uses green and black keys and some non-green and black keys. However, as pink, white, green, and black are not present in every team, they adjust accordingly. Orion's counterpart is every sixth ranger of each team that has them. Additional rangers and other heroes don't have any counterparts and are used when deemed necessary. It should be noted though, that as these are just preferences and associations, the Super Mega Rangers can use any color Ranger Key and have done so multiple times.

Series Super Megaforce Red Super Megaforce Blue Super Megaforce Yellow Super Megaforce Green Super Megaforce Pink Super Megaforce Silver Extra Rangers
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Blue Ranger Yellow Ranger Black Ranger Pink Ranger
Green Ranger/White Ranger
Alien Rangers Red Aquitar Ranger Blue Aquitar Ranger Yellow Aquitar Ranger Black Aquitar Ranger White Aquitar Ranger
Zeo Zeo Ranger V Red Zeo Ranger III Blue Zeo Ranger II Yellow Zeo Ranger IV Green Zeo Ranger I Pink Gold Ranger
Turbo Red Turbo Ranger Blue Turbo Ranger Yellow Turbo Ranger Green Turbo Ranger Pink Turbo Ranger Blue Senturion & Phantom Ranger
In Space Red Space Ranger Blue Space Ranger Yellow Space Ranger Black Space Ranger Pink Space Ranger Silver Space Ranger
Lost Galaxy Galaxy Red Galaxy Blue Galaxy Yellow Galaxy Green Galaxy Pink Magna Defender
Lightspeed Rescue Red Lightspeed Ranger Blue Lightspeed Ranger Yellow Lightspeed Ranger Green Lightspeed Ranger Pink Lightspeed Ranger Titanium Ranger
Time Force Time Force Red Time Force Blue Time Force Yellow Time Force Green Time Force Pink Quantum Ranger
Wild Force Red Wild Force Ranger Blue Wild Force Ranger Yellow Wild Force Ranger Black Wild Force Ranger White Wild Force Ranger Lunar Wolf Ranger
Ninja Storm Red Wind Ranger Blue Wind Ranger Yellow Wind Ranger Crimson Thunder Ranger Navy Thunder Ranger Green Samurai Ranger
Dino Thunder Red Dino Ranger Blue Dino Ranger Yellow Dino Ranger Black Dino Ranger White Dino Ranger
S.P.D. S.P.D. Red Ranger S.P.D. Blue Ranger S.P.D. Yellow Ranger S.P.D. Green Ranger S.P.D. Pink Ranger S.P.D. Omega Ranger S.P.D. Shadow Ranger
Mystic Force Red Mystic Ranger Blue Mystic Ranger Yellow Mystic Ranger Green Mystic Ranger Pink Mystic Ranger Solaris Knight White Mystic Ranger & Wolf Warrior
Operation Overdrive Red Overdrive Ranger Blue Overdrive Ranger Yellow Overdrive Ranger Black Overdrive Ranger Pink Overdrive Ranger Mercury Ranger Sentinel Knight
Jungle Fury Jungle Fury Red Ranger Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger
RPM Ranger Operator Series Red Ranger Operator Series Blue Ranger Operator Series Yellow Ranger Operator Series Green Ranger Operator Series Black
Ranger Operator Series Gold/Silver
Samurai/Super Samurai Red Samurai Ranger Blue Samurai Ranger Yellow Samurai Ranger Green Samurai Ranger Pink Samurai Ranger Gold Samurai Ranger Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)
Megaforce Megaforce Red Megaforce Blue Megaforce Yellow Megaforce Black Megaforce Pink Robo Knight
Squadron Red Squadron Ranger Blue Squadron Ranger Yellow Squadron Ranger Green Squadron Ranger Pink Squadron Ranger
Lightning Red Lightning Ranger Blue Lightning Ranger Yellow Lightning Ranger
Prism Green Prism Ranger Pink Prism Ranger
Blitz Red Blitz Ranger Blue Blitz Ranger White Blitz Ranger Black Blitz Ranger Pink Blitz Ranger
Supersonic Supersonic Red Supersonic Blue Supersonic Yellow Supersonic Black Supersonic Pink
Battalion Red Battalion Ranger


from Power Rangers Megaforce

"Our world was once a safe and happy place, until evil aliens arrived with one plan, to destroy Earth. Gosei, Earth's ancient guardian, awoke and called on a new team of teenagers to fight off this new threat. They are the Power Rangers Megaforce!"
―The narrator[src]

from Power Rangers Super Megaforce

"An Alien armada has arrived and invaded our planet, wave after wave attack us with a ferocity never seen before! To battle this new threat, the Power Rangers must master the abilities of the legendary Rangers to become Super Megaforce!"
―The narrator[src]


The five Teenagers chosen by Gosei.

Earth has been threatened by evil aliens from outer space.

A supernatural being and his robotic ally carefully chooses five teenagers attending Harwood County High School to fight these monsters as the Mega Rangers.

Admiral Malkor has sent down Yuffo to study the human species. Being able to defeat Yuffo, Vrak unleashes his Zombats and makes Yuffo grow. Unable to come up with a solution, Gosei presents the rangers with Mechazords. The rangers use them, along with their combined form, the Gosei Great Megazord to defeat Yuffo.

Noah has trouble using Jake's heavy Snake Axe and begins to doubt his abilities. But realizing he has to believe in himself, Gosei rewards Noah with the Sea Brothers Zords, and with that unlocking a new megazord combination, the Sea Gosei Great Megazord, which defeats Virox.

A man named Jordan has been telling his friends he was the Red Ranger, but the "real" rangers are distracted by this when Dragonflay attacks. Later, the rangers are able to convince him to tell the truth, which he did. Gosei rewards the rangers with the Land Brothers Zords, and with that unlocking a new megazord combination, the Land Gosei Great Megazord, which defeats Dragonflay.

The main five Megaforce Rangers.

Beezara turns Gia and Emma against each other, while she makes the male rangers her slaves.  Overcoming her control, the rangers gain the Sky Brothers Zords, and with that unlocking a new megazord combination, the Sky Gosei Great Megazord, which defeats Beezara.

Troy is bullied by two other schoolmates, but calmly tells them to back off. He later dealt with a bigger bully, Creepox, and is able to defeat him. Creepox enlarges. Gosei gives the rangers the Ultra Change Zord, enabling the rangers a new megazord combination, the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

The Toxic Mutants have arrived on Earth and have joined forces with Vrak. They send out their first monster, Hisser to fight the rangers. Realizing that the rangers may not be strong enough, Gosei unleashes his creation, Robo Knight, a robot with the feriousity of the Lion he created centuries ago and had kept dormant since then until it was ready to fight at the time of need. But since he was kept dormant for so long, he has suffered from memory loss and the rangers must win his trust and gain back his friendship. Robo Knight easily scares off Bluefur and Bigs and defeats Hisser. Admiral Malkor catches wind of this new warrior and sents Vrak to kidnap him. Vrak uses Psychotick to do the job. But the rangers arrive to help and free him. Watching the rangers' defeat Psychotick, Robo Knight learns the truth of courage, and he uses his new Knight Brothers Zords and combines them with him as the Lion Mechazord and forms the Gosei Grand Megazord, which defeats Psychotick.

Robo Knight, the Earth Guardian appears.

A monster with the ability to steal people's shadows attack a park. Robo Knight is the first to be on scene. While battling Shadow Serpent, the rangers arrive, but Robo Knight though they were a distraction and discourages them. Later, Troy visits Robo Knight and tries to create a plan with him. Troy leaves giving Robo Knight a chance to think about it. The rangers and Robo Knight battle Shadow Serpent on the field. Up until Robo Knight is down, he learns about the truth of teamwork, and the rangers prove it to him. Robo Knight defeats Shadow Serpent, resulting him in enlarging. Robo Knight and the rangers form the Gosei Grand and Gosei Great Megazord, but are defeated. However they didn't give up, and Gosei rewarded them with a new megazord combination. By combining the Gosei Great Megazord and the Gosei Grand Megazord, come forth, Gosei Great Grand Megazord!! In this combination, Robo Knight is on the wall of the ranger's cockpit. The team defeats Shadow Serpent using the Victory Charge, Dual Strike.

Vrak has started searching for a mythical power hidden deep underground, called the Wild Sword. Gosei sends the Mega Rangers to go after it. Vrak manages to get the sword first and forcibly tames it, and sends out a monster named Distractor to "distract" the rangers. After a lengthy battle, the rangers earn the trust of the Wild Sword, and gain access to their new Ultra Mode, which they use to defeat Distractor along with his decoys.

Bluefur and Bigs receive the Aurora Box from Vrak, which he mentions it is a powerful weapon of his royal family. They both use it to power-up Bigs and he takes over a building. The rangers arrive and enter the building, not knowing they entered a nightmare. But with their spirit and courage, they break free of Bigs' curse. Gosei then reveals the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship (which is the Command Center itself), and the rangers use it along with its Megazord Mode to take down Bigs.

The Rangers unlock Ultra Mode.

The Mega Rangers fight their first robotic opponent, Metal Alice, who was secretly created by Vrak in his underground lab. Metal Alice tries to win over Robo Knight by convincing him things that aren't exactly true.

Metal Alice has derailed a passenger train, and set charges all over the train pillars. The Mega Rangers race against time to stop her and save the people on the train. Their heroic actions earned them the Gosei Jet, and along with its Megazord Mode, they defeat Metal Alice. But she is later restored in her capsule, with Vrak overseeing the process.

Admiral Malkor has risen from his cocoon and goes down to Earth to fight the Mega Rangers. However he underestimates them and is defeated, along with the destruction of the Warstar Spaceship. And Vrak is gravely injured, but he is found by Metal Alice and is taken to the lab. Metal Alice begins to work on Vrak, turning him into something anyone can fear.

The Rangers celebrate for defeating the Warstar and recall their past adventures. But they know Metal Alice is still alive. Emma explains with Vrak dead, she has no purpose. Gosei then detects a disturbance

The Rangers summon their weapons.

and the rangers investigate. Metal Alice reveals, Cyborg Vrak. At this point, Vrak has none of his memories, and only knows that the rangers are his enemies. The rangers are overwhelmed.

A mysterious entity has appeared. He seems to be an ally to the Warstar and assists Metal Alice and Vrak in defeating the Mega Rangers. But it seems he has an entire fleet waiting out in space to invade Earth.

The Mega Rangers face The Messenger, Vrak (memories returned at this point), and Metal Alice launch an attack at the Rangers. Their courageous spirits along with Robo Knight's Robo Blaster helps them defeat both the Messenger and Metal Alice. Before the invasion starts, Vrak finally finishes off Metal Alice and takes the Messenger's advice to run and hide.

Super Megaforce

Gosei gives the Rangers their new Legendary Morphers.

The leader of the invasion, Prince Vekar, sends millions of X Borgs and Bruisers down to attack Harwood County. The Rangers separate to fight them. Upon holding them off, they return to Gosei, which he reveals and gives them the Legendary Ranger Powers, unlocking their Super Mega(force) Mode. They head off to fight Headridge with their new powers and win it. Vekar sends down another monster, furious of what happened to Headridge. The Rangers fight Tentacus and defeat him. Princess Levira uses her latest technology to enlarge Tentacus. The Rangers summon their new zords and form the Legendary Megazord to defeat Tentacus once and for all.

With the Armada getting stronger at every second, Gosei sends the rangers to the mystical floating island, Animarium in search for the Red Lion. But Vekar, on the other hand, has found out and sent out General Peluso to intervene with the Ranger's search. The Red Lion appears and knocks everyone off Animaria. When the rangers defeat Peluso and he is enlarged, the Red Lion appears to help the rangers defeat Peluso as they then form the Legendary Wild Force Megazord.

The Rangers morph into Super Mega.

An elite member of the Armada named Matacore is sent to fight the Mega Rangers. Defeated, the rangers think of a new plan, with some advice from the Red Samurai Ranger, Jayden Shiba. Jayden mysteriously leaves after leaving the Double Disc with them. Utilizing the Samurai Ranger Powers to its full potential, the Mega Rangers defeat Matacore, and Levira enlarges him. The rangers use the Legendary Wild Force Megazord, but it still wasn't enough. Jayden and Mentor Ji watch from a distance, and decided to help out the Mega Rangers. The Mega Rangers activate the Samurai Ranger Keys and they combine with Red Lion to form the Legendary Samurai Megazord, which they use to ultimately defeat Matacore.

A monster with a really weird name named Pacha Chamak is known for his magnetic abilities, and is able to defeat the rangers just by taking their weapons. Jake and Emma seek help, and run into Casey, a martial arts instructor and the zoo keeper they recognize. The two convince him to teach them the ways of hand-to-hand combat, no weapons. During training when Emma and Jake finally tap into their animal spirits, they receive a distress call. Casey tells them to answer the morphers, much to Jake and Emma's shock when Casey reveals that he was the Jungle Fury Red Ranger. They though it was amazing though, and went to battle. With the lessons in mind, the rangers defeat Pacha Chamak.

The Mega Rangers in Super Mega Mode.

An Armada ship crash lands on Earth. A man steps out of the ship and walks towards Harwood County. Gosei catches wind of this and tells Tensou.

the Rangers receive a call from Tensou to investigate the attacks by XBorg platoons. Each time the Rangers get to the scene, the X-Borgs were already defeated. They continuously get calls to already cleared up scenes. Emma interrogates a group of people, in which they saw a Silver Ranger defeat the X-Borgs. Skeptical, they return to Ernie's Brainfreeze. The new waiter accidentally bumps into Gia, apologizes, and leaves the mall. Troy offers to treat for frozen yogurt, and waits at the counter, but leaves with the rangers for battle.

During the battle with Gorgax, the Silver Ranger appears and defeats the X-Borgs single-handedly, which then he leaves afterwards. The Rangers return to Ernie's. The new waiter gives the rangers their yogurt. Gia looks at his bracelet on the left hand. He finishes his shift and leaves. The Rangers get another call to fight Gorgax.

The Super Mega Rangers morphed as past Legendary Red Rangers.

The Rangers previously had uncovered Gorgax's force field weakness. Levira had fixed the collar and unknownst to Gorgax has installed a bomb. Jake attempts to strike, but the Silver Ranger appears to stop him from attacking the rigged collar. He uses his Spear to forcefully remove the collar and the Rangers duck from the explosion.

Gorgax, now defenseless, is defeated when Silver Ranger unveils a Ranger Key, much to Noah's shock, and executes a Super Mega Final Strike on Gorgax.

Wanting answers, the Rangers demand Silver Ranger to reveal himself. He then removes his helmet, revealing that he was the new waiter Gia had previously bumped into.

Gia mentions she has bumped into the Silver Ranger before as he informs them his name is Orion. Noah notices he isn't from around the area and Orion says he is from the planet Andresia, a planet not unlike Earth. While the others take a liking to him because he is an extraterrestrial, Troy questions why he is on Earth. Orion tells them that Andresia's population was wiped out and conquered by the Armada. Orion explains he lived with his family in a small village and was a miner, and one day as the workers were ending the day, the Armada attacked and obliterated his village, causing Orion, the sole survivor, to swear revenge.

Orion, the new Silver Ranger comes to help.

As the Rangers give Orion their condolences, Troy tells him it's time that he met their leader. As they enter the Command Center, Tensou gets excited to meet the new Ranger and reveals that he is fluent in Andresian, Orion's native tongue. As Gosei welcomes Orion, he mentions he thought the Silver Ranger Key was destroyed with Andresia and asks Orion how he managed to find it.

Orion informs him that a little over a week before the Armada attack, he was mining a rock and hit a strange crystal containing a strange box and the Key. Keeping his findings to himself, Orion studied the two objects, eventually holding them together and causing him to experience his first vision of the Legendary Sixth Rangers. Through the vision, he knew he had to find the Sixth Rangers, but had no idea what it meant, and he didn't dare put the key into the box, which Tensou corrects him by calling it a Morpher.

Orion unlocks Gold Mode.

However, when the Armada attacked, Orion suddenly knew what the Key and Morpher were for, morphing into the Silver Mega Ranger for the first time. But it was already too late for Andresia, and Orion was the only one left alive, forcing him to fend for himself while training and learning how to fight. One day while training, some Armada ships flew over, and Orion used that chance to use a slingshot and shoot a rock into one of the ships exhaust, causing it to crash. While the Armada picked up the pilot, it left the ship behind, and Orion repaired it and used it to follow the Armada, eventually arriving on Earth.

Leaving the Command Center to show Orion life on Earth, Gia and Emma take a instant liking to Orion and run off with him, making Jake jealous of him getting Gia's attention and disappointing Noah because he wanted to hang out with him. As Troy, Jake, and Noah sit at Ernie's for several hours, Emma and Gia get Orion a haircut and make him try out a plethora of clothes before deciding on his outfit, consisting of a silver coat.

On the Armada Mothership, Damaras and Levira are having a conversation about how Prince Vekar has fallen into a depression because of the failure of his last plan, and Damaras mentions they may do better without him as Osogain enters the room.

Attacking a construction site, Osogain sends powered up X-Borgs and Bruisers against the now six-man team. Proving himself a valuable ally, Orion backs up his fellow Rangers before they morph into the Samurai Rangers and finishing off the remaining Bruisers.

Morphed as the Galaxy Rangers.

Orion faces Osogain alone to avenge the Andresians, using his Super Mega Final Strike to finish him off before Levira enlarges him. Back at the Command Center, Tensou exclaims to Gosei that the Sixth Rangers keys are becoming reinvigorated because of Orion, causing the Quantum Ranger, Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, and White Dino Ranger keys to reappear on the Command Center's walls.

Gosei calls Troy and informs him Orion has unlocked his Megazord, the Q-Rex Drill Megazord. Summoning his zord from the future and requesting to finish Osogain himself, Orion engages Osogain in a Megazord battle, using the Quantum Ranger, Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, and White Dino Ranger keys to transform his zord into different forms, and destroying Osogain once and for all.

Back at Ernie's, the Rangers marvel at Orion's power, while Troy says they need to remind Orion he is on a team now, and not on a vendetta mission. Ernie and Orion come up them, and the Rangers prepare a seat for the latter before Ernie tells them that Orion won't be sitting with them, but serving them as his new employee.

When his Ranger teammates are sidelined by an energy-sucking monster, Jake must put aside his jealousy of Orion and help him use the combined power of the past Sixth Rangers to defeat this terrible foe. They defeat the Xborgs and the other 4 arrive. They morph and battle more Xborgs. Orion meanwhile is having trouble choosing between RPM Gold and Sliver keys.

Orion manages to fuse the power of the RPM Gold and Silver Rangers.

They defeat more Xborgs. Orion asks Gosei to help him Gosei says he doesn't have to choose and makes them together. He then morphs into a RPM Silver and Gold hybrid. He then takes out some Xborgs and battles Skeltox who takes Troy's, Gia's, Emma's, and Noah's energy. He then retreats.

Jake and Orion take the four to the Command Center. Jake is blaming himself of getting in the way, while Orion says it's not his fault. Jake says he has to bring them back and leaves. Orion says it's not his fault, but Jake says it is. Orion then says it's not. Then they get a call. They go out to battle Skeltox, who has returned. Orion unlocks a new mode as Super Megaforce Gold and Orion defeats Skeltox.

Vekar is mad and Levira makes Skeltox big with her maximizer. Skeltox then is shot by the other four Rangers who have got their energy back. Jake joins them and Orion gets his Megazord they finally destroy Skeltox. Then they walk in the park. Orion then goes back to Ernie's, where Ernie is sleeping. Orion then wakes him up and they go in the back room.

When the Megazord is damaged in a fight against a monster who uses his staff to steal human's happiness to cure Prince Vekar's cold, Emma uses unconventional methods to defeat this unusual monster.

The Rangers receive a trans-dimensional distress signal enimating from a wormhole, which they determine to be a link to the dimension of the RPM Rangers. Unable to determine the nature of the distress, the team take the Sky Ship and enter the wormhole.

The Super Mega Rangers in Corinth.

Reaching the other end, the Rangers discover themselves in the domed city of Corinth. Everything seems fine until they spot a large Zord racing through the city. Noah quickly identifies it as the Turbo Falcon, an experimental RPM Zord Attack Vehicle with its own intelligence. According to the files, the Turbo Falcon could not be controlled properly and was shut down and locked away, and now its somehow managed to get free and is running wild. Realising that this is probably the reason for the distress signal, the Rangers try to gently talk the Turbo Falcon into stopping and returning home.

Unfortunately Gia then shouts at it to stop, causing it to turn and drive away, at which point an infuriated Gia orders Troy to give chase. Using a combination of their Zords, the Rangers are able to calm the Turbo Falcon down and stop it. They then get a call from Gosei with bad news: it was a trap! Whilst the Rangers were in the other dimension, the RPM villain Professor Cog and an army of Grinders came through the wormhole into their dimension and collapsed the portal behind them. Professor Cog is revealed to have let the Turbo Falcon escape and is the one who sent the distress call, which would lure the Mega Rangers away so he could trap them in the RPM Dimension and destroy their world unopposed.

Morphed as the Ranger Operators.

In the Armada, Vekar, Argus, Levira, Damaras and two Royal Guards are looking at a Megazord that is almost finished. Vekar is excited about the Megazord, because it looks good and that his face is also on it. Levira, Damaras and the Guards leave shortly afterwards, and Vekar has a plan to end this long invasion and asks Argus to lead the plan, as he's the only one that he trusts.

On the skyship, the Rangers are enjoying their time when the ship is blasted at by several XBorgs and Bruisers. Noah fights Argus alone, while the other Rangers easily defeat the others. As the last set of XBorgs are defeated, the Rangers try to assist Noah until the Royal Guards show up, who almost overpower the Rangers, but Orion tells the others that he'll hold them off. In the warehouse, Argus easily overpowers Noah, and when the other Rangers arrive, Vekar appears and congratulates Argus for his loyalty. He then shows off his Megazord, which shocks all the Rangers.

The Rangers get their Megazords and prepare to fight Vekar's Megazord, but it is just too fast for them. In the main ship, Levira and Damaras watch Vekar easily overpower the Rangers, although Damaras has doubts in his mind. A flashback occurs where Emperor Mavro tells him to protect Vekar at all costs due to his blunders, but he is still his firstborn and next to the heir, before Vrak. Vekar's Megazord unleashes a powerful blast which causes the Rangers' Megazord to explode, but Troy ejects all of the other Rangers before it does. Vekar is jubilant and now needs to hunt five more Rangers, as he believes that he destroyed one of them.

Vekar and Argus with a big group of X-Borgs.

In the ship, Damaras congratulates Vekar for his success and that a feast has been prepared to celebrate their victory. However, Vekar won't celebrate until he destroys all the Rangers and conquers Earth, so he sends Argus and a large group of his soldiers to find the other Rangers.

Somewhere on the Earth, Noah tries to regroup with the others but Argus is blocking his way. In another area, a group of XBorgs scan the woods for other Rangers. After they pass through, Orion leaps down from the branch and something taps him in the back. He turns around and finds Emma and the others (minus Noah). The two fight, and even though Noah is losing, he refuses to give up and blocks a large amount of Argus' attacks. When Argus tries to finish him off, Noah reflects his attack back at him, and then throws his saber into his chest, killing him. On the ship, Vekar is shocked and angry that he killed Argus, and despite Damaras' protests, goes to his Megazord. Noah finally catches up with the others shortly afterwards.

The Rangers are then attacked by a large group of the Armada's forces, but the initial group is destroyed by the Skyship, and the Rangers are happy to see that Troy didn't die from the explosion. The two Royal Guards then appear, but with all of the Rangers working together, manage to defeat them. Vekar then arrives with his Megazord and the Rangers get in their Megazords for their final showdown with Prince Vekar.

Noah fights Argus.

Although Vekar and his megazord once again have the upper hand at first, the tables finally turn when Gosei tells the rangers their perseverance has allowed them to unlock the Ultimate Megazord, which they use. The Ultimate Megazord finally gives the rangers the upper hand, but Vekar refuses to go down until the rangers use their "Flying Fist" finisher to completely destroy Vekar's Megazord, finally killing Vekar in the process. Back on the Armada ship, Levira and Damaras are shocked that Vekar has been killed, and Damaras says its time to avenge their leader.

On the Skyship, the Rangers celebrate their huge victory over the Armada. Meanwhile, somewhere on Earth, Damaras carries Vekar's body from his Megazord and is regretful that he didn't protect him enough, and promises to take his revenge on the Rangers.

In the wake of Prince Vekar's demise, Vrak returns to the spot where his brother was killed and thanks him for being a "distraction." He uses technology from his underwater base to create his first drill, then captures Orion as he is leaving his job. Vrak absorbs Orion's Sixth Ranger powers as the other Rangers find the first drill as they head to school. Tensou alerts the Rangers as they arrive at the scene of the crime. Vrak greets them in his cyborg form.

Vrak is back.

The Rangers are surprised to see Vrak, considering they haven't seen him since he retreated shortly after the demises of the Messenger and Metal Alice and right before Prince Vekar led the Armada to Earth for the very first time. Noah taunts Vrak with the death of his brother, but Vrak thanks them for killing him, much to Emma's shock. He states that with Vekar dead, Vrak is now first in line for the throne and that he is back to claim his birth right. The Rangers wonder where Orion is but Troy tells them to start without him. The Rangers morph and immediately attack Vrak, who mirrors all of their attacks and unleashes his true form. He explains that he is now practically invicible, and can still unleash his Warstar, Earth, and Cyborg forms as well. The Rangers try to morph to Super Mega Mode, but it doesn't work; Vrak has disabled both Super Mega Mode and Legendary Ranger Mode, turning all of the keys in the command center into stone, leaving the Rangers in their Megaforce powers usable. Vrak also admits that he has captured Orion, and will drain his life-force until he is dead and powerless. The Rangers try the Megaforce Blaster, but Vrak deflects it. Vrak easily overpowers the Rangers, but decides not to destroy them, as he wants someone else to finish the job, holding up a miniature Robo Knight Lion Zord before retreating.

Vrak captures Orion.

At the underwater base, Vrak has Robo Knight chained up as he uses Orion's powers to turn him evil. He then summons his minions, Tresnag and Drill Horn, and awards them with a special mission while introducing them to his latest achievement: Dark Robo Knight. Meanwhile, the Rangers notice that the keys are stone as Tensou alerts the Rangers to meet Vrak at the pier. Vrak meets them there and summons his minions while taunting the Rangers about Orion, prompting Noah to call him a monster. However, this insult does not offend Vrak, as he unless Dark Robo Knight, much to the Rangers' shock. The brainwashed Robo Knight easily overpowers the Rangers before Vrak stops him an forces them to retreat. Troy decides to take matters into his own hands and use Ultra Mode.

Back at the underwater base, Vrak tells Tresnag to carry out his plan, which is why he told Robo Knight to spare the Rangers. The Rangers meet Vrak and Robo Knight at the same beach where they fought Vrak as a cyborg a year earlier. Vrak summons Tresnag, who immediately overpowers the Rangers. Noah fights Vrak and Robo Knight while the others deal with Tresnag. Noah escapes Robo Knight's wrath and finds himself face-to-face with Vrak. Vrak taunts

Vrak commands Robo Knight to attack the Rangers.

Noah with power orbs which were created by Orion's power and try to excite Noah with the technology to destroy a planet, but all Noah wants to see is Vrak destroyed. The other Rangers defeat Tresnag while Noah attacks Vrak, who retreats with Robo Knight, but not before summoning his Zombats to enlarge Tresnag. The Rangers use the Gosei Great Megazord and the Sea Brothers to destroy Tresnag. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Vrak wants, as a giant white drill appears in the sea. Vrak thanks the Rangers for playing their part perfectly, as the power used to destroy Tresnag turned him into a drill. Vrak promises that once the final drill is in place, his drills will demolish the Earth's core, and make Earth crumble into dust.

Troy tries to help Robo Knight.

Vrak summons Drill Horn to fulfill his plan, while Robo Knight wants to destroy the Rangers himself. Meanwhile, the Rangers approach the land drill. Gia tries to destroy the drill using her "Rock Rush" card, but her attempt fails. Vrak and Robo Knight then appear and challenge the Rangers. Troy tells Emma to take out the drills using the command ship. Noah and Jake try to attack Robo Knight but Troy stops them, stating that they can still save Robo Knight without destroying him. Vrak taunts the Rangers stating that Robo Knight has no weakness for emotions due to being a machine. Emma tries to take out the land drill with the Command Ship, but her attempt fails miserably. Robo Knight fights the Rangers as Vrak laughs at them. Robo Knight blasts the Rangers off a hill using his Vulcan Cannon, and gets Vrak's permission to finish them off. Troy attempts to take on Robo Knight alone.

The Mega Rangers face Vrak.

As the other Rangers try to follow him, Vrak summons Drill Horn to keep them busy. As Troy fights Robo Knight in a nearby shed (the same area where Noah fought Argus) Vrak uses his Zombats to enlarge Drill Horn, who causes several damages to the city and even destroys 2 buildings. The Rangers fight Drill Horn using the Gosei Ultimate Megazord while Troy fights Robo Knight. Robo Knight hits troy over and over again until Troy is left demorphed on the ground. The other Rangers use the Ultimate Strike attack to destroy Drill Horn. Vrak is happy about this, saying that he is one step closer to fulfilling his plan. Troy fights Robo Knight as the other Rangers arrive. Troy uses his inner energy aura to punch the evil out of Robo Knight, turning him good again. Robo Knight thanks Troy but is damaged badly. Noah gets an idea to have Gosei fix him. However, as Noah is about to call Tensou, another drill appears. Vrak thanks the Rangers, stating that Robo Knight was nothing but a distraction. Robo Knight runs off to do one last thing alone. Gosei tells the Rangers to bring Robo Knight, but he's missing.

Back at the command center, Gia laments over Orion and Robo Knight and is worried about Vrak's plan. Gosei tells the Rangers to focus on stopping Vrak. Troy notices that Robo Knight's key is glowing. Meanwhile at Vrak's base, as Vrak's plan reaches its climax, Robo Knight appears and challenges Vrak to a duel. Vrak blasts apart his base (in

The Rangers last fight with Vrak.

hopes of killing both Orion and Robo Knight) but Robo Knight grabs Orion and runs out just as the base explodes. The Rangers believe that Robo Knight was killed and Troy wants revenge on Vrak. An alarm goes off and Tensou locates Vrak. Jake motivates the Rangers to defeat him while Gia promises Troy that Robo Knight will be avenged. At the climax of his master plan, Vrak activates his drills just as the Rangers appear. Vrak taunts the Rangers by saying they are too late, stating that the world will end via a solar eclipse, which will unleash all of Vrak's evil power and will speed up the drills enough to demolish the Earth's core. The Rangers morph for one final battle. The Rangers use Ultra Mode to perform the Dynamic Strike finisher, but Vrak neutralizes the blast with one hand, stating that his power is better than Gosei's. He then blasts the Rangers and knocks them out of Ultra Mode, stating that Earth has a 0% chance of surviving. The Rangers charge at Vrak just as the solar eclipse starts. The Rangers use the Megaforce Blaster while Vrak unleashes his dark powers. The Rangers' attack prevails, but Vrak survives.

Troy fights Vrak while the other Rangers state that they will never give up, but Vrak laughs at them, saying that the only was to stop the drills is to defeat him, and according to Vrak, they are powerless. Hearing that, Troy then gets an idea to combine his powers with the other Rangers in order to perform his Sky Strike attack, and Gosei explains to Troy that combining his attack with the power of the eclipse will increase his attack power to its maximum level. Avenging both the Earth and Robo Knight, Troy performs the Infinite Sky Strike finisher, which ultimately kills Vrak once and for all. Troy is relieved to see Vrak dead. The Rangers celebrate as the drills disappear. The Rangers find Orion washed up on the beach and bring him to the command center. Orion tells the Rangers that Robo Knight ransferred his life force into him. Gosei congratulates the Rangers for finally defeating Vrak and saving the Earth.

Troy is captured by Damaras.

Emperor Mavro comes to Earth, with his personal fleet, to avenge his sons' deaths and arrests Damaras

for failing to protect the Prince. He gives a chance to Damaras to redeem himself by destroying the Power Rangers, but he fails against their determination and teamwork. The Emperor has not yet said his last word.

Orion believes that Earth is now completely safe and decides to return to his home planet Andresia. Ernie and the Rangers (especially Emma) are sad to see Orion go and gives him a bag of mementos. Orion then leaves Earth on his Armada ship.

Meanwhile, in order to destroy the Rangers and conquer Earth, Emperor Mavro decides to send every Armada ship in the galaxy to attack the planet. Levira is given a chance to redeem herself so she creates her own Megazord and goes after the Rangers. When Gosei tells the Rangers about Mavro's plans, Troy says that even though they will have to face thousands of enemies, they have every Power Ranger in history fighting beside them.

The Mega Rangers in Legendary Ranger Mode about to face Levira.

The Rangers, with the help of Legendary Ranger mode, easily defeat Levira and the Royal Guard with no major trouble at all but it is revealed that Emperor Mavro used Levira to buy the Armada ships time to reach Earth. Armada

ships then fully cloud the sky and begin to destroy the city with powerful laser beams. The Rangers combine every Legendary Zord they have in their arsenal and effectively destroy most of the ships but a bigger second wave of ships arrive and destroys all of the Rangers' Zords before sending their Legendary Megazord crashing to the ground. The Armada Mothership shoots on the Megazord, blowing it to pieces, sending the Rangers flying and falling to the ground unconscious. At the same time, Orion listens to Mavro's threatening messages in his ship.

Troy and Orion morph into the Space Red and Silver Ranger to escape.

With the Rangers knocked out, Emperor Mavro sends a final message to humanity, telling them that the Armada will be taking over the planet once and for all because of the Earthlings' strong resistance against the Armada. He then declares that the Armada will finish the job the next day at dawn.

The Rangers contact Gosei, who expresses his confidence in their ability to succeed despite the loss of their Zords. While the Rangers are initially despondent, Troy rallies them with an encouraging speech, and a familiar Armada ship soon descends with a welcome addition to their forces: a returning Orion. The next day, Redker leads a force of Armada robots to attack the city, only to be challenged by the Rangers. After briefly helping the others fight him, Troy and Orion determine that their only hope of defeating the Armada for good is to infiltrate the Armada flagship and challenge Emperor Mavro head on. Leaving their four friends to continue the battle, they board Orion's ship and manage to crash it into the flagship and make their way aboard. While their friends defeat Redker, the pair challenge Mavro, but he proves a formidable combatant. However, they manage to turn the flagship's firepower on the rest of the Armada fleet, decimating the entire force in less than a minute.

Legendary Rangers come to assist the Mega Rangers fight an army of X-Borgs.

Using their full power, they then defeat Mavro and send the flagship plummeting towards Earth. Much to the horror of their friends, they apparently perish in the crash as the vessel explodes. However, using the powers of the Red and Silver Space Rangers, the two manage to get out of the ship before it crashes. The group celebrate their victory, only to spot one final menace: a massive army of X-Borgs and Bruisers marching towards the city. Despite being vastly outnumbered, the six Rangers are determined to fight, and then receive one final surprise: the Legendary Rangers all appear to aid them in this final confrontation. The Megaforce Rangers gladly welcome their new allies, and refrain from going into Super Megaforce mode due to their confidence about the outcome of the battle. After a furious struggle, all the robots are defeated, and the veteran Rangers-led by Tommy-bid farewell to the Megaforce, assuring them that the older Rangers will always be with them. With that, the Legendary Rangers disperse, and the Megaforce Rangers decide to celebrate their victory, with Troy leaving his sword behind at the site of the final battle and Gia giving Jake a kiss on the cheek.

Super Ninja Steel

Dimensions in Danger

Gia assists the Ninja Steel Rangers as part of the Legendary Rangers who were captured by Lord Draven.

Gia returned as the Yellow Megaforce Ranger after being kidnapped by Lord Draven along with Katherine HillardT.J. JohnsonTrent Fernandez-MercerAntonio Garcia, and Rocky DeSantos and sent to his dimension. Lord Dravon used them to make robotic clones of each Ranger. They were soon rescued by Wesley CollinsGemma, Koda, Tommy Oliver and the Ninja Steel Rangers. Gia joins the final fight with the Ninja Steel Rangers and the veteran Rangers using her Gosei Morpher and Blaster. After the battle Gia returns back to her dimension with the rest of the Rangers. 


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Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices


Team Blaster and Individual Weapons


Multi-Use Devices


Team Blaster


Mechazord System

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ◇ combo-assist zord, ✶ team-piloted mecha; colors are in reference to Rangers who piloted them and not the physical color of the zords

Alternate Mechazord System

  • Alternate Combination - Sea Megazord
  • Alternate Combination - Land Megazord 
  • Alternate Combination - Sky Megazord 

Super Mega/Legendary Zord System

Legend: ◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux mecha

Mechazord System

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Alternate Combinations


Legendary Ranger Keys

Unlocking New Powers

One of the unique characteristics of the Mega Rangers, and later the Super Mega Rangers, is unlocking new powers via the Power Cards or Legendary Ranger Keys. These are always announced by Gosei prior to use. As the Mega Rangers, these powers are gained by proving themselves worthy through learning lessons and showing heroic character traits. Upon being granted access to the powers of the Legendary Rangers as Super Mega Rangers, they can unlock new powers by mastering the powers of certain teams or, similar to Mega Mode powers, by proving themselves worthy to use the powers of certain teams.

In Megaforce

Mega Mission (ep1)

  • Megaforce Blaster

He Blasted Me WIth Science (ep2)

  • Mechazords/Gosei Great Megazord

Going Viral (ep3)

  • Sea Brothers/Sea Megazord

Stranger Ranger (ep4)

  • Land Brothers/Land Megazord

United We Stand (ep5)

  • Sky Brothers/Sky Megazord

Who's Crying Now? (ep7)

  • Ultra Change Zord/Ultra Gosei Great Megazord

Robo Knight (ep8)

  • Lion Mechazord

Prince Takes Knight (ep9)

  • Knight Brothers
  • Gosei Grand Megazord

Man and Machine (ep10)

  • Gosei Great Grand Megazord

Ultra Power (ep11)

  • Ultra Mode

Gosei Ultimate (ep14)

  • Gosei Ultimate Megazord

Staying on Track (ep17)

  • Gosei Jet Megazord

In Super Megaforce

Super Megaforce (ep 1)

  • Super Mega Mode
  • Super Mega Skyship and Zords/Legendary Megazord

Earth Fights Back (ep 2)

Blue Ranger Saga (ep 3)

A Lion's Alliance (ep 4)

Samurai Surprise (ep5)

  • Legendary Samurai Megazord

Spirit of the Tiger (ep6)

  • Jungle Fury powers/Animal Spirits

Silver Lining, Part 2 (ep8)

  • Q-Rex Megazord

Power of Six (ep9)

  • Super Megaforce Gold

United as One (ep12)

  • Legendary Q-Rex Megazord

The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer (ep13)

  • Super Mega Cannon
  • Ninjazord/Legendary Ninja Megazord

In the Driver's Seat (Ep14)

All Hail Prince Vekar (Ep15)

  • Ultimate Legendary Megazord

Video Game appearances

Power Rangers Dash

The Megaforce Rangers as well as their Super Mega Mode are among all the Ranger teams which appear in the Korean-developed mobile game Power Rangers Dash.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Robo Knight appears as a playable character in the game representing the Megaforce Rangers and Gia Moran appears as playable character as well although as Super Mega Yellow.


  • The Mega Rangers are the first team with two Silver Rangers.
  • Although the Rangers are given official last names, they are never heard or seen in-show.


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