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"Earth's defenders, Never surrender! Go go Megaforce!"
―(Super) Mega Rangers announcing their arrival[src]
"Let's Power Up!"
―pre-morph catchphrase[src]
"Let's go Legendary!"
―pre-fight catchphrase[src]
"(Super) Mega Rangers, that's a (Super) Mega Win!"
―Victory catchphrase[src]

The Mega Rangers, or the Megaforce Rangers make up the Power Rangers Megaforce. They are five teenagers with attitude that Gosei recruits to battle the Warstar, a group of Insectoids with the goal of wiping out Planet Earth's resisting force.

When the Armada arrived as part of the Warstar's plan, the rangers become the Super Mega Rangers, or the Super Megaforce Rangers while gaining access to the powers of their predecessors. On their journey, they are joined by the mechanical Robo Knight and the humanoid alien Orion.


The five core rangers are teenagers hailing from the city of Harwood County. They are recruited by Gosei to fight the incoming Warstar and its higher division, The Armada. Along their journey they meet a robot known as Robo Knight, and an alien who wants revenge for the destruction of his home, Orion.

Color Role Actor
(Super) Megaforce Red Troy Burrows Andrew Gray
(Super) Megaforce Pink Emma Goodall Christina Masterson
Megaforce Black / Super Megaforce Green
Jake Holling Azim Rizk
(Super) Megaforce Yellow Gia Moran Ciara Hanna
(Super) Megaforce Blue Noah Carver John Mark Loudermilk
Robo Knight Robo Knight Chris Auer (voice)
Super Megaforce Silver Orion Cameron Jebo


With all the Legendary Ranger Keys gathered, each of the original five Super Mega Rangers has what seems to be a counterpart from each of the 18 previous Power Rangers Teams, and some from otherwise unknown teams. This is because of a preference for Troy, Noah and Gia, of using the Ranger Keys associated with their respective colors. With that Emma mostly uses pink and white keys and some non-pink and white keys, and Jake uses green and black keys and some non-green and black keys. However, as pink, white, green, and black are not present in every team, they adjust accordingly. Orion's counterpart is every sixth ranger of each team that has them. Additional rangers and other heroes don't have any counterparts and are used when deemed necessary. It should be noted though, that as these are just preferences and associations, the Super Mega Randers can use any color Ranger Key and have done so multiple times.

Series Super Megaforce Red Super Megaforce Blue Super Megaforce Yellow Super Megaforce Green Super Megaforce Pink Super Megaforce Silver Extra Rangers
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Blue Ranger Yellow Ranger Black Ranger Pink Ranger
Green Ranger/White Ranger
Alien Rangers Red Aquitar Ranger Blue Aquitar Ranger Yellow Aquitar Ranger Black Aquitar Ranger White Aquitar Ranger
Zeo Zeo Ranger V Red Zeo Ranger III Blue Zeo Ranger II Yellow Zeo Ranger IV Green Zeo Ranger I Pink Gold Ranger
Turbo Red Turbo Ranger Blue Turbo Ranger Yellow Turbo Ranger Green Turbo Ranger Pink Turbo Ranger Blue Senturion & Phantom Ranger
In Space Red Space Ranger Blue Space Ranger Yellow Space Ranger Black Space Ranger Pink Space Ranger Silver Space Ranger
Lost Galaxy Galaxy Red Galaxy Blue Galaxy Yellow Galaxy Green Galaxy Pink Magna Defender
Lightspeed Rescue Red Lightspeed Ranger Blue Lightspeed Ranger Yellow Lightspeed Ranger Green Lightspeed Ranger Pink Lightspeed Ranger Titanium Ranger
Time Force Time Force Red Time Force Blue Time Force Yellow Time Force Green Time Force Pink Quantum Ranger
Wild Force Red Wild Force Ranger Blue Wild Force Ranger Yellow Wild Force Ranger Black Wild Force Ranger White Wild Force Ranger Lunar Wolf Ranger
Ninja Storm Red Wind Ranger Blue Wind Ranger Yellow Wind Ranger Crimson Thunder Ranger Navy Thunder Ranger Green Samurai Ranger
Dino Thunder Red Dino Ranger Blue Dino Ranger Yellow Dino Ranger Black Dino Ranger White Dino Ranger
S.P.D. S.P.D. Red Ranger S.P.D. Blue Ranger S.P.D. Yellow Ranger S.P.D. Green Ranger S.P.D. Pink Ranger S.P.D. Omega Ranger S.P.D. Shadow Ranger
Mystic Force Red Mystic Ranger Blue Mystic Ranger Yellow Mystic Ranger Green Mystic Ranger Pink Mystic Ranger Solaris Knight White Mystic Ranger & Wolf Warrior
Operation Overdrive Red Overdrive Ranger Blue Overdrive Ranger Yellow Overdrive Ranger Black Overdrive Ranger Pink Overdrive Ranger Mercury Ranger Sentinel Knight
Jungle Fury Jungle Fury Red Ranger Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger
RPM Ranger Operator Series Red Ranger Operator Series Blue Ranger Operator Series Yellow Ranger Operator Series Green Ranger Operator Series Black
Ranger Operator Series Gold/Silver
Samurai/Super Samurai Red Samurai Ranger Blue Samurai Ranger Yellow Samurai Ranger Green Samurai Ranger Pink Samurai Ranger Gold Samurai Ranger Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)
Megaforce Megaforce Red Megaforce Blue Megaforce Yellow Megaforce Black Megaforce Pink Robo Knight
Squadron Red Squadron Ranger Blue Squadron Ranger Yellow Squadron Ranger Green Squadron Ranger Pink Squadron Ranger
Lightning Blue Lightning Ranger Yellow Lightning Ranger
Prism Green Prism Ranger Pink Prism Ranger
Blitz Red Blitz Ranger Blue Blitz Ranger White Blitz Ranger Black Blitz Ranger Pink Blitz Ranger
Supersonic Yellow Supersonic Ranger
Battalion Red Battalion Ranger


from Power Rangers Megaforce

"Our world was once a safe and happy place, until evil aliens arrived with one plan, to destroy Earth. Gosei, Earth's ancient guardian, awoke and called on a new team of teenagers to fight off this new threat. They are the Power Rangers Megaforce!"
―The narrator[src]

from Power Rangers Super Megaforce

"An Alien armada has arrived and invaded our planet, wave after wave attack us with a ferocity never seen before! To battle this new threat, the Power Rangers must master the abilities of the legendary Rangers to become Super Megaforce!"
―The narrator[src]


Earth has been threatened by evil aliens from outer space. A supernatural being and his robotic ally carefully chooses five teenagers attending Harwood County High School to fight these monsters as the Mega Rangers.

Admiral Malkor has sent down Yuffo to study the human species. Being able to defeat Yuffo, Vrak unleashes his Zombats and makes Yuffo grow. Unable to come up with a solution, Gosei presents the rangers with Mechazords. The rangers use them, along with their combined form, the Gosei Great Megazord to defeat Yuffo.

Noah has trouble using Jake's heavy Snake Axe and begins to doubt his abilities. But realizing he has to believe in himself, Gosei rewards Noah with the Sea Brothers Zords, and with that unlocking a new megazord combination, the Sea Gosei Great Megazord, which defeats Virox.

A man named Jordan has been telling his friends he was the Red Ranger, but the "real" rangers are distracted by this when Dragonflay attacks. Later, the rangers are able to convince him to tell the truth, which he did. Gosei rewards the rangers with the Land Brothers Zords, and with that unlocking a new megazord combination, the Land Gosei Great Megazord, which defeats Dragonflay.

Beezara turns Gia and Emma against each other, while she makes the male rangers her slaves.  Overcoming her control, the rangers gain the Sky Brothers Zords, and with that unlocking a new megazord combination, the Sky Gosei Great Megazord, which defeats Beezara.

Troy is bullied by two other schoolmates, but calmly tells them to back off. He later dealt with a bigger bully, Creepox, and is able to defeat him. Creepox enlarges. Gosei gives the rangers the Ultra Change Zord, enabling the rangers a new megazord combination, the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

The Toxic Mutants have arrived on Earth and have joined forces with Vrak. They send out their first monster, Hisser to fight the rangers. Realizing that the rangers may not be strong enough, Gosei unleashes his creation, Robo Knight, a robot with the feriousity of the Lion he created centuries ago and had kept dormant since then until it was ready to fight at the time of need. But since he was kept dormant for so long, he has suffered from memory loss and the rangers must win his trust and gain back his friendship. Robo Knight easily scares off Bluefur and Bigs and defeats Hisser. Admiral Malkor catches wind of this new warrior and sents Vrak to kidnap him. Vrak uses Psychotick to do the job. But the rangers arrive to help and free him. Watching the rangers' defeat Psychotick, Robo Knight learns the truth of courage, and he uses his new Knight Brothers Zords and combines them with him as the Lion Mechazord and forms the Gosei Grand Megazord, which defeats Psychotick.

A monster with the ability to steal people's shadows attack a park. Robo Knight is the first to be on scene. While battling Shadow Serpent, the rangers arrive, but Robo Knight though they were a distraction and discourages them. Later, Troy visits Robo Knight and tries to create a plan with him. Troy leaves giving Robo Knight a chance to think about it. The rangers and Robo Knight battle Shadow Serpent on the field. Up until Robo Knight is down, he learns about the truth of teamwork, and the rangers prove it to him. Robo Knight defeats Shadow Serpent, resulting him in enlarging. Robo Knight and the rangers form the Gosei Grand and Gosei Great Megazord, but are defeated. However they didn't give up, and Gosei rewarded them with a new megazord combination. By combining the Gosei Great Megazord and the Gosei Grand Megazord, come forth, Gosei Great Grand Megazord!! In this combination, Robo Knight is on the wall of the ranger's cockpit. The team defeats Shadow Serpent using the Victory Charge, Dual Strike.

Vrak has started searching for a mythical power hidden deep underground, called the Wild Sword. Gosei sends the Mega Rangers to go after it. Vrak manages to get the sword first and forcibly tames it, and sends out a monster named Distractor to "distract" the rangers. After a lengthy battle, the rangers earn the trust of the Wild Sword, and gain access to their new Ultra Mode, which they use to defeat Distractor along with his decoys.

Bluefur and Bigs receive the Aurora Box from Vrak, which he mentions it is a powerful weapon of his royal family. They both use it to power-up Bigs and he takes over a building. The rangers arrive and enter the building, not knowing they entered a nightmare. But with their spirit and courage, they break free of Bigs' curse. Gosei then reveals the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship (which is the Command Center itself), and the rangers use it along with its Megazord Mode to take down Bigs.

The Mega Rangers fight their first robotic opponent, Metal Alice, who was secretly created by Vrak in his underground lab. Metal Alice tries to win over Robo Knight by convincing him things that aren't exactly true.

Metal Alice has derailed a passenger train, and set charges all over the train pillars. The Mega Rangers race against time to stop her and save the people on the train. Their heroic actions earned them the Gosei Jet, and along with its Megazord Mode, they defeat Metal Alice. But she is later restored in her capsule, with Vrak overseeing the process.

Admiral Malkor has risen from his cocoon and goes down to Earth to fight the Mega Rangers. However he underestimates them and is defeated, along with the destruction of the Warstar Spaceship. And Vrak is gravely injured, but he is found by Metal Alice and is taken to the lab. Metal Alice begins to work on Vrak, turning him into something anyone can fear.

The Rangers celebrate for defeating the Warstar and recall their past adventures. But they know Metal Alice is still alive. Emma explains with Vrak dead, she has no purpose. Gosei then detects a disturbance and the rangers investigate. Metal Alice reveals, Cyborg Vrak. At this point, Vrak has none of his memories, and only knows that the rangers are his enemies. The rangers are overwhelmed.

A mysterious entity has appeared. He seems to be an ally to the Warstar and assists Metal Alice and Vrak in defeating the Mega Rangers. But it seems he has an entire fleet waiting out in space to invade Earth.

The Mega Rangers face The Messenger, Vrak (memories returned at this point), and Metal Alice launch an attack at the Rangers. Their courageous spirits along with Robo Knight's Robo Blaster helps them defeat both the Messenger and Metal Alice. Before the invasion starts, Vrak finally finishes off Metal Alice and takes the Messenger's advice to run and hide.

Super Megaforce

The leader of the invasion, Prince Vekar, sends millions of X Borgs and Bruisers down to attack Harwood County. The Rangers separate to fight them. Upon holding them off, they return to Gosei, which he reveals and gives them the Legendary Ranger Powers, unlocking their Super Mega(force) Mode. They head off to fight Headridge with their new powers and win it. Vekar sends down another monster, furious of what happened to Headridge. The Rangers fight Tentacus and defeat him. Princess Levira uses her latest technology to enlarge Tentacus. The Rangers summon their new zords and form the Legendary Megazord to defeat Tentacus once and for all.

With the Armada getting stronger at every second, Gosei sends the rangers to the mystical floating island, Animarium in search for the Red Lion. But Vekar, on the other hand, has found out and sent out General Peluso to intervene with the Ranger's search. The Red Lion appears and knocks everyone off Animaria. When the rangers defeat Peluso and he is enlarged, the Red Lion appears to help the rangers defeat Peluso as they then form the Legendary Wild Force Megazord.

An elite member of the Armada named Matacore is sent to fight the Mega Rangers. Defeated, the rangers think of a new plan, with some advice from the Red Samurai Ranger, Jayden Shiba. Jayden mysteriously leaves after leaving the Double Disc with them. Utilizing the Samurai Ranger Powers to its full potential, the Mega Rangers defeat Matacore, and Levira enlarges him. The rangers use the Legendary Wild Force Megazord, but it still wasn't enough. Jayden and Mentor Ji watch from a distance, and decided to help out the Mega Rangers. The Mega Rangers activate the Samurai Ranger Keys and they combine with Red Lion to form the Legendary Samurai Megazord, which they use to ultimately defeat Matacore.

A monster with a really weird name named Pacha Chamak is known for his magnetic abilities, and is able to defeat the rangers just by taking their weapons. Jake and Emma seek help, and run into Casey, a martial arts instructor and the zoo keeper they recognize. The two convince him to teach them the ways of hand-to-hand combat, no weapons. During training when Emma and Jake finally tap into their animal spirits, they receive a distress call. Casey tells them to answer the morphers, much to Jake and Emma's shock when Casey reveals that he was the Jungle Fury Red Ranger. They though it was amazing though, and went to battle. With the lessons in mind, the rangers defeat Pacha Chamak.

Super Ninja Steel


Main article: Arsenal (Megaforce)

Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices


Team Blaster and Individual Weapons

Main article: Arsenal (Super Megaforce)


Multi-Use Devices


Team Blaster


Mechazord System

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ◇ combo-assist zord, ✶ team-piloted mecha

Alternate Mechazord System

  • Alternate Combination - Sea Megazord
  • Alternate Combination - Land Megazord 
  • Alternate Combination - Sky Megazord 

Main article: Zords (Super Megaforce)

Super Mega/Legendary Zord System

Legend: ◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux mecha

Mechazord System

Main article: Mechazords

Alternate Combinations


Legendary Ranger Keys

Unlocking New Powers

One of the unique characteristics of the Mega Rangers, and later the Super Mega Rangers, is unlocking new powers via the Power Cards or Legendary Ranger Keys. These are always announced by Gosei prior to use. As the Mega Rangers, these powers are gained by proving themselves worthy through learning lessons and showing heroic character traits. Upon being granted access to the powers of the Legendary Rangers as Super Mega Rangers, they can unlock new powers by mastering the powers of certain teams or, similar to Mega Mode powers, by proving themselves worthy to use the powers of certain teams.

In Megaforce

Mega Mission (ep1)

  • Megaforce Blaster

He Blasted Me WIth Science (ep2)

  • Mechazords/Gosei Great Megazord

Going Viral (ep3)

  • Sea Brothers/Sea Megazord

Stranger Ranger (ep4)

  • Land Brothers/Land Megazord

United We Stand (ep5)

  • Sky Brothers/Sky Megazord

Who's Crying Now? (ep7)

  • Ultra Change Zord/Ultra Gosei Great Megazord

Robo Knight (ep8)

  • Lion Mechazord

Prince Takes Knight (ep9)

  • Knight Brothers
  • Gosei Grand Megazord

Man and Machine (ep10)

  • Gosei Great Grand Megazord

Ultra Power (ep11)

  • Ultra Mode

Gosei Ultimate (ep14)

  • Gosei Ultimate Megazord

Staying on Track (ep17)

  • Gosei Jet Megazord

In Super Megaforce

Super Megaforce (ep 1)

  • Super Mega Mode
  • Super Mega Skyship and Zords/Legendary Megazord

Earth Fights Back (ep 2)

Blue Ranger Saga (ep 3)

A Lion's Alliance (ep 4)

Samurai Surprise (ep5)

  • Legendary Samurai Megazord

Spirit of the Tiger (ep6)

  • Jungle Fury powers/Animal Spirits

Silver Lining, Part 2 (ep8)

  • Q-Rex Megazord

Power of Six (ep9)

  • Super Megaforce Gold

United as One (ep12)

  • Legendary Q-Rex Megazord

The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer (ep13)

  • Super Mega Cannon
  • Ninjazord/Legendary Ninja Megazord

In the Driver's Seat (Ep14)

All Hail Prince Vekar (Ep15)

  • Ultimate Legendary Megazord

Video Game appearances

Power Rangers Dash

Power Rangers Megaforce in Power Rangers Dash

The Megaforce Rangers as seen in Power Rangers Dash.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce in Power Rangers Dash

The Super Megaforce Rangers as seen in Power Rangers Dash.

The Megaforce Rangers as well as their Super Mega Mode are among all the Ranger teams which appear in the Korean-developed mobile game Power Rangers Dash.


  • The Mega Rangers are the first set of Rangers to gain new Ranger powers since Ashley Hammond, Cassie Chan, T.J. Johnson, and Carlos Vallerte upgraded from their Turbo Ranger powers to their Space Ranger powers.
    • They are also the only Rangers to gain new Ranger powers outside of the Zordon Era.
    • Unlike the Turbo Rangers, the Mega Rangers' original powers were still their primary forms.
  • The Mega Rangers are the first team with two Silver Rangers.
  • Although the Rangers are given official last names, they are never heard or seen to be used.
  • The Mega Rangers are very similar to the Space Rangers with the personalities of the Yellow and Pink Rangers switched between In Space (Yellow is feminine and Pink is tomboyish) and Megaforce (Yellow is tomboyish and Pink is feminine).
    • Funnily enough, the Mega Rangers have a very similar name to the Megarangers- who are coincidentally the Space Rangers' Sentai counterpart.


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